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Jackpot and Scoop Six

The Tote Scoop6 and Tote Jackpot are generally regarded as the pool bets with the highest potential pay-outs. Granted, these bets are generally harder to be successful in, compared to other multi-leg Tote bets, such as the Placepot and Quadpot. 

The Tote Scoop6 

The Tote Scoop6 is a popular Saturday racing pool bet which gives you the chance to win a large amount for a £2 stake. The Scoop 6 is a hybrid of the Tote Jackpot and the Tote Placepot. The Tote Scoop6 goal is to select all 6 winners from 6 races during Saturday meetings. 

Tote Scoop 6 & Jackpot can provide huge wins when rollovers occur!

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If you are lucky enough to get all the six winners, you’ll win a share of the Scoop6 win fund, which is sometimes worth over £1 million, mainly where there have been rollovers, and you will also get the chance to play for the Scoop6 bonus fund by picking the winner of a race the following Saturday. 

As mentioned earlier, the Scoop six is a hybrid of the Jackpot as well as the placepot. Therefore, if you achieve six placings, meaning all have placed or some have won and some placed, you can win a share of the Scoop6 place fund. This is a lower prize but has paid out over £1000 per winner 18 times in the last 12 months! 

The Tote Jackpot 

Every day one horse meeting in the UK will be nominated as the Tote Jackpot meeting. This meeting is usually the highest-profile meeting, or one where the best horses are racing. To win your share of the pool, you will need to find the first six winners on the card. 

Is often regarded as the hardest multi leg bet to achieve within Tote betting. There are big rewards on offer though. Achieving all six consecutive winners within the same race meeting is a difficult task to reach. Understandably, there are many days where this cannot be achieved and because of this, there are rollovers. Rollovers work in the same way as the Lotto does, the winning prize pool is added onto the following meeting, and this amount can reach high numbers! 

  • Pick the first six winners at a single, pre-chosen Tote Jackpot meeting every day to win. 
  • Tote Jackpot has a minimum £10,000 prize pool. 
  • Minimum total stake is now just 50p at, but you can create perms to have more than one horse in chosen legs of the pool. 
  • The more horses you chose for each leg, the more lines in your bet. This increases chance of winning but also increasing stake size. 

Betting small can win big 

The biggest wins from Tote betting can come from Trifecta’s, if the odds of the horses palced are high. However, the super-big wins usually come from Scoop Six bets or Jackpots. The record win for an individual Scoop six winning ticket was £1.3 million! 

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