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Considered a type of full coverage bet, Goliath bets are high risk, high reward. They’re like the Heinz and Super Heinz bets. However, the Goliath is one step-up from the Super Heinz! Named for the biblical story of David and Goliath, a Goliath bet consists of a whopping 247 bets, and contain 8 different sections. There are no single bets in a Goliath bet. 


  • 28 doubles  
  • 56 trebles 
  • 70 four-fold accumulators 
  • 56 five-fold accumulators 
  • 48 six-fold 
  • 8 seven-fold 
  • 1 eight-fold 

The 26 doubles cover the possibilities of any possible variation of two teams or horses winning and the other losing. The 56 trebles also work the same way, and so on.  

Considered a type of full coverage bet, Goliath bets are high risk, high reward. They’re like the Heinz and Super Heinz bets.

Jonathan Archer

Let’s say we are visiting a horse track, that has a large card consisting of 8 races. 8 different races and 8 different horses. To simplify our demonstration – the odds of our theoretical selections were all 4/1. Very unlikely, yes, especially with concessions like BOG that usually would change that too! 

However, for the benefit of clarity, you’ll see, below, the calculations of returns of a £0.10p Goliath win bet, consisting of 247 selections and, therefore, total stake would be £24.70 for a win Goliath bet. 

  • 0 selections wins: £0 return. This is the worst-case scenario for anyone placing a Goliath bet.   
  • 1 selections win: because there are no single bets, the result is a £0 return.  
  • 2 selections win: £2.50 return, meaning a loss of -£22.20 
  • 3 selections win: £20.00 return, meaning a loss of -£4.70 
  • 4 selections win: Four wins is where the Goliath bet starts to become profitable. £63.00 return, meaning a profit of £38.30 
  • 5 selections win: £192.40 return, meaning a profit of £167.70 
  • 6 selections win: £581.00 return, meaning a profit of £563.30 
  • 7 selections win: £1,747.20 return, meaning a profit of £1,722.50 
  • 8 selections win: £5,246.20 return, meaning a profit of £5,221.50 

Goliath multiples explained

The above theoretical example is very unlikely, especially with football odds. However, this would be more realistic with Horse racing multiples betting, and could sometimes result in more profit, when longer odds are included.!  

As you could see, the bet is high-risk, especially if you only achieved between zero and two winners. However, the appeal to this bet is evident; despite containing 247 bets, making the initial outlay plenty, there is also a buffer-zone, should a player receive losers. There’s also a great chance of winning plenty too!   

Goliath Bet Strategy  

It could be argued that the Goliath bet would lose value, in terms of risk versus reward, when betting on eight selections at short odds. While this is subjective, it makes sense. A lot of the decision sway would be determined by the odds of the selections. 

Getting wise to the Odds  

 When the odds for selections are all high, the risks of a Goliath bet will rise with it. Some bettors consider placing Each Way Goliath bets, which makes sense, as increases the chances of getting a return, as well as the chance of achieving all eight selections with a win or place! This all-sounds Rosey and the perfect solution, but the bad news is the bet then becomes a total of 494 bets. Suddenly, our £24.70 10p Goliath win bet has snow-balled into a £49.40 bet! 

Goliath Bet – Staking plans and minimum bet 

The obvious remedy to this problem would be to reduce the stake. However, one thing a player needs to be mindful of is that some UK online bookmakers have a minimum bet for their unit stake. Some bookies, like Bet365, have a minimum bet stake of £0. 10p.Therefore, the player wishing to reduce their stake to £0.05p to solve this problem would have to look elsewhere. Below this article you can find sportsbooks that accept £0.05p, or lower, unit stakes on Goliath bets.  

Goliath Bet Pros And Cons  

You don’t need us to teach you how to suck eggs, the calculations above were made to illustrate the pros and cons of this bet, but here’s our thoughts below. 


There’s extremely high return potential, giving players the ‘hope’ and chance to see a return on their investments, both big and small! 

There’s also the extra appeal of an accumulator thrown in too, which bumps-up the lion’s share of the pay-out all eight winners! The Goliath is not an ‘all or nothing’ type of bet -meaning that even if not every single part of a Goliath bet is successful, the player will still see some reward for their cash.  


The initial stakes will have to be multiplied by 247, meaning they’re not the best choice for those who prefer casual, small-stakes bets. To get a decent pay-out, most of the selections will have to do well. The Goliath bet can be an inconsistent profit strategy and shouldn’t be relied on to make a living. While having every single selection lose is just as likely as having every single one win! 

Goliath Bet Summary

Goliath bets are extremely attractive to the type of bettors who enjoy the thrill of accumulators, but also want reassurance. Eight selections allow for e wide array of win scenarios to cover. The downside is obviously the sheer mass of total bets. A Goliath bet seems a worthy bet for fun, with small unit stakes that players can afford to lose, but stand a possible hope of profiting well, f the selections perform well! 

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