PROFIT SQUAD Casino & Matched Betting


Although a Matched Betting service – a great thing about PROFIT SQUAD is their Casino advice and fantastic high-powered Casino Calculator.

PROFIT SQUAD have a new APP for iOS and Android too and [currently] a £1 offer.


As mentioned in THIS VIDEO HERE

Completing Casino offers and rollovers requires knowledge of RTP, Maximum spin amount and knowing which os the best game to apply the offer to.

Various offers are more suitable to different types of games. For example, just because a slot is a 98.5% RTP [return to Player], does not necessarily mean this is a ‘low risk’ slot. Even slots with 99% RTP can be Hi Risk slots and contain a lot of variance.


This is why I advise beginners to learn the ropes from a service, at least in their first few offers.

PROFIT SQUAD for £1 HERE – [check offer still valid]


Video below I share a few tips on Casino and warn of the dangers.

*Please be mindful slots are very addictive, as mentioned in the video, hence why a Gamcare link can be found below.

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