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Caan Berry – Learn how to trade like a professional

Caan Berry, known as Caan Berry PRO Trader, is a popular Betfair trader who regular posts on Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms. There is a good Caan Berry pro Trader video pack review here on YouTube if you enjoy video tutorials. I have been following Caan for around ten years now. Back since the days Caan earned the nickname “Mr Poolside”, as he was regularly taking summer vacations abroad form his Betfair Trading profits!

The reason Caan has become popular is he is like the “guy next door”, relatable and has served in the British Army prior to accidentally becoming a famous Betfair Trader. Caan regularly says “if he can do it, anyone can”. Caan Berry’s trading guide is a good introduction to anyone new to the horse racing markets. If you’re not a follower of Caan Berry or familiar horse racing trading, then read this beginners guide first. 

If you’re already actively trading horse racing markets and are looking for some pre-race trading strategies to take into the horse racing markets, maybe investing in Caan guides could help?

 Caan Berry’s FRONT RUNNERS free Caan Berry’s FRONT RUNNERS free

Who is Caan Berry Trader?

Caan Berry is mainly a Horse racing trader that has been on the trading scene for around ten years, depending on when you’re reading this article.

As mentioned earlier, Caan has regularly posted on most form of social media and frequently gives out back to lay trades and other helpful pieces of information. Caan Berry is one of the most prominent pro sports traders around. This Caan Berry review is one of the clearest we have found on YouTube, from Pip Bets , which is predominantly a horse racing betting website.

What can I find in the Caan Berry Trader guide?

The guide consists of 118 pages, is priced at £38 and contains an overview of how the horse racing markets work, providing a wealth of information which aims to help you make money from these markets. It covers how to set yourself up for trading, alongside key factors that you should consider when looking at the markets such entry and exit points.

Caan Berry’s trading guide also gives you an insight into how you should use different approaches for different race types, odds ranges and price points.

Final thoughts on Caan Berry Trading Guide

The guide has taken the simplistic approach, is well written and easy to understand. This means that beginners will have no problem adapting to getting to grips with the first parts of Betfair Trading.

The information that I found particularly useful was in relation to how different races/time periods have different market environments.

This means that different strategies should be used in different race types.

Examples of trades are shared and the rationale behind them is clearly explained. Caan emphasise the importance of a good trading mentality is discussed as are some thoughts about trading psychology. If you have come into wondering about Betfair trading from a generic betting perspective you will no doubt have heard of “chasing your losses”. The same principles apply to Betfair Trading, especially the temptation to let pre race trades go “in running”. Caan explains all this in easy-to-understand language.

Caan offers email support for users of the guides, and they are welcome to ask any questions that they may have.

This guide was a great introduction into the horse racing markets. It provides a clear understanding of how the horse racing markets function. Betfair trading works differently in different sports. For example, a football market will contain very different behaviours to that of a horse racing market r greyhound market.

The Caan Berry Trader guide is an excellent resource for anyone looking to start trading the horse markets or for someone that is currently struggling to get to grips with understanding them.

Caan has been an active trader for many years, so it will come to no surprise that he has produced several products over the years, too. One of the most popular products has been the Caan Berry video pack.

Caan Berry Video Pack – is it worth the money

The purpose of the video pack was to bundle-up all the resources for Betfair trading tuition in one tidy bundle. True, if you are prepared to trawl through the internet for random pieces of information, it may be possible to collate your own video pack. However, this would be tedious, messy and unorganised. Although the video pack has a premium price, it is a premium product, and the quality of the content is awesome, and ideal for a beginner or intermediate who wants all their Betfair trading information collated into one tidy place.

 Caan Berry’s Video Trading Pack Caan Berry’s Video Trading Pack

Caan Berry Video pack strategy guides

What is contained in the  Caan Berry Advanced Video Pack?

The advanced video pack contains over 20 modules to work through, presented as an online course. It starts off with a general overview of how to set up your trading environment and the general psychology behind being a successful sports trader. Within each module there are a number of videos breaking down the subject of each module.

Video pack subjects

The advanced video pack subject contains the following topics. Each module is displayed in a Udemy based format. A good Caan Berry review can be found here on YouTube, created by YouTuber PipBets.

