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UFC 268 Matched betting – UFC betting tips






UFC 268 Betting odds
UFC 268 brings us two rematches and a lightweight fight of interest, among many other things. There will be UFC matched netting offers available,a s this event will be a popular one not just for fans but UFC matched betting players too.


 The main card is a cracker – see our  VIDEO GUIDE BELOW FOR UFC MATCHED BETTING tips we got correct at UFC 267  


UFC 268 Matched Betting

The bad blood between Colby Covington and Kamura Usman will no doubt create a lot of hype for UFC 168 betting picks and UFC 268 Matched betting offers.

You see, the more eyes that are on the event, usually means the more UFC matched betting offers. In our last UFC betting tips article , we mentioned how the UFC betting scene has grown exponentially in the UK in the past year or so.

We also recommended to our viewers to learn about UFC matched betting offers, MMA Matched Betting offers including Bellator MMA offers too. A great time to start would be by taking advantage of UFC 268 Matched betting offers.


Oddsmonkey UFC 268 matched betting offers


Oddsmonkey helped casual UFC matched betting players become more aware of UFC 268 matched betting in this article. We hope UFC matched betting services, like Oddsmonkey and Profit accumulator do continue to cover this somewhat relatively unknown UFC matched betting sport, a lot more unknown than the likes of soccer or horse racing matched betting. UFC 268 Matched betting will be the perfect time.

If you are more of a fan of profit accumulator then the good news is they have also written a UFC Matched betting guide here too.

UFC 268 Betting tips

Lastly, having personal interest in the sport of MMA and MMA betting for many years, we have a section in our website called “MMA corner” where we feature information from past and present UFC matched betting and UFC arbitrage within our UFC betting tips and UFC betting news. Check it out!

We have a growing number of USA UFC matched bettors following our page now. The link below is for USA UFC betting picks to enjoy a $750 bonus from Bovada. We consider Bovada USA as a sportsbook that provides a vast wealth of UFC betting picks offers and great choice of markets to bet on your UFC 268 betting tips.


UFC 268 fight picks – Usman V Covington

We feel that in the first fight between Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman that Covington was ahead on points before he had his jaw broken. Colby said this happened between the third and fourth rounds

UFC 268 betting predictions – Colby Covington value UFC odds

Colby Covington has turned down big value fights in order to wait to fight Usman again. We feel Usman only deserve to be slight UFC odds favorite. We feel the UFC  odds for UFC predictions at UFC 268 should look something like this:

We were expecting the UFC 268 betting odds to look at little like this.


Usman -130 – 1.8 decimal – 4 to 5 fractions

Covington +110 – 2.1 decimal – 10 to 11 fractions


When in actual fact the UFC betting odds for our UFC picks DO look like this:


Usman -300 – 1.3 decimal – 1 to 3 fractions

Covington +225 – 3.25 decimal – 9 to 4 fractions


The UFC 268 betting odds and LATEST BOVADA UFC 268 betting odds, includes a $750 bonus, above show us [in our opinion] that the UFC 268 odds fro Colby are great value.

With this in mind we can look to implement the following UFC betting strategy below

Use this as part as UFC Value betting

Use this for UFC betfair trading. This will enable us to watch the fight and trade out during the bout, in play. We will be using Bet Angel UFC Betfair trading software for this.

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UFC 268 Matched betting

We could always just follow a UFC matched betting strategy and simply profit by taking UFC free bet offers and UFC 268 betting bonuese to profit, no matter which fighter wins.

In the last flight by around four we feel the odds of 3 . 2 5 do not justify Colby Covington’s abilities.






The other rematch is the women’s straw wait title belt.

Rose Namajunas takes on Weili Zhang for a second time. Rose beat Weili Zhang in April this year and our UFC predictions at UFC 268 is for Rose to do the same here.

We feel the UFC 268 betting odds for our UFC 268 fight pick, Rose Namajunas, to be almost spot-o with our UFC 268 odds expectations. In fact, we thought that Weili Zhang might be the slight UFC 268 betting odds favorite for this.

