Greyhound Betting – Spread betting On Greyhounds

Greyhounds Spread Betting is very popular for good reason. A player might simply fancy most of the winning dogs to come from Trap 1, there may be a Trap bias caused by rain, or you may be following some other statistical trend that can contribute to a bias, where a spread bet seems a logical bet to make. The Greyhound Spread bet is the ideal bet if you’re spending the night at the Greyhound Stadium, watching the entire card on Sky Sports or RPGTV, or simply want to have a bet that lasts for 10 to 12 races! 

Spread betting companies for Greyhounds

We recommend Spreadex and Sporting index for spread betting. What’s more is if you’re a new player at their website you can bag a free bet. Spreadex are currently offering a whopping £300 bonus when first signing up. 

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The Greyhound Spread bet is the ideal bet if you’re watching the entire card on Sky Sports or RPGTV

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Back the outside Traps!

Individual tracks sometimes have trap biases, regardless of the length of the races themselves. Certain Greyhound track landscapes run slightly differently, depending on which trap the dog is placed in. While the tracks try their hardest to remove this bias – it is an undeniable fact that some tracks have proven biases. 

Greyhound Trap Bias caused by rain 

Further to the above paragraph, the above factor can be accentuated or simply caused by lots of rain. When there’s lots of rai this will generally favour the outside Trap numbers at most UK tracks. The odds makers are not stupid – they do adjust their odds accordingly, and you will notice the odds-on Trap 5 or Trap 6 becoming shorter than usual when this happens. 

This would be the perfect opportunity to place a Total Trap number spread bet at a Spread betting company, when there has been lots of rain, due to the fact you do not have to commit to Trap 5 or Trap 6. If you’re doing a fixed odds Trap Challenge bet, you may have to choose between betting Trap 6 or Trap 5, or both! 

Winning distances and Favoruites

If the greyhound meeting, or meetings you are watching contain a few longer distance races, such as marathon races, M or E class races, you might be looking at distance spread betting. Spreadex may be offering “X” spread for their chosen quote for what they think will be the winning distance – but you think it would be far higher. therefore, you would BUY at that figure and then make a profit for every point more your guess s versus their spread. For example, if their spread was 20 lengths, for distance betting, and you bought at £1 per length, and the meeting concluded with a total of 40 lengths winning distance – you would win £20. The same principle applies to all the other categories within greyhound spread betting. 

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