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You will find my site different to most Matched Betting sites, I aim to educate people, rather than “Spoon-Feeding” people A-B-C Strategies. In the long term, you will profit bigger n’ better knowing your OWN approaches, rather than waiting for your next Spoon Feeding!

If you’re prepared to learn, this site will be what you make of it!

Betting has been my hobby since 1988 – I’m a real-life Matched Betting hobbyist and genuinely love the game.
*This site is only 10% of the size it will become – it is currently in its infancy and has a lot more to offer – which is being added-to each-and-every week! I hope you stay with us, to witness the journey!

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Table of contents


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Why I made this website
Site Navigation
About Me
How we used to Profit
How my site can help you


This Blog is constantly being added to – and you can find a wide variety of betting related topics on there.

*This site uses affiliate links to help cover hosting and software costs, such as free Matched Betting Calculators, regular videos and advice.

This site is not owned nor operated by any of the services we affiliate link to.

My YouTube channel is well known for its transparency and honesty. The same applies on this website.

This website aims to deliver you realistic true facts, rather than tell you “ … what you want to hear”. This may seem a little dull, but at least you won’t be fed false promises.


Why I made this website?

I’m not going to insult your intelligence with the likes of “ .. I made this site to help all you guys”, as this wouldn’t be totally true.

I predominantly made this site to make some money!

You will not be misled on this site.

Money is made from the free public site, by affiliating with betting company services and software services. Money will also be made from the premium Members site, from members fees. These fees are to cover the time and costs it takes – to present members with material for new ideas and information.

Time is money, right?

The ideal objective is that the member can use these ideas and information to complement their current betting methods and routine, which [ideally] will consequently result in bigger profits for them.

No one does anything for nothing – and if they say they do then please be cautious. They’re either affiliating, selling or intending to sell. I am guilty of all three, but I also give plenty of things away for free that has cost me money.


• I want to make this site as easy for you to use as possible.
• Use the navigation bar at the top of this website to select your desired area.

HOME” situated at the top left-hand side of the Nav bar [at the top of the website] will give you a brief overview of everything.


BLOG – top right-hand side – will be your main reference point if you are searching for any information. Upon entering the Blog page, click the “search” icon and type the topic keyword you would like to search for. For example “BOG” for best odds guaranteed, or “2up”, etc.



There are four Matched Betting Calculators on the site.

These are provided free of charge. The only requirement is the user will have to “log in” to use these.

Simply create a “free account” – log in – and then feel free to access these Calculators as n’ when you wish!
The HOW MY SITE CAN HELP YOU chapter (further down this page) provides a brief run-down of what you can expect from here.



These profit tips will be updated and changed sporadically. Please feel free to take-a-peek.
They may be teaching some experienced guys to suck eggs – however, you may find one or two pieces of interesting information, to add to your current routine. I have sometimes even gained great ideas from raw newbies – just by benefiting from fresh ideas, such as learning efficient ways of searching for certain things. Every little idea helps.


Click HERE for Acronyms, A-Z, of betting jargon you may encounter.
If you’re a newbie – you might want to check these abbreviations every now and then! They can be found in the Blog too.


First of all, Thanks for taking the time to visit my site.

Most of you may know me from my YouTube channel 

I worked in the betting industry in the late 1990’s, I was a full-time Arber ten years ago (when Arbing was booming), a regular matched bettor (including Dutching) since the 1990’s.

I have seen the whole evolutionary stage of Matched Betting – from the “free bet” Teletext days, up until now.

This site is bulls**t free, so please do not expect any glamorous “get rich” quick salesman quotes or promises.

If you ask me a question, you can expect the truth, apologies in advance for being so frank.
All I require from our members is the patience to have an open mind … to a fresh way of learning.

The Members Site will be opening once the site is established.


How I started Matched Betting/Arbing

At the age of 15 I first crept inside Ladbrokes Bookmakers Shop … And have never stopped betting since!
However, during my journey, my betting evolved!
Early-on I began to master [myself] how to profit from free bets.
Free Bets are not a new thing – they have been around for as long as I can remember – as far back as the late 1980’s.
I remember my Dad ringing up Coral to place his free bets!
Back then you had an account number and a password! Later, I will tell some funny stories about teleBetting!

There were no luxuries of Oddsmatching websites like MatchedBets.com or Profit Accumulator in those days!

These kind of oddsmatchers and advice certainly speed-track learning for newcomers nowadays!

Learning the ropes alone took longer – but ingrained a special understanding of unique Matched Betting and Arbing principles.

Over the years I have made every mistake possible and hope to teach you guys how to avoid these costly errors. I have also made some super stupid errors in the past!
During my time, I’ve worked in the Betting industry in the late 1990’s, and in the early 00’s in several roles; I have worked as an odds inputter, programme assistant, Teletext Operator and Consultant.

I have seen some dodgy dealings in the past with the “massaging” of betting odds in some places! Staff members [in places I have worked] were able to ‘delay’ updating betting odds, while jumping on Betfair! I have also witnessed people being sacked for this.

Wherever there is money and odds, there are always opportunities for unscrupulous people to take advantage of! Happened then … happens now!

