Non runners in Matched betting

Non runners in Matched betting



Things to be aware of if there has been Non runners
There are several reasons you may wish to place each way matched betting bets. This also apply to each way arbitrage, or even each way value betting. With each way matched bettign we are usually doing this to achive the extra places prize.


  • 2-4 runners 1st only
  • 5-7 runners 1st, 2nd
  • 8+ runners 1st, 2nd, 3rd
  • 16+ runner handicaps 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

Matched betting each way and the dangers of non runners matched betting presents

We all know the dangers of backing a horse in an 8-runner field. If a horse gets withdrawn, the each way places will be reduced to 2 places only. Therefore, you will need to adjust your matched betting each way lay, if you ahve laid an each way extra place matched bet and theer has been a non runner.

Causes of non runners in Matched Betting

The causes of these non runners are listed below. However, the most common reason a horse will be withdrawn is the weather. Overnight rain is usually the biggest culprit. many of these horses are enterd into these races weeks in advance. The going (the ground surface) ahs a big impact on a horses performance. Some horses like soft, some like harder ground. Good to soft going is the most commonly favoured surface by a horse.

Place terms affected by non runners in Matched betting

Your place terms are decided by the number of actual runners that take part – so if there are non runners,your place dividends will also change if numbers of runners are reduced – the number of runners is the deciding factor,not the number of runners declared in your morning paper or racecard.

Examples of place changes in non runners arbitrage betting

For example if a race has 6 declared runners,and then two of the horses are withdrawn – your place part of bet must now win. This can cause huge problems if you are not aware and all your lay bets still exist in the market


Matched betting and non runners explained


Below, we give brief explanation to the amount of runners in a race and how it affects the paces, in your each way matched betting race. You can see how non runners in matched betting be a dangerous thing, if not played wisely, or if you’re not sat besdie the PC wacthing your each way extra place races.


  • 1 to 4 Runners.

The selection must win. If you’ve laid an each way macthed betting selection in a 6 horse race and 2are withdarwn, you will now hae to cancel your place lay and lay in the win market.


  • 5 to 7 Runners .


A bet here gets paid on the first two places and you get ONE QUARTER ODDS of starting price. Same as above, If you’ve laid an each way matched betting selection in a 8 horse race and 2are withdrawn, you will now have to cancel your place lay in the 3-to-be-placed market and lay in the two to be placed market. If smarkets do not have one, try Betfair.

  • 8 or More Runners in Non Handicap Races.


A bet here on any race that has 8 or more runners you generally get one fifth of the odds of starting price.


  • 12 – 15 Runners in Handicaps.


The bigger the field, the more generous bookmakers odds apply seem to ,and in Handicap races of 12 – 15 runners you will usually a quarter of the odds for first 3 but check.

However, if your each way bet was in a 16 runner race, which usually ahs four places, this will be reduced to three places nad you’ll ahve to do the same as above.


We hope this page about Each way matched betting dangers and their causes of non runners has been useful. Please check our other horse racing betting articles, below.


Please check our blog for future non runners matched betting videos and posts as well as rule 4 arbing and making profits!


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