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I’ve had a SpreadEx account for ages! Almost 20 years!

It is not used as heavily as described below, but I still regularly receive a FREE BET at least once a year!

Almost makes me feel guilty!

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Back at the turn of the decade … in year 2000 I used to enjoy betting on spreads.

Back then I was working in  the betting industry – Betfair weren’t even started [until June] and betting on Spreads was a good way of “breaking the day up”.

Spending from 9-5pm watching and editing betting markets, even though may sounds appealing was quite boring, day-in-day-out

The company policy [as with most betting related companies] was that we were NOT allowed to gamble while working.

But we did! But couldn’t bet on every race as was too busy to sit there all day betting, so we chose to bet on spreads. Such as:

” I don’t think they’ll be many goals in that game”

“I think they’ll be a lot of corners in that football game”

“I don’t think they’ll be many favourites win at Newmarket today”

“I think outside Traps will do well at Romford tonight, as it is raining and the wide draw is biased when wet, I will buy Trap supremacy”

The market depths were enormous, standard fixed odds bookmakers did not offer these complicated bets either … it was not like today! Back then there were about 20% of the markets that exist today.

How can it benefit me today?

Well, there are times when you may wish to hedge – or find a “lay bet” that does not exist in the exchange or fixed odds.

People do not think of spreads, most think … “Oh there’s no exchange lay markets for that, so I cannot do that offer”


“There’s not even a bookie that prices-up a market that will enable a hedge.

Welcome Spread betting, sometimes the hidden answer ….

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Spreadex is a leading sports and financial spread betting, sports fixed odds betting and casino betting firm, based in state-of-the-art trading rooms in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Formed in 1999 by former City trader Jonathan Hufford, Spreadex is one of the longest-established companies in the betting, trading and gambling industry and consistently one of the most profitable.

Spreadex has been listed three times in the Sunday Times Profit Track list of top 100 fastest-growing UK companies and was named in the FT1000 report of the top 1000 fastest-growing companies in Europe in 2017.


Spreadex is the only company to offer sports spread betting and sports fixed odds betting from the same account.

So whether you prefer the excitement and adrenaline rush of the spreads or the more guaranteed nature of the fixed odds, we have hundreds of sports markets for you to choose from.

Our markets can be easily navigated by tabbing between either our spread betting or fixed odds prices.

And because of our extensive provision it means we have more in-play sports betting markets than many other bookmakers.


At Spreadex one of our specialities is in-play sports betting, whether that be on sports spread betting or sports fixed odds betting.

In-play sports spread betting allows you to open or close bets at any time during a match or event either to take profits early or to cut your losses.

We have three Cash Out options available to aid your enjoyment of in-play betting; One-Click Cash Out, Auto Cash Out or Partial Cash Out.


At Spreadex we have a vast range of markets offering thousands of sports spread betting and sports fixed odds betting prices on hundreds of global events every week.

From football to F1, rugby to rowing, or golf to greyhounds we have it covered with our trading rooms open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Bet either on our desktop platform, mobile or tablet apps or by calling direct to our trading rooms.

Don’t forget you can also place casino bets and financial spread bets with Spreadex.


Spreadex is one of the few betting companies to offer credit facilities – meaning sports betters can place wagers on global sports events without having to first deposit funds.

This is a completely free service – there is no extra charge for using a credit limit.

We will consider requests for credit limits of up to £2,000 when you open your account. For requests of limits greater than £2,000 we will require additional information.

While spread betting with credit can be advantageous to traders, it is important to note that a credit limit does not limit your financial loss or liability. Credit facilities depend on your client status and individual circumstances.


Spreadex specialises in the personal service and credit area and has a strong reputation for its high level of customer service and account management. 

Spreadex has been four-times named as Best Spread Betting Firm for Customer Service in the Investment Trends Spread Betting Awards.

The company has twice been named Spread Betting Firm of the Year at the City of London Wealth Management Awards, Best Spread Betting Provider at the Money AM Awards and also won Spread Betting Operator of the Year at the 2017 EGR Awards.


At Spreadex, we are the only firm to offer sports spread betting, sports fixed odds betting, financial spread betting and casino gaming from one place.

If you like to bet on the football, cricket or the horses and like to trade on the financial markets, you can do so easily on our different trading platforms.

Our financial spread betting markets cover indices, shares, FX, ETFs, bonds, interest rates and commodities.


Bet on the go via our tablet and smartphone apps for iOS or Android. Login quickly, safely and securely via Touch ID or Face ID if using an iPhone.

By using the Spreadex Mobile Betting Platform you are agreeing to our Supplemental Mobile Trading Terms.

To read through these terms, click the above link, which takes you to our Policies and Small Print page, and scroll down to point number 6.


Spreadex has enjoyed strong growth since being formed in 1999, more than tripling revenues from approximately £15m to more than £50m from 2010 to 2016 and profitable every year since 2008.

In June 2011 Spreadex acquired the client database of extrabet, the sports betting arm of IG Group, and this was followed by Spreadex then acquiring the client database of MF Global Spreads in January 2012.

The client database of ShortsandLongs.com was incorporated into Spreadex in February 2012. Almost a year later, in March 2013, Spreadex purchased the non-equities business of rival spread betting firm Cantor Index.


At Spreadex, we realise how important it is for our customers to feel comfortable about the security of the money they invest with us.

If you are classified as a retail client any money we hold on your behalf in your spread betting ledger, which includes; cash deposited with us, winnings, the valuation of any open bets – even uncleared cheques, will all be held in a segregated Barclays and/or Lloyds bank account in accordance with the FCA client money rules.

All funds held on this designated client money account are held by Spreadex as trustee. If you are a retail client, under no circumstances will we use any of your own money with our own funds or place such funds with a third party e.g. a broker.


Whether you are a Retail Client or a Professional Client, any monies held on your fixed odds account are held as trustee in a segregated bank account at Barclays or Lloyds.

Under the guidelines of the Gambling Commission your fixed odds balance will receive “medium protection”; “Customer funds are kept in accounts separate from business accounts; and arrangements have been made to ensure assets in the customer accounts are distributed to customers in the event of insolvency.”

If you are unclear about your client classification or any aspect of the client money rules please do not hesitate to contact us.

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