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Greyhound betting in the UK is not as popular as ther sports, such as football, horse racing, tennis or Golf. However, if you’re into betting, learning Greyhound betting might be a wise move. Why, you might ask? Because Greyhound betting undoubtedly produces more betting opportuinites than any other sport in the UK and can be very exciting to watch.

There are typically 11 Greyhound meetings, consisting of 10-14 races ech, every day!

Just by reading the above statement, you can begin to understand why Greyhound betting produces more betting opportunites in the UK tahn any other sport.

Ways to bet on Greyhounds

Greyhounds betting is similar to Horse racing betting. You can bet on win, each way, forecast, tricast and other special bets too. Ther are usually six dogs in a greyhound race, and each way bets will be at a quarter the odds a place, paying-out on the first two places. You can also bet on spread betting with companies such as spreadex. We have pages on Greyhound forecast and TriCast’s, Special bets such as Trap Challenges and Spread betting. 


There are typically 11 Greyhound meetings, consisting of 10-14 races ech, every day!

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Greyhounds Spread Betting 

A typical spread might be “Total Trap numbers”. There are six dogs in each race, and if there are 10 races that would mean the highest possible number for that spread would be 60, fi all wins came from Trap6. Therefore, the spread betting company might quote their spread as 35, as players can buy or sell positions for their chosen unit stake. 

Greyhounds Trap Challenge 

A Greyhound trap Challenge bet is a bet some punters deem as a long-term bet that can last an entire meeting. Simply chose the Trap number where you think will have the most wins. Since most meetings contain an average of 12 races, it is usually possible to achieve a win when the Trap number has had 5 or more wins, sometimes even as low as four. In the event a there is a tie, you will receive a share of the wining bet. View our Trap Challenge page here. 

More Greyhound Betting 

If Greyhound betting is something that interest you, read more, below, about the other Tote bets available for you. 

Greyhound Trap Challenge 

Greyhound Forecast and Tricast 

Greyhound Spread betting 

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