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The Super Yankee explained

A Super Yankee Bet consists of a total of 26 bets that are made over five different selections. 

  • 10 x Doubles. 
  • 10 x Trebles. 
  • 5 x Four-Fold Accumulators.   
  • 1 x Five-fold accumulator. 

The Super Yankee bet appeals to those types of bettors who enjoy betting on accumulators, but want some reassurance, should one or two of their bets fail to win or place. The Super Yankee bet is the next step-up form the Yankee bet, which contains four selections. 

If you were to stake £1 on a win-only bet, you would have to place a £1 stake on each bet. This means that it would cost a total of £26. There are no single bets included in a Super Yankee. Therefore, at least two selections MUST win in order for the bet to see a return. The more selections the win, the bigger the return will be. 

Super Yankee – Canadian Bet – Lucky 31

However, an equally popular bet to the Super Yankee is called the “Lucky 31”. Pictured below, the Lucky 31 is simply a Super Yankee with five singles added! In this case, a player would only need one winner to claim a return on stake, albeit a small one, unless the odds were very high. Why Should You Make a Super Yankee Bet? 

A Super Yankee bet, also called a Canadian bet, consists of 5 selections. If you’ve ever bet on multiples for horse racing or football, you may already be familiar with this bet

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The Super Yankee bet is the ideal option If you want to bet on five selections that come with a higher chance of winning, compared to a straight accumulator, or parlay. With an accumulator, if one selection does not win then the entire is lost.  

Super Yankee Bet – How it works 

A Super Yankee bet, or Canadian make it possible to place multiple bets across different sports which might include football, greyhounds, horse racing and others. If we focus on football, then we can give you an idea of how it works. 

If we take these five games: 

  • Chelsea to beat Manchester United  
  • Brighton to beat Wolves 
  • Brentford to beat Newcastle 
  • Arsenal to beat Manchester City 
  • Tottenham Hotspur to beat Liverpool   

These matches will be split into ten doubles so Chelsea and Brighton to win will be made up as one double. The other potential option for doubles will then make up the remaining doubles. The same will stand true for trebles as a Super Yankee contains ten of them. Then the bet also consists of 5 four-fold accumulators and one five-fold accumulator. 

How to win from Super Yankee Canadian Bet

To win, you will need to make sure that two selections are fancied to win and you could make a profit if only two or three of your selections win, but the odds will need to be high if you are to see a good return, so be wise when looking for the best odds to suit this bet. 

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