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Pipbets OLBG Tipster

PipBets started posting horse racing tips on the well-trusted proofing website OLBG in November 2021. After continually being successful, amongst the top 5 horse racing tipsters every month, requests started to come for a VIP tipping service. 

PipBets has researchable VIP data, the same as other reputable VIP tipping services, such as Betting Gods, below. By clicking on our exclusive link HERE, new VIP users to Betting Gods can gain a 50% discount from their monthly fee.

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Proven Tip history for Pipbets VIP Tips 

Tips history can be found here 

So many Tipping services claim their winners AFTER the event, or charge a large premium to join, expecting members to trust they have X amount of winners, without having solid proof. 

With Pipbets Premium VIP you get the assurance of being able to review all performance, from November 2021 to date. There were over 3,000 bets recorded in the first eleven months, enabling viewers to drill-down to the specifics of each race [including comments], rather than the raw result. 

More details will be posted soon but be sure to receive the updates on the VIP Tipping mail list here. 

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Happy Punting & hope to see you in the VIP Tips group soon. 

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