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Understanding Horse Racing betting and odds changes

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Odds changes change far more in Horse Betting than football. Odds do change in football, mainly if there has been team news, a key player is not playing, or if there has been lots of money placed on a team. However, the latter option is usually caused by the former ones mentioned. 

Causes of Odds changes in Horse Betting

Horse racing odds change far more because there are more variables that can changes in a horse race. Some examples would be: ground change [discussed later], horse is betted on, other horses betted on, jockey change, the jockey on board has ridden the previous winners at a meeting, this is called weight of money effect. This weight of money effect happened to Frankie Dettori twice in 1996 and 2019, as discussed in this video

Odds changes happen in Horse Racing far more than football odds

Betting Guru

Tipster services can also have an influence on the betting markets. Especially when there is a famous Tipster, such as the Racing Post’s Pricewise Tipster, Tom Segal, tips a tip.

Tipsters and Weight-of-Money

Since Tom Segal obviuously has a huge following, due to his consistent successful tipping for many years, there are plenty of punters who back his horses. This creates the same “weight-of-money” effect, as what happened in the Frankie Dettori example, expalined earlier. Therefore, these odds usually contract, unless there’s anothe big tipster tipping in the same race or another horse is well-fancied in the betting markets for any other reason. One thing for sure, PipBets VIP Tips have ot yet reached that stage, so this is extremely unlikely to happen there!

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