UFC 266 – Betfair scalping – UFC 266 BETTING

UFC 266 – Betfair scalping

Diaz Vs Lawler gets my attention the most


For any hardcore long-term UFC fight fans out there, this will more than likely be their main excitement form this event, despite there being 2 title fights on

Nick and Robbie both met 17 long years ago, way back in 2004. Nick was 20 years old, while Robbie was a 23-year-old savage, on a massive winning streak and known for being very aggressive. Many thought Nicks Jiu jitsu style would not be able to handle the onslaught of Robbie’s firepower.

However, Nick had other ideas. One and a half minutes into round 2, Diaz managed to connect with a short counter-right and dropped Lawler, the referee rightfully stopped the fight.

Trading opportunities

Look at the odds … there is barely anything in it. However, I do suspect a good opportunity for scalping on Betfair. Scalping is a method of trading where you take short, regular trades and sell quickly, repetitively. I feel scalping would be most effective as I feel this market will be up and down.



Why I feel the market up and down?

At the time of writing this, Robbie Lawler was slight favourite of around 1.88 on Betfair. However, due to Nicks cult following from a mass of different backgrounds – I feel there could be a “weight of money” effect on the odds. Well, at least enough to satisfy scalping.

Don’t shoot the messenger!

I’m not a financial advisor, so please do not go hard on my say so. This event will surely be exciting.

Who will win?

It was very hard for me to reach a conclusion to this, but I’m going for ….


Robbie Lawler

Although Nick has not fought in a very long time, he is likely to be very fit for sure. His younger brother Nate, and himself, both do regular Triathlons, are coaches and lifelong martial artists to the core. They are also both well-known cannabis users, although that does not seem to have affected their output at all.

Nick has a handy 2-inch height and reach advantage, which will of course help Nicks cause, just like it did in their first fight! Maybe Nick will be giving plenty of “Stockton slaps” on Saturday night. It will be exciting watching Nick try walk Robbie down again, will he dare?

Robbie has lost his last four fights; however, he fought the best in the division not too long ago and won half of those fights! Although USADA were not checking everyone for steroids so vigorously back then I still feel this won’t make a difference if Robbie was using before and is not now.


I believe Nick has the wider skill set but feel I would rather chance Robbie as he has proved himself more recently, although I’m more than aware, anything can happen in this fight … just as the odds suggest!

One thing for sure this will be a cracking fight!

Regarding the two main fights …


I feel “shortie” Alexander Volkanovski will be too much for Ortega. I enjoyed watching these two in the recent “Ultimate fighter series”. A series I recommend to people who don’t even like UFC.

In the women’s event, it’s hard to see past Shevchenko, she just seems to be unbeatable right now. Lauren Murphy [another previously TUF star] will need some luck to beat the 1/11 odds-on Shevchenko.







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