Profiting from Non Runners & BOG

Non Runner & BOG Profits!

We often back and lay horses, right?

As part of our daily Matched Betting or Arbing routine

But what happens when there’s a Non Runner? How do I adjust my lay?

If already layed, will I still profit as much as intended?

  • This books describes how I consider Non Runners to be a positive opportunity that arises each and every day, without any intended effort!
  • I describe how I calculate the Non Runner deductions, showing descriptions and visual examples.
  • I explain the experiences I have had with Non Runners over the years, as well as when Non Runners can be a negative to your lay bets.I explain the “in it to win it mentality”, how simply doing more bets can invite these chances.

Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) is also explained in this book. The dangers of over-laying BOG and how I have tackled BOG enhancements before.

For Β£1.99 I’m sure this book will give you enough “food for thought” for its price!

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Happy Reading!