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World Cup 2022 betting – matched betting offers world cup 2022


When it comes to matched betting World Cup 2022, or find the best betting offers World Cup 2022, there’s a few things to consider.

 If you live in UK or have access to UK betting sportsbook accounts for World Cup betting 2022, they’ll be plenty of betting offers for the World Cup. 


World Cup 2022 value bets in store
Regardless of whether you are looking to match bet the World Cup or are just an everyday punter looking to get the best World Cup 2022 odds, then there will be value up for grabs. All the betting companies giving odds for World Cup 2022 will be fighting for your customer. And when bookies fight for custom, they use World Cup 2022 betting offers to try enticing us, in hope that you’ll continue placing your World Cup 2022 bets with them and either lose your money or use their company for all your future bets.


Where will the World Cup 2022 be held?

OK, first things first. Before we tell you about the plethora of matched betting offers world cup 2022 will provide as well as the amount of welcome offers for world cup 2022, It’d be nice to know the location, right?


World Cup 2022 climate for players - will the European teams struggle in the heat?

World cup 2022 will take place in Qatar. Situated somewhere in between Ryadh and Abu Dhabi, one thing for sure is the England players [as well as the Danes, Sweden, Russia and Iceland will certainly be feeling the heat! We feel this is an important factor when considering the best best for world cup 2022, as well as the matched betting offers world cup 2022 has to offer.


What are England odds for World Cup 2022?

We will discuss England’s odds for World Cup 2022 below, and also how good we think they will do in the campaign, as well as our tips for World Cup 2022 golden boot winner odds.

Matched Betting world cup 2022


They’ll be plenty of chances for matched betting World Cup 2022 and also World Cup 2022 arbitrage bets. Have you tried Betfair Trading? They’ll also be plenty of chances for Betfair trading World Cup 2022.

If you would like to know more about Matched Betting see our article here. While matched betting can be performed on almost any sport there will be an abundance of football matched betting offers during world cup 2022. This will include Wold cup 2022 bet 365 early payout offer world cup 2022 games. Our 2up early payout article here will explain all.

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Brazil odds for world cup 2022 – World Cup 2022 betting

Brazil to win World Cup 2022 – currently odds: 6/1

We start with the World Cup 2022 betting tournament co-favourites, who have won this tournament an amazing five times before! Brazil usually attracts a lot of world cup matched betting offers and world cup arbitrage bets whenever they play. This is simply due to bookmakers knowing about their popularity and attraction. The Brazilian stars will touchdown to Qatar with the usual lofty expectations of a football obsessed nation like Brazil! However, after losing in the Copa America final to rivals Argentina, they’ll be a lot of pressure on to produce the goods in the middle east in the World Cup 2022.


Climate – World Cup 2022 betting


A tournament such as the World Cup 2022 is going to be played over a long duration. Which of course means plenty of games and plenty of World Cup 2022 betting offers to make use of!

We recommend considering climate, especially when trying to select the outright winner for World Cup 2022 betting. Brazil, of course, if a hot country, a lot hotter than most European countries.

We don’t think that Brazil is far superior to the like of England, Italy and France. However, many of these games, especially in the early stages will be played when the temperatures in Qatar are going to be literally roasting!

This will have an impact of the players’ performances, which of course will impact the score. Consider this factor when looking to bet on World Cup 2022, especially when selecting the World Cup 2022 outright winner betting market.


But just how good are Brazil?


Brazil have failed to beat their most local South American threat, Argentina, recently in the Copa America final. To add to that Argentina are around 11/1 World Cup 2022 outright betting odds. For each way World Cup betting odds, most bookmakers are going half the odds for the first two places. However, we assume that nearer the time there may be the odd company who provides World Cup 2022 betting odds offering three places, but each way terms will be lower, such as a third or a quarter of the odds, for example.

Brazil have beaten most other South American sides, which is no mean feat when you look at the World Cup matched betting odds for comparison. For example, Colombia are the third-shortest odds within the South American teams, at 66-1. Which of course is far greater than realistic threats such as many European teams.

