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The Greyhound Trap Challenge bet is the ideal bet if you’re spending the night at the Greyhound Stadium, watching the entire card on Sky Sports or RPGTV, or simply want to have a bet that lasts for 10 to 12 races! I used to work in the betting industry, in a job where I was paid to watch racing all day, and this was one of my favourite bets for the day! If you have problems finding this bet on your bookmaker page, try “Greyhound specials”, or special bets. The Greyhound Trap Challenge is a fun bet that last, but you can apply strategy to it too! 

How does a Trap Challenge bet work?

The Trap Challenge bet is usually based on two dog meetings running at the same time, in one morning, afternoon, or evening. Generally, bookmakers own these dog tracks, and they make sure that two meetings run around the same time each day. This ensures that there is a dog race running almost every ten minutes of the day, every day! A Trap Challenge bet consisting of two meetings is called a “combined Trap Challenge” 

How to win a Combined Trap Challenge Bet

To win a Greyhound Trap Challenge bet, you must choose a Trap number, between 1 and 6, to win the most races. Since most Greyhound meeting consist of an average of 12 races, times two meetings, five or six or more winners usually secure a win. If you have four winners and another Trap also has four winners, then the bet will be paid-out as a dead-heat, like Horse racing rules. For example, a winning bet at 4/1 for £10 would be returned at £25 returns. Please note it is possible to bet on single meetings within a Trap Challenge. Single meetings only usually require three, four or more winners to land a winning bet. 

The Greyhound Trap Challenge is a fun bet that last, but you can apply strategy to it too!

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Greyhound Trap Challenge Strategy

While the Greyhound Trap Challenge is considered more of a “fun bet”, there are times where you can apply a little bit of strategy to this bet. Apart from this obvious one, where you may simply fancy many Trap 2 winners from that card, due to the fact many of the best dogs are in the Trap 2 box that night, there is another common strategy used. 

Greyhound Trap Bias

When betting using a trap bias, please note, this would only apply to single meeting Trap Challenge bets, unless both greyhound meetings had rain. This often happens if the tracks are not too far away from one another, or there’s rain nationwide! It is important to know that some tracks do have a trap bias. When looking at the statistics, overall, the numbers generally suggest that all the traps win at roughly the same number. However, individual tracks sometimes have trap biases, regardless of the length of the races themselves. Certain Greyhound track landscapes run slightly differently, depending on which trap the dog is placed in. While the tracks try their hardest to remove this bias – it is an undeniable fact that some tracks have proven biases. 

Greyhound Trap Bias caused by rain

Further to the above paragraph, the above factor can be accentuated or simply caused by lots of rain. When there’s lots of rai this will generally favour the outside Trap numbers at most UK tracks. The odds makers are not stupid – they do adjust their odds accordingly, and you will notice the odds-on Trap 5 or Trap 6 becoming shorter than usual when this happens. 

This would be the perfect opportunity to place a Total Trap number spread bet at a Spread betting company, when there has been lots of rain, due to the fact you do not have to commit to Trap 5 or Trap 6. If backing a Trap Challenge, you may have to choose between betting Trap 6 or Trap 5, or both! 

Long lasting bet

This bet is considered a long-lasting bet. Some bettors consider the Tote Placepot a potential long-lasting bet too, however, if your first horse does not place the bet can soon be over! The difference with a Trap Challenge bet is, even if the Trap of your choice does not have a win for the first four races, it is still possible to gain the win! 

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