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Greyhounds betting can be bet on win and each way, but a great way to jazz-up your bet would be a forecast or tricast. If you fancy two dogs in a race to dow ell you could opt fr them to finish in a specific order, or you could hedge your bets and chose both to finish in either order, called a reverse forecast. These forecasts work in the same way as in horse racing. If you like Horse racing forecasts then see our pages here.

Straight Forecast 

A straight forecast is a bet that means you must correctly predict the first and second in the race in that order.  With only six dogs in the race this will still mean there are plenty of permutations possible, and a forecast is a lot harder t achive than a win bet. However, there’s a chance you can win a nice tidy return from a small bet.

Reverse Forecast 

A reverse forecast is a bet that means you select two greyhounds that must finish first and second, but unlike the straight forecast, the reverese forecast means they can finish in any order.  Becasue of this, this is classed as two bets, and the stake istherefore double. However, the doublestake menas you’ve double the chance of landing this! This bet is ideal for punters who simply cannot choose between two fancied dogs in on erace.  

Combination Forecast 

A combination forecast is a bet which means you select more than two selections, but you are still looking for them to finish first and second.  So, you may feel three greyhounds are in with a chance and you would put them in a combination forecast and any of them can finish first and second for you to gain a return on your bet.  

However, the number of bets increases considerably depending on the amount of greyhounds you have selected as choosing three greyhounds would mean you are betting on six possible outcomes. 

Forecasts and Tricasts can be done in three ways, Covering every outcome.

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Straight Tricast 

This is the greyhound equiilant to the Tote Trifecta in Horse Racing. A greyhound straight tricast is a bet which means you must correctly predict the first, second and third finisnhing positions, in that order.  It is a big feat to be able to predict half the field and their finishing positions, which iswhy Tricast payout can roll into big numbers!

Combination Tricast 

Since the Straight Tricast is a diificult bet to land, most Greyhound punetrs opt for a Combination Tricast. There is far bigger chance of landing a Combination Tricast, but this comes with a cost, which totals six bets. It is a big incraese to the your total stake when using this method, however, most bettors overcome this by reducing the unit stake.

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