What is Sharbing – profiting from betting shop offers with matched betting

SHARBING – matched betting in betting shops

“I’ve known very successful matched bettors who have NEVER entered a betting shop before in their lives”!

Looking for a matched betting shop strategy that works? This article will hopefully give you some insight to get started!

Matched betting in betting shops is where a bettor will use the betting shop offers for matched betting profits. But why would someone use a shop? We will answer this below, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using matched betting in shops versus the usual online approach.

If you would rather watch some videos about matched betting in shops, using the sharbing technique, then check out our special Sharbing Playlist.

Why is matched betting in betting shops called sharbing?

Sharbing is a term derived from the word “arbing” … yes, you’ve already guessed … the “SH stands for shop and when joined with the word arbing, which is short for arbitrage, you’ve got the word … Sharbing!

What most matched bettors do not realise is matched betting use to be commonly termed as arbitrage. Whereas now it is thought of as a completely different discipline.



So how does Sharbing relate to matched betting and how can I use the betting shops to profit from matched betting offers?

To put it simply, you can use betting offers in the shops rather than on your online accounts. You may wish to do this for several reasons, such as those below:

  • You have been gubbed by most betting companies
  • You want to try preserve your online betting accounts
  • You want to do BOTH online + shop offers
  • Some offers apply to shop only.

Yes, that’s true, some offers can only be found in the betting shop and not online. However, you will find many more generous betting offers online than you will in a betting shop. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use a matched betting shop strategy to earn that extra bit of income though!

This is the second post our website has created about sharbing, the first one can be found here and contains many examples of a matched betting shop strategy that works.


Betting anonymously

When trying to find a betting system that works, such as a risk-free one like a matched betting, you will always be exposed to some risk of accounts becoming restricted. This “restriction” is termed as “gubbed” within the matched betting community. Sharbing is the answer to finding the matched betting shop strategy that works.

Gubbed is an inevitable downside that matched bettors will unfortunately experience at some point in their matched betting careers/pastimes. The bookmaker obviously knows your account ID, you have submitted ID documents to prove who you are, and it is very hard after becoming restricted to have access to that same betting account, without your restrictions still being there. The only exception to this is if a player opened a duplicate account. We do not recommend doing this, as the bookmakers are rarely fooled and if they do catch you can have all your bets voided, as per this video about duplicate accounting [posted soon].

The beauty of sharbing in betting shops is you can bet anonymously!

Bookmakers try their hardest to still have a bit of control over KYC, also known as “know your customer”. This is done by offering loyalty with cards such as Connect card, Grid card, Paddy Power Plus card, etc.

These cards are usually linked to a players online account. In turn, the bookmaker will still know who is betting in their shops. The downside of this is, if you are gubbed, the bookmakers will know and would then be likely you will not receive these free bets.

Sharbing for betting offers in shops

This is why we recommend hitting the betting shops anonymously for those betting shop matched betting offers that you can extract cash from, literally!

We have made a video playlist on the YouTube channel, which will hold all the sharbing videos to watch.


There is also a sharbing thread on the Facebook group, where members will report their finds.


High street bookmakers desperate to survive

We have heard this first-hand, from betting shop managers we speak to when chatting in the betting shops, when looking for matched betting offers in betting shops.

The betting shop managers have stated that their companies are desperate to encourage punters ack into the shops. There were some sad stories within some of the dialogue, too. As you may already know, a large proportion of betting shop punters are the elderly. This is for several reasons:

  • Habit
  • No PC
  • Prefer betting with cash
  • Like socialising in the shop while watching screens

The sad part was hearing how, after covid, some of the old regulars did not return back to the shop. Sadly, a few had passed away; Sadly, a few others feared their safety in public betting shops and chose to stay away.

The above factors, plus the fact people are generally ordering everything online [reference: amazon], has apparently spurred an attempt by high street bookmakers to start offering more matched betting in high street betting shops.

2UP in Paddy power shop

Paddy power has far fewer branches of betting shop than the likes of


These companies above are probably the most prevalent ones you will see on the high street.

However, Paddy Power offer their football 2 up offer in the betting shop. The downside cannot be found on most games, like they do online. Moreover, the 2up offer can be found on selected games.

