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Profit Duel is the new Matched Betting US software that is being launched for the US market. ProfitDuel provides unique features, such as the Dutch Matcher and Profit Tracker. These special tools are designed to help players maximize their chance of profiting from no risk betting offers, explained in this YouTube video below.

ProfitDuel is the ultimate tool used for profting from bookmaker bonuses and welcome offers and can be used by both beginner and experienced bettors, who are looking to profit without any risk of losing their money. If that is you,. Then read on! 

What is Profit Duel Matched Betting?

Matched betting has gained lots of traction in recent years, mainly in the UK and Eurozone. Matched betting has been going on in the Uk for over 20 years and the UK, driven by an operator called Oddsmonkey. Oddsmonkey provided software to help UK bettors beat the bookies.  

Online betting has only recently been fully legalized in the past couple of years in the US. The good news is that US bettors can now enjoy US Matched betting, just as they have been enjoying in the UK for so long! The only difference is the US betting market is new, and very competitive 

Betting operators fighting for your custom! 

This has resulted in bookmakers eagerly fighting for your custom and therefore offering huge welcome bonuses to try entice new custom, such as Bovada who are offering a $250 bonus! We recommend taking their free offers and welcome bonuses and using a tool such as the Profit Duel oddsmatcher to extract free profits! Don’t worry, we’ll explain further down this page.  

Profit Duel US for risk free US profits 

ProfitDuel is the matched betting assistant tailored specifically for the US market. Although this is a new product, do not fear, this is run by experienced operators! ProfitDuel is based on the successful UK betting tool, Oddsmonkey. We believe ProfitDuel is poised to make a significant impact on the US Matched betting and sure betting industry.  

What States can I use ProfitDuel for matched betting? 

States are being added to the ProfitDuel service almost as we speak; at the time of writing this ProfitDuel was live and operational in New Jersey, with New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland launching imminently. Further expanding to every legal state within around one year. 

The ProfitDuel oddsmatcher 

The innovative ProfitDuel Oddsmatcher is a vital tool designed to scan various bookmakers and betting exchanges to identify the most lucrative matched betting opportunities. We have bookmarked part of our Profit Duel review video HERE which shows the ProfitDuel Oddsmatcher in action! 

Since the interface is brought to us from the developers of UK Oddsmonkey, the design is very similar. The Profit Duel US Oddsmatcher allows you to filter results based on sports, market, bookmaker, and odds, making the ProfitDuel matched betting process effortless and easy to discover all those profitable bets. 

ProfitDuel calls their oddsmatcher a Dutch Matcher. This is because [at the time of writing this] betting exchanges – such as Betfair are not yet live an operational in the US. Our prediction is, when they do go live, the ProfitDuel matched betting terminology for their ProfitDuel Dutch matcher may start to be called the Profit Duel oddsmatcher.  

What is Profit Duel Dutch Matcher? 

Dutching is slightly different to matched betting. Matched betting usually involves betting with a bookmaker and then selling the bet at a betting exchange such as Betfair. As already explained, since Betfair is not yet operational in the US, the ProfitDuel Dutch matcher is brought into play! 

The ProfitDuel Dutch matcher simply uses two bookmakers to bet with, exploiting both bookmakers’ betting bonuses, to secure a guaranteed win, regardless of the outcome, as explained in this video here. You can view the brief 4-min video, below, to gain a quick grasp of what dutching is. 

The ProfitDuel Dutch matcher is a unique feature that focuses on the matched betting method known as “dutching.” By covering all possible outcomes and placing bets with different bookmakers, the ProfitDuel Dutch matcher ensures players receive optimal returns on their bets. The software makes sure the bettor is getting the best value bets and then using the betting bonuses, to exploit the offer and extract risk free cash! That’s right, risk free, and what’s more is you can grab a free trial using our unique link below.  

ProfitDuel Bet Calculator  

The ProfitDuel Bet Calculator helps value hunters to work out what the ideal stakes are for your bets and in doing so, minimizing risk and enhancing profits. The ProfitDuel Bet Calculator software includes only back bets at the moment, since Betfair is not yet available for lay bets. But when Betfair is live the ProfitDuel Bet Calculator will include both back bets and lay bets in its calculations.  

ProfitDuel Daily Offer Calendar 

The ProfitDuel Daily offer calendar keeps US matched bettors informed about the latest promotions and free bet offers available from all the US betting operators that are popping up frequently in each state. Using the ProfitDuel Daily offer calendar makes sure that players are always aware of profitable opportunities and never miss out on a chance to maximize your earnings.  

Profit Duel welcome bonus offers – $4000 – $5000 available! 

There are around $5000+ of welcome bonuses and free offers available at the time of writing this ProfitDuel matched betting review, and we dare say, more offers will be added in time, which will probably result in this figure being dwarfed at some point!  

ProfitDuel matched betting Training resources 

When you’re signed up to the ProfitDuel matched betting tool you’ll have full access to the tutorials, guides, and video resources. These materials range from fundamental matched betting principles to advanced strategies and therefore have use for beginners and advanced players.  

ProfitDuel matched betting community 

The ProfitDuel matched betting Community offers valuable insights, tips, and tricks, where US players new to ProfitDuel matched betting can learn and grow as a matched bettor. Although the step-by-step guides provided by the ProfitDuel matched betting membership usually is all you will need, there are also comprehensive video tutorials you can refer to, if need be.  

The ProfitDuel matched betting community on the site is very helpful to help you get additional information on bonuses. The ProfitDuel matched betting forum is also a great place for discussing the Matched Betting experience with others. Why not drop in there and share your stories and experiences, including getting tips and tricks on how to avoid getting your accounts restricted. 

How much is Profit Duel? 

If you want to Enjoy a free trial, then feel free to click on the button below and enjoy a free trial from our websites link. This free trial version lets you earn up to $125 profit through two welcome offers. If, after using this, you decide you want to take things further – which we have no doubt you will – then you’ll need a premium account.  

Profit Duel annual savings  

The subscription costs of a premium account are $99/month, the annual plan provides a discounted rate of $41.58/month, which works out at $499, billed each year. Since you’re saving a whopping 58% here, it would make sense to take advantage of this offer. Remember, these matched betting offers available in the US are huge. The UK did have betting offers like this years ago, but the betting operators were exploited so badly, they reduced their offers so much that matched betting in the Uk has almost stopped. WE PREDICT THE SAME WILL HAPPEN IN THE US within 5 years. As explained in this video

ProfitDuel matched betting Conclusion 

Although Profit Duel and matched betting is relatively new in the US, the operators of Profit Duel (Oddsmonkey) were the main providers of matched betting software for the UK and Eurozone. 

Therefore, you know you’re in safe hands and the Sofware is not likely to having any faults. Matched betting is mathematically proven to win, and only human error can stop that process. Let a service like ProfitDuel matched betting software prevent any errors. We’re pretty sure you can profit well using this tool. For more information about matched betting and betting in general, see our YouTube channel and sign up to the newsletter too.