This Course can be completed in 1-2hours. You can complete it intermittently, press pause, and return to it as-n-when you wish!
*This course contains a free PDF eBook*

This course aims to provide you with knowledge about what happens to horse markets when there are Non Runners; this will enable you to:

Know EXACTLY where you stand [with your current bet] … if a different horse gets withdrawn.

Know EXACTLY how this Non Runner has affected your bet – and whether you stand to win more or maybe lose.

Empower you with ingrained knowledge – so you have the skills to “work this out” in under one minute alone.

Know exactly where and how to navigate around websites, to find-out this information.

Without a doubt: You will definitely encounter this problem, at some point, if you Matched Bet on Horses.


A common question I see on Matched Betting forums is:

“…. how do I calculate my trade, after there’s been a NR”?

This question usually falls on ‘deaf ears’, as people “swerve” answering this! … as it has no straight-forward answer; and especially, not one that would be answered efficiently on a forum by text!

My many years as a Full Time Arber helped me experience this scenario hundreds, if not thousands of times.