Arbitrage – using Gubbed Accounts









Arbing in A Nutshell

Some different types of Arbing

Each of these I would only apply to gubbed accounts, or accounts that have no value to me, after the welcome offer is completed.







Above is an image showing the ridiculous stakes I used to place on Horse Arbs 2010 – 2016.

These stakes were almost a regular daily thing.

I had several “golden bet365 accounts”, this account [above] lasted over 12 months,

with relentless stakes as pictured. However, it was used genuinely for 5 years prior and had built-up a good “level”,

although I did eventually get gubbed – many thousands was profited.

I mention below [in video and text] that these arbs were predominantly “naked arbs”

and I guess their software found it more difficult to discriminate me as an arber,

as the lay price was not there on the exchange for the software to detect.

Arbing has become a lot more difficult since 2015, due to the popularity of Matched Betting also.


BetBurger | Arbs service

I will very briefly touch-upon these methods and will post further blogs detailing each.

There are links to the detailed pages on the topics below this blog.


Most Common Arbs …


Full video Vlog HERE. click below



A Basic Arb


Straight forward Arb

Back 4.0 lay 3.9






You can see on my matched betting calculator HERE

If you backed £10 at 4.0 and layed at 3.9, if it won you would win +£1 using the underlay method and +£0.34p using the hedging/overlay method.

Of course, this is peanuts, but if performed with £100 it would be +£10 or +£3.40.






I will do a separate video explaining in detail my views on underlay/overlay/mixture and in running angles.

This can get very complex, but the two most practiced methods are overlay and underlay.

A straight arb is the most common and also include things such as minimum bet guarantee arbing, explained later.


Min Bet Guarantee Arbing


Minimum bet guarantee is a straight-forward offer that is primarily used for Arbing.

A full article on Min Bet Guarantee can be found at the bottom of this page.

This is a very basic guide to “Min Bet Guarantee” Arbing, the complexities and niches will be added

elsewhere on this website over the forthcoming month, as well as in the MEMBERS CLUB, due out 2020.

I am one of the most experienced Horse Arbers on social media and have had plenty of practise repeating these!


Minimum Bet Guarantee is an offer most people use on their gubbed accounts.


However, this offer can be used for both gubbed and ungubbed accounts.

The nature of this bet is Arbing – and therefore, this is the reason most people try use this on their gubbed accounts.

Although the bookies are offering this offer – there is still fear of harming your account from repeatedly taking value/Arb prices.

Gubbed accounts usually come in different levels of being gubbed – except with companies like bet365!

*Please ensure your onus to check these offers are still valid, Matched Betting rules do have the habit of changing overnight sometimes!

There are several companies, listed in this ARTICLE HERE.


In Running Arbing

This requires speed, practise and repetition.

The most common markets this is performed on is Football.

I know a guy who has made £700k from this method alone since 2011, mainly using bet365.

However, I would recommend to anyone wishing to start in running arbing to use it to their advantage.

IE Choose a sport you have knowledge and niche in.

The more niche the better. I hear many times of people raking in loads of cash from in running arbing …

and there usually follows a pattern; the pattern is niche.

Example guys I know:

The footy guy [above] loves football, plays football still [in his 50’s] and has many many hours experience in trawling exchange Vs booky.

A boxing fan I know – is very successfully backing/laying boxing [in running] which is very volatile,

due to the speed required, but he has the same background as the footy guy … he loves boxing, is an ex boxer, has visited exchange Vs Booky markets many times.

Another [few] guys I know, all love MMA [as do I] They too are ex competitors, study the markets, same as the two guys above.

My point is – practice makes perfect. There’s no secret strategy except from hours grinded out.

But if you’ve already got a passion for it – the hours will be enjoyable.

Which brings me onto my favourite arbing technique below.

This technique was not given/taught or shown to me; I adopted it through several thousands of hours trawling

betfair Vs Oddschecker, I still use this method to date, albeit in far fewer occasions and hours.