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Absolute Basics
  3. Scalping
  4. Market Situations
  5. Best Execution
  6. Risk Management
  7. Morning Routine
  8. Drifting Prices
  9. External Indicators
  10. Significant Change
  11. Trading Tipping Services
  12. Scalping Broken Down
  13. Swing Trading
  14. Multiple Styles
  15. Genuine Money
  16. Market Manipulation
  17. Volatile Markets
  18. Irish Racing
  19. Backing To Lay
  20. Greyhound Trading

Although the Caan Berry video pack has been around for several years, Caan Beery Trader is regularly updating the product. Either y updating content or adding modules. If this happens after your purchase, you will still have access to these additional modules at no extra cost. The majority of the videos are of Caan Berry trading horse racing markets and breaking down his reasoning behind each trade. There is also a module on Greyhound racing too. However, although mentioned earlier that different sports have different behaviours in the markets, the basics of backing and laying will apply, regardless of the trade.

Additionally, the module 15, named genuine money, contains content relating to “spoof orders”, meaning this is false money. This section is also applicable to all sports, as it happens almost veery day on all sports too! Caan does a good job of explaining his reasoning and goes into a large amount of detail for each module.

Is Caan Berry Berry Trader Legit?

The internet is abundant with rip-off merchants claiming to “make you rich” with their strategy and so on. Naturally, it is best to be sceptical of anyone who claims they can help you profit from any form of betting, trading or investing. All these disciplines are in fact, the same thing I guess? Having said that,  I have been trading myself for a very long time and being active in various online betting forums and Facebook groups, as well as social media posts. I can claim first-hand that Caan Berry has an excellent reputation in general and can vouch for him that he is in fact legit.

Caan has been sponsored by the highest reputable platform in Betfair Trading, being Betfair themselves! He has also been sponsored by betting exchange Betdaq, trading software Geeks Toy, Smarkets and endless other companies that have been associated with Caan in some shape or form over the decade he has been in the limelight as a content creator and public speaker for Betfair trading. Betfair would not use someone that is not a legitimate trader, it would be a very foolish thing for them to do!

Can I guarantee profits after buying the  Caan Berry Video Pack?

In a nutshell, no!

If I bought you a Lamborghini are you guaranteed to be able to handle the car at 120 mph? The Caan Berry Video pack provides the tools to help you learn. But let’s get one thing straight – you must put the tools into practice and follow what Caan says in the guide. He repeatedly recommends the following:

  1. To take things steady at first
  2. To learn how to exit trades
  3. To learn how to exit at a loss
  4. To trade “defensively”

The above principles may mean nothing to you right now. But they all contain gems of advice to hep you adapt to a game that is largely mindset based, on top of the strategy. You can be spoon-fed all the strategy in the world, but with the wrong mindset this would not be practical in real life. Caan discusses mindset heavily in one of his chapters, and for good reason too.

I have been Betfair trading for many years and can 100% say that you will need to apply both strategy + mindset to be an effective Betfair Trader long term. Due to the fact Caan leans on mindset so much within his video pack, I feel although his product is a premium price, it will pay for itself over time. The money will likely be recouped from not blowing entire betting bansks and learning how to walk away with a loss.

After all, Betfair Trading is all about winning more than losing. Sounds easy, right? But the temptation to remain in a trade too long is the bugbear for many. His often leads to a trader letting their trade go “in running”, which usually ends in tears.

This video here discusses the perils of going in running with Betfair Trading.

How to start Betfair Trading

If you’ve reached this final part of the article, you’re probably interested in starting Betfair Trading. I would recommend starting off with the Beginners Guide. Get a feel for the product and grab a free trial of Geeks Toy too as you’ll need some trading software to help with speed.

 Get a GEEKS TOY free trail HERE Get a GEEKS TOY free trail HERE

If you’re confident that Betfair Trading is for you then I would recommend investing in the advanced video pack. You will always be able to refer to the guide along your journey. Betfair trading is a long journey, so treat it as a long-term investment rather than a get rich quick program. With the right mindset, there’s no reason you couldn’t become the next Caan Berry. It is possible!

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