Caan Berry Trader

From British Army to Betfair Nation
I’ve been following Caan for best part of ten years now and it’s been an inspiration seeing a normal guy from the forces evolve from a normal bettor to the well-known Trader of today. Since the days of Caan posting as “Mr Poolside early last decade. Click on the yellow image link, below to view Caan’s website and products.


Caan's trading operation = extracting money ? from the Betfair exchange! ?


Profit Accumulator Matched Betting software & Guides

Profit Tips

Each Way extra place strategy

Placing an Each Way Bet with a Bookmaker and laying off at an exchange! 

The beauty about Each Way, Extra Place betting is you can often use these on Gubbed Accounts too!

Sharbing strategy

Matched betting in betting shops. Like everything [mostly] in Matched Betting, the easier days have passed us by, and same applies to Sharbing

Sharbing is done professionally by some … some who really know their betting shops.

Bet 365 2up strategy

2up early payout strategy

This is a very subjective offer to work out …. which is the best approach to profit from?

If I had £1 for every time I was asked this …