Brazil have also struggled to impress and prove they are the greats of the past. Certainly not a side that justifies being 6-1 favourite for outright World Cup betting odds; Having failed to beat both Senegal and Nigeria.

Brazil’s talent – Matched betting world cup 2022


They do have a lot of talent to choose from, but is the quality of their individuals greater than the players that are in the Italian team? For example, players like Vinicus Junior and Lucas Paqueta have really come on in ability recently which should not only help Neymar on the field but also lift some of the pressure from his shoulders.

Our main concerns for Brazil are that they may be lacking defensively. Thiago Silva will be 38 years of age by the time the World Cup 2022 tournament rolls around. Will they still be 6-1 World Cup betting odds by then, time will tell! Although Thiago Silva has been outstanding for Chelsea and has looked far from finished, our question is: will he still be at that level by the time World Cup 2022 arrives? And should Brazil be the World Cup 2022 betting favourites?  Having said that, Marquinhos is one of the best defenders in the world, but unless paired with another elite defender such as Silva, then the options around him don’t look too great unless someone really steps up in the coming year or so.

Brazil team depth – Matched betting world cup 2022


There are other options, such as: Eder Militao, Lucas Verissimo or Diego Carlos. All these players do have ability, that’s why they’re at top clubs but all also have some issues of their own. Along with that they’re struggling for full backs within the Brazil team. Again, are Brazil worthy of being 6-1 favourites for the outright betting of World Cup 2022? Renan Lodi is first choice on the left and he’s not starting at Spanish side, Atletico Madrid, currently due to their system.  On the right, you’ll probably find Juventus right back Danilo – who’s never seemed convincing, but at least he is a regular starter at the Italian club level. Emerson Royal could find his way in if he continues to improve, he’s shown some good signs during his early days at Tottenham.

Climate makes Brazil the 6-1 outright World Cup betting odds favourites


We believe that if this tournament was being played in Europe, you’d see Brazil close to the 9/1 odds for outright World Cup 2022 odds. Aside from Neymar, this isn’t the superstar Brazil team of decades past. They’d even be no match for the Brazilian side that won in 1994. It remains to be seen if they have the grit and consistency to really perform at a tournament.

Having said that, the climate will indeed help the Samba boys! But are they worth risking at such low outright World Cup 2022 betting odds? We don’t think so.


France odds for world cup 2022 – World Cup 2022 betting

France to win World Cup 2022 – currently odds: 6/1

The defending champions and pre-tournament favourites for Euro 2020, played in 2021, are joint favourites in the World Cup 2022 betting and they must take a step forward after that poor show at the European Championships, which saw them crash out at the hands of Switzerland in the first knockout round. The French media did make a fuss about this and branded it as a “public embarrassment”.

France World Cup 2022 betting odds favourites


We think France deserve to be the 2022 World Cup betting odds favourites and would make Brazil our third or fourth choice to be World Cup betting odds favourites. On form, France has the best players in the world. No other country can match France’s quality or depth in their side. We think even France’s second team could be worthy of competing in the World Cup too! Their World Cup betting odds may be a bit larger though!



France needs to get their act together – matched betting world cup 2022


Can France get the system and the combination right to get the best out of their players? Kylian Mbappe was disappointing at the Euros 2020 and that maybe came down to how he fitted in to the France line-up, he was tasked with playing more like a traditional winger rather than an out and out forward as he does for PSG.

France struggled defensively during the Euros 2022. There problem was they simply let too many goals into the net from lesser teams. Teams such as Hungary, then twice against Portugal and then of a whopping three against Switzerland. We agree, Switzerland over-performed their odds and will also be large odds for World Cup 2022. Their outright odds for World Cup 2022 are between 100/1 and 200/1 depending on which bookmaker you are placing your World Cup 2022 bets with.


Frances’s talent in the central part of their field boasts Varane, Kimpembe, Upamecano, Kounde, Konate and more. But for some reason manager, Didier Deschamps refuses to play two right footed centre halves. This of course means the preferred option will be Kimpembe throughout the World Cup.