See our Paddy power 2 up video here

Paddy power betting shop offers for sharbing

Paddy power is probably the best betting shop for sharbing. They have far more betting shop offers for matched betting than most. True, there are others in other bookmakers that are unique, but as a whole Paddy is considered the best by us for sharbing. Second would be Betfred in our opinion, when this article was wrote that is! Things do change rapidly ion the world of betting shop offers for matched betting, using sharbing. Here’s an image of a typical day in the Paddy Shop.

How will I know what games have the 2Up promotion available?

If you stroll-over to the football coupon area, you need to glance at the top right-hand side of the coupons, as per the image below.



If the game is a 2up qualifying game, then this will be stated in the top right-hand corner of the betting coupon.


When we placed our 2up in our local Paddy power shop, we were also granted with a free £2 “#what’s your odds paddy” bet! Which makes this great value, especially if you were a smaller player.

The £2 free bet is granted for any bet of £10+ on a game. We recommend not trying to be “smart” with this offer and gaining several free bets. Apart from the fact it is generally “one per customer”, we recommend not trying ‘your luck’. If the staff get suspicious, you’re an advantage player, or the betting shop security notice you on the cameras acting odd, they can stop you from receiving offers!

Shop gubbed from matched betting in betting shops

Yes, you heard it right! This can happen. This usually happens when you make your matched betting shop strategy a bit too obvious, or get too greedy!

We even know of sharbers who profit from matched betting offers in betting shops eve trying to go “incognito” and fool the betting shop staff!

You can get “shop gubbed” from sharbing

Reasons you can get shop gubbed from matched betting in betting shops:

  • Keep asking for big bets and wanting a standout price
[a standout price means those good value prices that pop up on an odds matcher, or an arb]
  • You make it obvious you’re only betting on offers
  • You try abuse the “one per customer” too much


Generally, you’ll get shop gubbed from the security who watch the cameras for the betting shops. Bog brother is always watching you, despite the fact we are “betting anonymously”. Please see our older 2019 post of SHABRING here.

Hall of shame

Years ago, if you were banned from a betting shop, for whatever reason, your picture would be on the “hall of shame” behind the counter. But we live in a civilised society now, with many different human rights and confidentiality. One of which [we guess] is the right not to have your mug shot starting at all and sundry who visit the betting shop counter. Consequently, the bookmakers had to stop this tact, and if you are banned it is usually the shop security that’ll spot you on camera.

The “pencil man” was one of the most famous betting shop abusers. This video here describes how he used to ply his trade. Although this tact would be very hard nowadays.

If betting shops are not your thing and you are sadly fully gubbed, then you could try your hand at Betfair trading.

We recommend you take the time to learn this practice rather than jumping in too fast.

If you’re just starting out, then don’t forget to start with the “nuts and bolts” of the process and use a service like Profit accumulator to find your feet at first. Grab a free trial using this link here.


Matched betting using betting shops FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS


❓  How do I do matched betting in shops?

Our full guide at bestbooky.com and pipbets.com explains all you need to know about sharbing. Sharbing is the term used for matched betting in betting shops. It is derived from the word “arbing”. We have know of very successful full time “sharbers” who use this technique. See our playlist here.

🛒 Is matched betting in betting shops a thing?

Matched betting in betting shops certainly is a thing and a very profitable one too! Sadly, because of the covid pandemic, a few of the older crowd who frequented the betting shops never returned, some sadly passed. This fact, combined with the decline of most people abandoning the high street has led to online bookmakers making a last-ditch effort to get people back in the shops. See our sharbing playlist here. Sharbing is the term for “matched betting in shops”.

🤔  Is matched betting still profitable in betting shops?

You can add an extra stream of monthly income form matched betting using betting shop offers. See our online guide here at Best Booky.com.

🤷‍♂️  Can you do matched betting anonymously in betting shops?

The beauty of using betting shops for matched betting is you can do it anonymously! Where a bettor might be gubbed, or stake restricted and have their ‘cards’ marked online, they can still freely roam into the shop. In the betting shops they are free to use the offers anonymously. See our guide at Pipbets.com

❓  How do bookmakers know you are arbing?

Bookmakers usually know you’re arbing by being notified by an algorithm attached to your betting account. A good way around this is to bet anonymously in a betting shop. We have created a full playlist of different videos you can watch to learn how to matched bet in betting shops, a term called “sharbing”.

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