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Placepot and Quadpot

After reading our introduction to Tote betting page, you’ll no doubt want to know more about each specific Tote bets on offer. In this page we’ll talk about two old favourites horse punters absolutely love to include intheir afternoons racing, the Tote Placepot and it’s younger brother, the Quadpot!

Some punters will back a qaudpot after their first or second leg of their Placepot is beaten

The Tote Placepot and Quadpot both work in the same way, except the former, the Placepot consists of six sleections, and starts from the first six races within each given race meeting. However, the Quadpot contains race numbers three, four, five and six at any given meeting.

The Tote Placepot

The Placepot serves many purposes that appeal to all kinds of horse punter, for different reasons. While it is not a difficult bet to be successful in, the payouts can amass to big numbers, if you have decent odds and the favourites are not placed in the same race!

The Placepot serves many purposes that appeal to all kinds of horse punter, for different reasons.

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Tote Entertainment factor

The Placepot can keep punters entertained all afternoon, throughout the racecard, or racecards. If your selection[s] lose in the first two legs, you can always buy back into the Quadpot at that same meeting. The Tote Placepot provides a betting interest in the first six races on a card and you can land a share of big Placepot fund dividends sometimes, if the prices are right!

The Tote Quadpot

The Quadpot generally returns lesser pay-outs than the Placepot does. This makes sense, since for a Placepot to be successful, players need 50% more races to win that bet. To win a share of the Quadpot punters will need to find a horse to place in races three, four, five and six at any given meeting. 

The number of places on offer in each race depend on the number of runners, listed below. If your horse is withdrawn as a non-runner, the bet will be automatically replaced by the favourite. If the races contain joint or co-favourites, then the lowest card number of that horse will determine the favourite. For example, joint favourites, horses’ number 3 and 6, the No.3 horse will be determined the favourite for your placepot/quadpot. 

4 or fewer runners: No place betting

Between 5 and 7 runners: The first two

More than 8 runners: The first three

Handicaps with 16 or more runners: The first four

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