Profiting From BOG and Non Runners









EDGES & ANGLES – Profiting from BOG and Non Runners


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This short book contains

  • 30 pages.
  • 6 Private Videos embedded – not on YouTube
  • Total 44 minutes of Videos

In this book I give a brief description how I started-out in my Matched Betting career.

  • How I learnt to profit from BOG
  • How I learnt to profit from Non Runners
  • Deciding whether to overlay/hedge them, or not!
  • Predicting Non Runners?!
  • Why Non Runners Happen

Most matched bettors have varied preferences of how they profit from these situations.

Some are unaware of this, until they “stumble upon it” after a year or so.

This book will explain the “hows and whys”, then t is your decision which route you wish to take.

Food for Thought!


Good Luck


Hope the Book helps!


Arb Hunter