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The main difference between Horse Betting and football betting is that you can choose to bet on win or each way with horse racing. Granted, you can do this with long term football bets, such as Premiership winner outright, or Champions League winner tournament markets. 

Each Way Terms 

The main school-of-thought when deciding whether to bet on your horse win or each way would have to be the odds. Considering most each way place terms are one-fifth of the odds, a player would need at horse to be 5/1 to break-even, if the horse placed.

As mentioned, one-fifth of the odds is the most common place terms, you can find one quarter of the odds mainly in handicap horse races and therefore the odds to break-even for a place would be lowered to 4/1. Many of the bets posted on the Pipbets VIP tipping group contain bets that are prices of 4/1 or more and can be betted each way.

The main school of thought for each way is 5/1 or over, when place terms 1/5th of the odds.

Betting Guru

Each way betting becomes more profitable, of course, when the odds are greater. For example a £10Each Way bet at 20/1, in a handicap race, with a quarter the odds a place would return £60.00.

Betting at lower than 5/1

It is not uncommon to see bettors bet at odds lower than the recommended 5/1, when the each way terms are a fifth of the odds. However, this is mostly done as a damage-limiation approach. For example, a bettor betting £10 each way, at a fifth of the odds, at 10/3 odds would return £16.67. Meaning a £3.33 loss, but could have been worse if the entire stake was lost on a win bet.

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