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UK Horse racing events happen every day of the year, including Bank Holidays. The only time Horse Betting evets do not occur is during a three-day hiatus every Christmas festive time, usually around the 21st to 25th, pending the year. However, Boxing Day is a different ‘kettle-of-fish’, Boxing Day features one of the best National Hunt races of the Year; The King George Chase at Kempton, which brings us to our next topics. 

Different types of Horse Racing 

Horse Betting events differ, the two main differences are Flat and Jumps. Flat was traditionally at the summertime, with the jumps being more of a autumn/winter/spring affair. However, the two almost run alongside each other, with all-weather racing being run at tracks where the surfaces do not get frozen. 

Horse Racing has far more events annually than Football to bet and far more free bets too!

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There are two main differences with National Hunt racing, also called the jumps. There are hurdles races and Chase races. Hurdles are the smaller obstacles of the two, there are less fallers within hurdles races. Chase races are the taller fences, the kind of fences you’ll see at the Grand National race. However, those fences are renowned to be quite high! Fences differ depending on the track, some are far easier than others. 

Novice Chase races

Novice Chasers are horses who have not quite mastered their jumping yet, unlike Handicap chasers, who are usually experienced jumpers. When betting in  a novice chase bear this in mind as there can be fallers. Some online betting companies offer concessions like “faller insurance”. This is one thing to bear in mind if you fear this, Coral often offers this, mainly at Winter periods. Which brings us to the next relevant topic. 

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