Check out World Cup golden boot odds


The only other option in the France squad is Lucas Hernandez who has mainly been used as a left back. Although his brother Theo is constantly threatening to nick his place, he desperately unlucky not to go to the Euros following an amazing season Italian team AC Milan.

When it comes to World Cup golden boot winner, you’d be rude not to mention Karim Benzema. Benzema’s return to the national team during Euro 2020 was a very positive one. However, he will be approaching 35 when the tournament is on but should still be the first choice in attack if he continues the quality he’s set in recent seasons. This looks a likely piece of form to continue, since he’s got 9 goals and 7 assists in just 8 league games so far this campaign.


France will be hoping that Griezmann can fall back in love with his game with his return to Atletico and there’s plenty of options emerging in wide areas. The likes of Allan Saint-Maximin, Moussa Diaby & Jonathan Bamba are all staking claims for inclusion in future squads.


It’s hard to ever write France off given their mass of talent, especially young up-and-comers like Mbappe. However, World Cup 2022 draws against Bosnia and Ukraine in qualifying don’t spell major excitement for a nation still licking its wounds from Euro 2020. Can they defend their title at World Cup 2022? Are they worthy of their 6-1 joint favourite for World Cup 2022 betting odds tag?

England odds for world cup 2022 – World Cup 2022 betting

England to win World Cup 2022 – currently odds: 15/2

England are our pick for World Cup betting odds selection.


Matched betting World Cup 2022


They’ll also be plenty of World Cup 2022 matched betting offers and 2022 World Cup arbitrage bets available. This means we will also get plenty of value form our bets whether we’re matched betting World Cup 2022 or simply having a bet on World Cup 2022. This is of course, on the presumption that you either live in UK or have access to UK betting accounts.

Arbitrage betting World Cup 2022


If, for example, you lived in Italy, another side that are worthy of being short World Cup betting odds, then you will also be likely to receive World Cup 2022 matched betting offers or World Cup 2022 arbitrage bet opportunities that present themselves. Always loom for this when you are betting on World Cup 2022.


World Cup 2022 England chances


Would you consider the Euro 2020 campaign a success for manager Southgate? Most of the British public do and we believe he did a sterling job for a relatively new manger to such a pressure role., There was criticism that he wasn’t really tested until the final, but that wasn’t the case during the tournament, was it?


England lucky – matched betting world cup 2022


England only beat the Czechs by 1 goal to nil. This was considered a poor win at the time and most felt that England should have performed a lot better. However, Auntie Hindsight soon put pay to that – when the Czechs were the ones that managed to dispose of the well fancied Dutch side!

England then made it into round of 16, where they faced Germany. Many thought the Germans would give England a hard time. Yet England won 2-0 and were beginning to gather some good confidence that if finally, may be “coming home”. England then brushed aside the Ukrainians before scraping past Denmark, Which arguably was a lucky game for England, which we can’t really argue with. The game easily could’ve gone either way!


England did have the jitters in the final versus Italy, after scoring so early, when Shaw managed to put the goal in the net as Ealy as ‘2!


Can England win World Cup 2022?


But England will no doubt enter the World Cup 2022 betting odds as one of the main dangers.

Climate an issue for the Lions players

England’s usual temperature is far less than what the England players will have to experience for the games played in Qatar. This, in our open will be one of their biggest threats. Of course, other side such as Sweden and Denmark will also have this problem, too!

But we will not let this factor deter us from betting on England to win the World Cup 2022 outright betting odds. We are also doubling down on the World Cup 2022 golden boot winner

World Cup 2022 top goal scorer odds – World Cup 2022 betting


Keep in the loop during World Cup 2022 for all our betting news.


Our pick for World Cup 2022 top goal scorer odds will be none other than Harry Kane, providing, of course Harry is fit and well by the time the World Cup golden boot odds are issued.

We hope this article has shed some light on the World Cup 2022 betting odds. Whether teams such as Brazil are worthy of being outright favourites for World Cup 2022 betting odds.

Be mindful they’ll be plenty of matched betting offers for World Cup 2022 and also plenty of opportunities for arbitrage World Cup 2022 games.

Whatever your betting preferences are we hope you have a profitable World Cup 2022.


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