Each Way Profiting

Each Way Profiting

Placing an Each Way Bet with a Bookmaker and laying off at an exchange!


The beauty about Each Way, Extra Place betting is you can often use these on Gubbed Accounts too!

Which is an exciting prospect, considering your actions won’t affect your account health! 

William Hill have often offered a 7 to-be-placed offer, in 2019, which I have been able to place good enough stakes on, even using gubbed accounts. Gubbed “max bets” do vary, so it’s not possible for me to be specific here.

You may not be able to stake as much compared to unGubbed accounts, but many companies still let you have a fair sum – ENOUGH to make it more than worthwhile– you can also back several horses in each race; the more horses you cover the better – BUT I would recommend trying to do four or less on each betting company account.

I state “four or less” on the assumption that the Each Way Extra place offer is in a field that usually consists of 11+ runners, to say the least.

In reality, these 7 to be placed offers, for example, are usually “cavalry charges” containing 16-30 runners! Therefore, backing in four in a race like this is way less dangerous than backing 4 runners, in an eight-horse race.

Just be sensible – rather than focussing on strict guidelines.

As common sense would indicate, the more selections you include, the higher the risk to your account health. Resist the urge to cover too many in one race, with the same company/account.


Non-Runners are something you MUST be mindful of when entering each way lays.

If you backed a horse in an eight runner field in at 09:00am – and lay the win and place portion successfully, it is possible you could encounter complications at some point; although these complications can still be rectified or salvaged somewhat, if you are aware beforehand.

You guys are most likely aware, that If there is a non-runner, in an 8-horse race – this will mean the places will reduce. It is vital you check the terms and conditions of each offer you enter, or simply avoid races that are “close” to the minimum runners’ criteria, such as an 8 runner field and 5 runner field, for example.

If the race becomes a seven-runner field, then the bookie pays out on two places.

In contrast; Usually, not always – on the exchange, the place lay will remain at 3 places.

If you needed salvage this: you could simply “back” BACK your LAY stake; this would cancel-out the kay bet; but that would be providing the odds are static and have remained the same, which is unlikely.

Usually, this will do one of two things.

Meaning: Go IN your favour OR against.

But usually they’ll not be “too” far out, although sometimes this CAN happen.

Non-Runners – and their complications, as well as their advantages …

… can be found on my NON-RUNNERS Course. I have experienced thousandsofNon runners in trades before and Non runners, in my experience, Is usually [as a mean average] a welcomed delight that brings profits!


We have an EACH WAY thread HERE on our new forum!


Back to Each Way …

In the video below, I explain how this is typically done and simplify: how to calculate the place portion. 

This is what usually confuses many beginners – the place part!

But don’t be scared, I’ll reveal all here. 

The following Each Way extra place video shows me laying a bet in real time. It also shows how I calculate what the “Each Way” odds are in decimal, and how to do this. Many matched bettors find this the most complicated part as well as the part where you suffer QL’s the most [qualifying loss]. My Members Club will have a whole section regarding Each Way. Join Members Club here.

If you’re not a video lover, the text below the video gives a written summary. Video is below:


To conclude on the video content: 

Although the video contained an arb, the theory is the same. The video included an extra place race. However, the extra place was only benefited by ONE extra place, which is usually the “norm”.

The race Extra Place offer was offering “5 places, instead of 4”. I successfully layed in the 4TBP market – and was hoping [ideally] for the horse to come fifth.

If the horse had of come fifth, I would have won my WIN STAKE and my PLACE STAKE, from the betting exchange, as well as having my bookmaker bet settled as an Each Way winner.

So, if it HAD OF came fifth, I would have been “quid’s in”.

The ideal situation in this race would have been if I could have covered the entire field. If you can ever get the chance to do this – it is inevitable you will win. However, this comes at a price, as you will have to “pay” QL’s to perform such a thing.

