UFC Matched Betting and MMA Betfair Trading

UFC Vegas 43 UFC Matched Betting and MMA Betfair Trading

UFC Vegas 43 may not be as exciting as the previous UFC events over the past weeks, but we’ve got two big names competing.

Those two big names include Michael Chiesa and Miesha Cupcake Tate, who of course is a previous world champion. Due to these factors we hope they’ll be a few UFCC matched betting offers bfloating about. It is best to look for MMA Matched betting offers on the same or previous day to the fight. Bearing in mind the UK are tuypically 8 hours behind USA too.

MMA Betfair Trading – hours behind USA

MMA Betfair Trading is a bit more challenging for UK UFC Betfair Trading operators. We have to stay up until the early hours, which for most are not the most pelasant times to focus on Betfair Trading. However, UFC Betfair trading markets are wtill in their infancy and worth learning.

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UFC Matched betting and MMA arbitrage

Similar to UFC Betfair trading, MMA Matched Betting is also in its infancy, especially in the UK. We are typicallky behind the USA audience, in terms of popularity in the sport, by about five years. It is predicted to grow double within the next couple of years.

It is for this reason we recommend learning UFC Matched Betting early, as the early bird catches the worm when it comes to MMA Matched bettign and understanding UFC Matched betting offers. It is always best to have the upper hand. To gain the upper hand, simply start praticing! This article here also helps.

Matched Betting on UFC pages

We have several posts about UFC Matched on this website as well as our MMA Corner page for MMA Matched Betting and MMA arbitrage.

Below is a breakdown of the fights, this does not necessarily apply much to UFC Matched betting or MMA Arbitrage, but will be useful if you are UFC Betfair trading.

Michael Chiesa V Sean Brady


Michael Chiesa record: 17-5


The interesting thing about this fight is Michael Chiesa was Chiesa’s last fight was against classy No.4 ranked welterweight Vicente Luque, where he lost in the first round after being choked. The interesting thing is Chiesa was the favourite to win that fight. When it comes to matched betting UFC events, this does not matter, but when learning startegical UFC betting then this does apply.


Sean Brady record: 14-0

The reason Brady is favourite is that he’s got a clean record of 14-0. Brady has had two bouts with previous UFC contender, Kevin Lee, this year which ere both cancelled. So, Brady will be hungry to prove his point here against a name like Chiesa.

Brady has solid boxing skills and is also handy on the ground having submitted several opponents by choke, in his previous fight organisation CFFC. In summary, Bardy has proven himself a good all-rounder, and is still somewhat an unknown quantity, since he has not lost, unlike Chiesa.


UFC fight tips Verdict

Chiesa is three inches taller with a three inch reach advantage also. We feel Brady will have the strength advantage. This fight is a very equal fight, in our opinion. We believe the odds should be level for each fighter.

Since we think the odds should be level, and Chiesa is 2.4 odds, 11/8 and +140 USA, we feel Chiesa is worth getting invested in.

Although Brady is almost equally gifted on the ground, Chiesa has a good enough chance of submitting Brady on a scramble. Chiesa also has a good chance of dragging his fight out to a points decision win, just like he did against talented Neil Mangy is January 2021.


Ketlen Vieira Vs Miesha Tate


The second fights that piques our interest, in terms of value is Tate versus Vieira.

Ketlen Vieira 11-2

Ketlen has been far mor active on the UFC as her opponent. Miesha Tate has fought only once since UFC 205 in 2016. Which is a considerable amount of time for any fighter, especially a women fighter who gave birth to a baby in the summer of 2020.

Vieira has a two-inch height advantage which also comes with a three inch reach advantage, which of course, will help the task at hand! Ketlen also has a 92% takedown defence, which will also help, considering one of Tate’s previous strengths was the takedown from her wrestling.

We feel Ketlen may also have a slight speed advantage. Ketlen is not scared to trade a punch-for-a-punch either. We feel this could go against her in this fight.


Miesha Tate 19-7

As mentioned above, Tate became a proud Mum in June 2020. Her first comeback fight since 2016 was in July 2021, where she impressively beat Marion Reneau in round three, showing he true grit from previous years. However, Reneau is 44 years of age and a lot different to the 30 year Ketlen


UFC Fight tips Verdict

Another evenly-matched fight. But, as much as we love Miesha cupcake Tate, we feel her only real chance of winning is turning this into a dogfight and gaining top control.

Ketlen Vieira’s takedown defence may be a problem for Tate. We also feel Tate rushes in on her takedowns, leaving her exposed. Ketlen is almost in her prime and we feel these few factors will win the fight for Ketlen, in a closely matched fight.

Check out our MMA Corner article here.

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