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Pipbets posted free daily horse tips on OLBG and became a consistent top 3 tipster for 12 months. 

Pipbets 12 month OLBG performance image from OLBG website

As you can see from the image above, Pipbets overall performance was amazing over the annual year. This enable Pipbets to gain a following of over 4,000 followers in a short period of time. Due to popular request, Pipbets created a VIP Channel. For full details check out the Pipbets VIP page. 

However, you may notice there were strings of losers, often called ‘downturns’. Notably occurring in June 2022. Downturns are an inevitable part of Horse racing tipster services. 

VIP versus OLBG

Granted, tipping on the OLBG website does present an easy-to-bet on environment. You have access to ALL bookmakers, including Bet 365. This would not entirely be the case for long-term punters. If you continue winning from online bookmakers, it is well-known you’ll likely be restricted at some point! So, it’s clear to see how OLBG has an advantage in making tipping easy. 

Downsides of Tipping on OLBG

OLBG give Tipsters £1000 of virtual money at teh 1st of each month to bet on. If a bettor loses all that £1000 by the 10th of that month, they have to wait until the 1st, to gain their £1000 of virtaul money again. Conversely, if a bettor wins £11,000 one month, it is not rolled-over onto the next month. Therefore, although these profits in the table looks impressive, it is almost certain, witha rolling bank, they would be much higher in reality.

No betting offers included with OLBG bets

Another downside to the OLBG tipping is bets are settled without consideration for betting offers they are attached to. For example, the Bet365 4/1+ or more offer, money back if 2,3 or 4th with Paddy Power and often Skybet. Ther are many more of these betting offers, and with a large amount of bets annually, many of them would be triggered. By triggering these refunds and free bets, extra money can be made, but these are not included in the OLBG calculations. 

Can I follow Pipbets on OLBG Free?

Yes, you can FOLLOW HERE , however, the UK horse racing tips are VIP only. Pipbets now only supplies non-UK horse racing tips free. Pipbets also supplies tips on UFC betting and Greyhounds. 

Things to look for when following a tipster

Having an awesome winning month is great! Sadly, this does not tell the full story. Look for at least 6 months of consistent data when evaluating a tipster to follow. Look at their “LSP”, meaning level stakes profit, rather than the profits made. If you do not wish to be placing a high amount of bets, consider their ROI too, meaning “return on investment”. A ‘truer’ ROI, however, is one that contains more bets. Why? Because a bettor could ‘get lucky’ on a 100/1 winner and be a bad tipster, yet still show an impressive ROI, especially over a short period of time. 

Pipbets Horse Racing tipping

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