Just for the record … the horse actually came fourth! It almost came fifth. Just like the “2up”, if you do enough of these, they will ‘happen’ and return profits – just be smart about your selections and be patient.

Being smart –the best offers

The William Hill offer [of 7TBP] is an ideal example of this. This is sincemost of these races will [usually] offer four places, yet this little beauty of an offer is offering seven! Meaning three more bites of the cherry available!


However, most of the races that these are included in are competitive and you must become a “sniper” when looking for matches.

Don’t try attempt visiting the race and its exchange market ONCE and be able to cover several horses – you can do this, but your QL will be bigger.

If you become a “sniper” and keep checking intermittently throughout the day, it is not unusual to be able to find close enough matches on entire/most of the field. In such an offeras the [7TBP offer] this puts you in a good position … remember … patience and sniping.

Now that Betfair Exchange is available at 2% commissions I have no doubt that when I’m laying my each Way selections that I am more profitable to do this on BETFAIR. Despite paying the 2% Vs 0% that I have available through the Profit Accumulator offer.

Laying my horse bets early, using Betfair, help me lay successfully; I can start looking at the markets very early, intermittently checking as many times as possible – hourly ideally.

With most 0% exchanges the liquidity is far poorer than Betfair. Even when Betfair was 5%, I still opted to lay these kind of bets with Betfair, as I deemed the security of being able to lay early exceeded the benefits of a 0% exchange.

OPEN a 2% BETFAIR commission account here.

Don’t attempt the scatter Gun approach at one sitting! It will cost you extra QL!


The seven to be placed offer and bigger offers explained

If a bookmaker is offering an “Extra place”, of say [7] to be placed, when the normal placing is just [4] to be placed, this can create some promising opportunities, described below.

William Hill have done this offer regularly in the past. Usually on a Saturday OR when there are big race meetings, like Cheltenham, Aintree, etc.

At the time of writing this (July 2019), they did a seven places offer on the last week of July, which I profited well on.

… Let’s say we BACKED our horse, in this promotion, and LAYED IT in the four-to-be-placed [4TBP] market.

IF this horse comes 5th, 6th or 7th … we win! And we win pretty big!

As we win from the win portion of the Lay AND ALSO the 4 to be placed portion! Kind oflike the football 2up offer, when there is a full turnaround.

… Now you can catch my drift I think … and realise the huge scope for potential profit from these. Ideally, one would be looking to complete most of/or the entire field, to maximise potential.


Conclusion of quick EW calculations.


We have backed a horse on the 7 to be placed (TBP) promotion, and layed in the 4 TBP market.

We have backed a horse at odds 20/1, or 21.0 in decimal format, we have had £10 Each way on. The place odds are quarter [¼] of the odds.

Because the PLACE ODDS are a quarter [1/4], we simply divide our 20/1 odds by 4 = 5/1, or in decimal = 6.0.

6.0 x £10 = £50 + the £10 stake is returned, as profit … as you have also WON your lay part (£10) of the bet, as well as the win bet.

You may also have to factor-in any qualifying losses you took on this horse and/or any others you have also done.

Each Way opportunities happen very often. So, they are worth mastering from an early stage! Each way extra places have been around for ages and don’t look like disappearing.

Many people think that EXTRA PLACES offers exist only in horse racing, this is not true. Most people think it only applies to Horse and Golf; again, this is not true.

Whilst horse racing will provide many more opportunities annually, there are other markets offering this. Golf is a good one, especially in strong markets such as the US MASTERS. You can see Extra places of 10TBP with several Betting Companies in these big tournaments.

There are other Each Way markets too, mentioned inside my Members Club that I have not heard mentioned on Matched Betting sites or channels before. Probably because these markets do not exist on Smarkets!

There are many other things that do not exist in Smarkets and MatchBook– hence why they are not publicised much in the Matched Betting world.

Betfair is my chosen exchange for most Each way matches

These strategies will be mentioned within the Members Club.




Happy Sniping!