I have also witnessed dodgy behaviour in betting shops (VIDEO) too, another place where I wasted many hours of my adolescence and Adulthood!
Back in those days – there was no “check ID” … if you could see over the counter to hand-over your dosh, you were good to go!
I used to ‘bunk off’ school and spend afternoons in the Betting shop! It was there I honed my initial betting foundations – but, of course, this didn’t help my studies at school!

I will elaborate more about “dodgy dealings” in the “Sharbing Chapter” within this website.

Nowadays, I intermittently work remotely from home, Ad Hoc for betting services.
I have helped with projects from both a consumer and advisory perspective. I was offered these roles mainly from people initially viewing my youTube channel.

So, it has not ALL been a waste of time! Trust me, YouTube is a hard grind … with little reward otherwise!

I have been a full time Arber for six years, have always been dabbling into Betfair trading and have always been involved in Matched Betting since back in the 1990’s.
You may ask “ … how can you have been Matched Betting since the 1990’s … as Betfair wasn’t even around before the year 2000”?

I will explain this in the next Chapter “How we used to profit”.
I am a real-life hobbyist and enthusiast of all aspects of betting. I’m not some kind of affiliation guy with prime interest is to sell a product and ‘swan-off’ into the sunset; this was my hobby 25 years ago – and will also be my hobby in 25 years to come, if I live that long!



Before betting exchanges, we had to rely on techniques such as Dutching.

Dutching is explained briefly in this video here:



Free bets have always been around since as far back as I can remember, as far back as the late 1980’s. Free bets were found usually via TV TeleText systems, back when accounts were opened via a telephone call to the Betting Company.

These free bets could not be layed, as Betfair did not exist. However, they could be ‘dutched’ in several ways.

If you were around in those days – and mastered Dutching then, it will no doubt help you greatly in todays betting world.

The introduction of Betfair exchange, in year 2000, changed the landscape of Dutching forever!

Betfair has also helped make me profit well in excess of 6 figures since the year 2000.
Dutching can still be a beneficial method, in certain circumstances; especially for those guys who live in countries that do not permit the use of betting exchanges.
I still practise Dutching now! In fact, I placed several Dutching bets while writing this!
See my Dutching Article on this website.


Dutching can be good for:

• William Hill Golden Goal, etc.
• Combined Liability.
• Mug Betting implementation.
• If you have low bankroll and no funds in Exchange.
• If you live in a country that do not permit Betting Exchanges.
• If you simply don’t want to use exchanges.
• If you ever went into a time warp back to year 1999!
• Don’t under-estimate the powers of Dutching!

I believe that if ALL Matched Bettors mastered Dutching in their first week of Betting – they would learn Matched Betting Principles twice as fast thereafter.
There are some people that have NEVER betted before, or been in a betting shop, prior to Matched Betting. Years ago, this was unheard of! Please see my chapter “The future of Matched Betting”.




I’m sure you will find my site unique and different to most Matched Betting sites.

Some of you may disagree with my approaches and find them strange, archaic and boring. I do not proclaim to be an expert!

But one thing for sure is that you will find original content on here.

Why? …

Some Matched Betting websites have learnt from each other and therefore their content produces the same results but in different packaging!
Many Matched Betting sites are run by people who started their journey, aided by the likes of Oddsmonkey/PA. This does not make them inferior to me by any means, however, my perspective will be a lot different.

My content is different because I started way before these Matched Betting sites were even thought of!

I subsequently learnt all my methods and most of my strategies alone, isolated, the hard way. This took many more hours, but also ingrained a deeper understanding.
Before the likes of Profit Accumulator, MatchedBets and other oddsmatcher sites evolved, I used to simply Cross-Reference Betfair and OddsChecker.
I still am a heavy Oddschecker user to this day!

My Members Club will cater for Beginners – Intermediate and Advanced.
So hopefully there’s something on this site for everyone!
For updates on the Members Club click here.


I have three courses, which can be found on the top Nav Bar of this website. Here is a brief explanation.
• The Beginners course hopes to help guys climb from Newbie stage to INTERMEDIATE. This can be found in my eBook/eVideos section, within this website.
• My Thinking Outside the Box course hopes to deliver fresh perspective.
• My Non Runners course hopes to empower you with a full understanding of this crucial element. A must for Horse Racing bettors.

My 20 years + experience in Matched Betting/Arbing hopes to deliver you a unique and fresh perspective.
This site hopes to supply you with a breath of fresh air – new tips and tricks that took me hundreds of hours to learn – delivered to you within hours.
If you already know Matched Betting, sometimes just “seeing” things from a different angle is enough to help you earn extra profits – profits that you may have missed-out on, previously.
I have often found, in the past, that learning just two or three small new approaches has returned extra profits for me.
My aim is to provide something for everyone. The Newcomer, the intermediate guy and the advanced guy … who is looking for any possible slight adjustments to add to his/her game.


What we can deliver

  • MBing and Arbing are straight-forward techniques.
  • Below, on this website home page, you will find how each principle works.
  • Once you have mastered the basics, you can easily build on this.
  • It is the little gray areas [the gaps in between] where you will find extra profits …
  • Regular Blog Advice

Profits that don’t rely on betting offers.

Profits that are gained through skill, technique and timing.
Timing is the most crucial element in my opinion.
The Members Club hopes to deliver a whole matter of extra “gray area” material … that is rarely touched-on in most sites.
Inside the Members Club you will learn new strategies and perspectives.
Join members site HERE, if not yet open, there will be an updates link.