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Betting Services

Financials and Trading


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How financials & Stocks differ from Matched Betting & Arbing

Whether Matched Betting, Arbing or Value Betting … we all know this is not eternal and will eventually lead to account restrictions. How Financial markets & Stock Trading differs is:

We will NEVER be restricted! But there are other pitfull [explained below].


How does this differ from Sports Trading on Betfair?

After a Matched Bettor has their betting accounts restricted the most common pathway [apart from quitting] is usually Betfair Trading. Which is a sensible, logical step. Considering the Matched Bettor has [by now] acquainted themselves with Betting Exchanges to lay their bets, they have developed a fair understanding of Markets and will hold an advantage over a complete newbie attempting Betfair Trading.

There are a few differences though. Financials and Stocks have a “margin” to contend with, unlike Betfair and Smarkets. It is this “margin” in the Spread where they make their money. Betting exchanges typically have a 100% betting “book”, with the only margin being the difference between, say, odds 2.74 and odds 2.76.


So how do Betting Exchanges Profit then?

Betting Exchanges make their profit by charging commissions. These commission percentages are structured differently, they vary from company to company. For Pro Traders on Betfair there is also a thing called “Premium charge”, which is similar to a tax of profits. These charges are also structured depending on the person and their profits.


Pros and Cons of Stocks Vs Sports Trading.

This is usually down to personal preference. Betting exchanges have no spread. Bettors are also used to betting exchanges, I personally feel more comfortable with betting Exchanges. However, the cons are: Liquidity is far less than with stocks, where liquidity is far higher. Although there is a spread margin to contend with, there is no premium charge.

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Profit Tips

Arb Hunter Profit Tip 1

Each Way Profiting [above]

Placing an Each Way Bet with a Bookmaker and laying off at an exchange! 

The beauty about Each Way, Extra Place betting is you can often use these on Gubbed Accounts too!

Arb Hunter Profit Tip 2

Sharbing [above]

Like everything [mostly] in Matched Betting, the easier days have passed us by, and same applies to Sharbing

Sharbing is done professionally by some … some who really know their betting shops.

Arb Hunter Profit Tip 3

2up early payout strategy

This is a very subjective offer to work out …. which is the best approach to profit from?

If I had £1 for every time I was asked this …



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