UFC 268 betting odds for Weili Zhang

Why did we think that the UFC betting odds for Weili Zhang could be slight favorite, when it was Rose who beat her by first round KO in April? Well, prior to this, back when Rose first beat Weili Zhang, it was Weili Zhang who was UFC betting pick odds favorite back then, She was odds on.

We feel that the first round KO does not show a true reflection on Weili Zhang’s capabilities, however, just like their first fight, we are sticking with Rose for the win.

UFC 268 betting tips for Justin Gaethje V Michael Chandler

One of the most interesting flights of this card is the relatively new UFC newcomer, Michael Chandler, against already established Justin Gaethje.

Michael Chandler is still somewhat an unknown quantity in the UFC having only appeared twice and performing spectacularly we still feel Michael Chandler is still yet to prove himself at the Justin Gaethje level. Although Michael Chandler was beaten by Charles Oliveira, we feel Charles Oliveira has been under-rated by UFC betting picks fans for years. However, he has not been underated by real UFC fighters and many feel he is one of the best all rounders to ever fight at lightweight.

This may be why Michael Chandler is the slight underdog out of these two fighters .

UFC 268 betting odds – Justin Gaethje odds too short

Justin Gaethje is a classic blue colour fighter who is happy to take one punch on the tune if he can deliver 1 . 5 punches back. You will definitely get a great fight from Justin, as he is a true brawler, who is not afraid to throw-down while taking punishment!

We wish every UFC fighter had the attitude and fighting style of Justin Gaethje. However, we just feel just the Justin Gaethje he has too many miles on the clock, especially ones where he has taken a lot of hits to the head. All this does add up and we think this will finally catch-up with Justin Gaethje

We believe the UFC Matched betting odds should be level odds, of say -110, or 1.9 in decimal for both fighters, would be realistic UFC odds for these UFC fight picks, and therefore although we do not necessarily think Michael Chandler is that much better than just a Justin Gaethje, but we would rather take what we think are value UFC odds and use these UFC 268 betting odds to help create a successful UFC 268 betting strategy feel the odds of 2.5 or USA odds +150 irresistible and will be playing those as our thrid and last UFC 268 picks.

Our UFC 268 betting picks summarized

Usman V Colby

Colby at  +225 , 3.25

Rose Namajunas V Weili Zhang

Rose at -125 , 1.8

Justin Gaethje V Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler at +150 , 2.5


Regarding the remaining card, there are some other truly amazing fights on.

And the rest of the card including Frankie Edgar but we will focus on the main three fights for now. MMA Matched Betting offers including Bellator MMA offers will be featured regularly on the mma corner from Pipbets.

UFC Fight Night Holloway vs. Rodriguez betting odds

Please check in to UFC Fight Night betting picks next week where I will be featuring the UFC fight night Holloway vs. Rodriguez .from UFC apex on next week the main fight there is Max Holloway versus you’re a real re- dress also an interesting fire middleweight is Kevin Holland versus cold Lucas.

As well as a women’s featherweight fight is the code main check in next week and please be sure to follow our MMA Matched Betting offers including Bealator MMA page.


UFC 268 Betting tips – why learn UFC for matched betting?

This article was intended to let UFC matched betting players, UFC betfair trading experts and UFC arbitrage bettors that the UFC betting odds and matched betting UFC is a thing to be aware of. When betting on the UFC you will need to take all these things into consideration.

If you can achieve all the above you will no doubt be able to profit well from UFC betting long term.

Start to learn the markets, because the UFC in UK is here to stay and will only grow in size and popularity. The events will become bigger and more regular. We blame the regularity of UFC fights is the main thing that has helped steal the boxing audience, where a lot of them have switched to UFC or spend more time watching UFC now than boxing.

Enjoy UFC 268 betting odds? Or Bellator Matched betting offers?

See our other articles on the website and also check our YouTube channel for UFC posts.

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