Naked Arbing









Naked Arbing is a phrase made for an Arbitrage Trade that is not immediately layed.

Naked Arbing and advanced Arbing strategies will be explained in the Thinking Outside The Box Course due to be published at later date.

Despite the saucy picture above, naked arbing can be performed with or without clothes on [if that really is your thing]!

I’ll start-off giving you a few examples of how Naked Arbing can differ so much, yet mean the same thing.


Some NAKED Arb examples:


  1. I see a horse on Betfair that is attracting a lot of early £ support

The price is best-priced 3.75 with Coral – I think it will contract – but the lay is not there already to be layed.

I know [if I wait] for the lay price to be there [on the exchange] the Coral price will more than likely contract further;

so I take the chance on backing the horse at odds 3.75. I then enter my lay into Betfair at odds 3.3. I press “keep” –

to avoid my trade being ‘cancelled-out’ of the market and I wait. OR I could just wait until the odds reached

lower and then lay at 3.3 or whatever my desired price was. In my opinion: you’d be a fool to ‘wait’,

when you could enter the lay into the market and just keep checking intermittently.

You haven’t enough funds to lay a bet – because the bet is high odds – yet you think it will contract and therefore, will lay when it reaches X amount price.


  1. You haven’t enough funds to lay a bet – because the bet is high odds – yet you think it will contract and therefore, will lay when it reaches X amount price

I believe that Tiger Woods will do well in this tournament and have intentions to lay him

when his price contracts [shortens] at a later stage in The Tournament.

Therefore, I have not layed Tiger yet – but intend to. If Tiger “Tee’d off” and suddenly had an accident ended up in the bunker and was doing terribly –

then my trade would not look too good.


  1. You think the bet is over-priced and you want to get involved!

Similar to advantage play.

You have no intention of laying, until it reaches a price that is so short that you’d be foolish not to “hedge your bets”.

Just a few ideas and insight into possibilities and perspectives.

Todays Matched Bettors are almost brainwashed into thinking they must lay immediately.

This has been advised to them for a reason, so as they do not suffer any liability/risk ever. But it is always best to explore and realise the bigger picture.


I never used software for these as found a lot of software producing obsolete arbs and I was trading at strange times.


Arbing software Arbs




As mentioned above I never really used Arbing software with Naked Arbing method.

But using Arbing software is efficient and produces a lot of arbs and still has its uses, depending on your needs.


Rebel Betting is my favoured software for this type of arbing. The have been the cream product for over ten years.

Back In 2009 they revolutionised the Arbing world by creating the first three way ditching tool for finding arbs.

Of course, this is standard practise now and can also be found on Profit Accumulator.







Above is an image of PA’s 3-way Dutching calculator; this is not only useful fro football 1-X-2 Markets,

but also 3 runner horse races or other events including 3 outcomes, such as golf Player 1, player 2, tie, etc

PA is also [currently, pls check] offering 0% commissions with their free integration Check out PA HERE

But was a big thing back in 2009, the same as a good smart phone would have been back then!

The types of arbs produced by Rebel betting are probably one of the most common known in football etc.

I find Rebel Betting helpful with these types of betting accounts that we are only going to use for the welcome offers;

especially the Eurozone based ones that don’t offer any/many reload offers and when they do they’re not worth doing anyway.

So it makes sense using a dutching tool to arb with, then you can possibly use three accounts – implementing all their bonuses at the same time!

  • Saves exchange commissions or matches
  • Saves time
  • Saves bankroll!


View Rebel Betting HERE.


I will produce a video on all the different types of arbing methods above, as well as more advanced ones …


I will also produce a video explaining overlay/underlay in-depth as there are a lot of intricacies you can use to grind out extra profits,

don’t just think you either overlay or underlay or you will rob yourself of maximising profits!


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Good Luck Guys


Arb Hunter