Multi accounting Benefits things to consider

Multi accounting Benefits


Things to consider before multi accounting matched betting accounts – communication

 When multi account in for other people it is vital that you take into consideration any possible applications for benefits that they might be partaking in. 


It is therefore vital for you to have this discussion with the person whose betting accounts you are multi accounting. This must be done before you enter into a contract or agreement that you are going to multicount for them and if they suspect that they are going to be claiming for any benefits they must inform you and Mike are you.

Multi accounting macthed betting –  things to consider and plan of action beforehand

Like everything in life, if you notify people about your intention (when multi accoutning), then I how things work and be as transparent as possible then it avoids upset

The matched betting multi accounting  video above shows an example of a curveball it can be found with much pain.
Although I do not understand how the benefit system work as regards income with matched betting accounts, there can be unforeseen complications arise such as explained in the video

The benefit system and matched betting multi accounting

These seem to be a rather bit of a grey area, however ,the discretionary payment mentioned in the video involve no grey area at all!

The benefits adviser who is deciding the discretionary payment must’ve looked at the bank statement and laughed, and said you are definitely not in need of financial help! Considering, when you are betting thousands every month. Considering the circumstances explaining the video, it is therefore vital that you must try to take all this into consideration before entering into a contract or agreement with someone’s personal matters!


This can avoid the misery of falling out with them and also save the person you’re multi accounting from experiencing financial difficulties. Especially when the reason they rprobably started matched betting multi accounting was to improve their finances!


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