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Here I will post views of MMA Events and betting.


MMA has been a passion of mine since 2004 when I first started practising Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

I subsequently entered amateur MMA events, Wrestling, Judo, BJJ tournaments.

I am now too old to compete and therefore prefer being an armchair fan!

This page will be a work-in-progress, but I hope to link to some other sites that I have spoken to.


I believe MMA and it’s UK betting markets to still be in their infancy. I also believe MMA will grow faster than any other sport in the UK within the next 10 years.


MMA has two major organisations:

UFC – The [football] equivalent to Premiership, if you like …

BELLATOR – same as above, but in this analogy would be the Championship league, although has been improving rapidly since 2017.


Conor McGregor

Back in 2013 the UFC President Dana White was looking for “a Superstar” to catapult the UFC. Dana spent many months travelling and searching for the next big star amongst other organisations, such as Bellator and Cage Warriors, it was there he found Conor McGregor.

Dana White was amazed with Conor’s natural charisma when he went to visit him in Dublin in 2013. It did not take Dana long to be eager to sign Conor up to the UFC; Knowing that HE COULD make Conor into a star.

True, Conor was a natural showman, as well as subsequently becoming a double UFC champ. However, it is questionable about the opponents he faced during his career. I believe Conor was not only brave, but stupid taking the Khabib fight that he lost. He should have simply retired after the Floyd Mayweather boxing match.

Despite is mad behaviour I still remain a Conor McGregor fan – purely for what he has done for the sport and the UFC.

In my opinion, he single-handedly increased the UFC’s [ultimate fighting championship] revenue and company worth. The owners (Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta] were quick to waste no time in “cashing in” on this opportunity.

They sold their shares for around $4billion  at the height of the Conor McGregor hype era.


What a Trade!

As mentioned above the Fertitta brothers sold their $4billion worth of shares, that they originally purchased for around $2million in 2001! The company was [then] pretty much bankrupt – the Fertitta Brothers were prepared to take the gamble on though.

They were big Boxing fans and felt MMA would prove popular – and they were right!



But not everything was plain sailing!

Around 2004 things were not going right for the company – they reached-out to contacts and tried to sell UFC, yet no one wanted to know! They were offered well under $1 million – so they felt they’d have one last stab at making it popular …


The Ultimate Fighter series

Between them they figured that if they were to make MMA popular – it would be better if the public see a “human” side to these [appearingly] barbaric warriors.

So they created a TV reality series – published weekly –  where there would be around 16 fighters – all living in a house together – while they trained to become “the Ultimate Fighter”.

The tournament was a knockout tournament.

The winner would receive a large purse + a UFC contact.

The house would be a very plush setting – with all the luxury healthy foods, gym, personal professional trainers et Al!

They had everything! … except contact with the outside world! This was similar to the UK TV programme Big Brother.

So … 16 guys living in a house together – no access to girlfriends/outside world, yet access to alcohol – is gonna cause frictions!

These frictions would make great TV. You would see them getting drunk, misbehaving, crying, getting evicted from the house sometimes too.

But we also saw the emotional side these fighters had to go through.

The series proved a hit. It is widely believed that if this series did not work – then that would be the end for the company! As no one wanted to buy it!



Volkanovski Vs Ortega 

145lbs – featherwight 

Despite being 2 inches shorter than Ortega, Alex Volkanovski will enjoy a 2 inch reach advantage. 

Both of these guys only have one loss on their record each, although Alex Volkanovski’s loss a a while back, and when he fought at a higher weight class. 

Brian Ortega’s loss was no shame either, having only lost to class act Max Holloway, when challenging for the world title. 

Ortega is classed as a “switch stance” fighter – meaning that he can lead from orthodox and southpaw. Having said that, Ortega spends around 70% of his time in the southpaw stance, when he is boxing. 

Volkanovski is more a pressure fighter, which could cause problems for Brian here. The overwhelming volume and pace of attacks Alex creates is a problem for anyone in the featherweight division. Other victims such as: Jose Aldo, Chad Mendes and Darren Elkins can also attest to this, having all lost to Alex too. 


Alex had a bit more luck against previous world champion, Max Holloway, having won on both their meets.  

Alex first won the world title from Max in December 2019; His fight after that was a world title defence against Max Holloway again, where he won a points decision for the second time. So you could argue, regarding the form statistics, that Alex has a clear edge here.  

Although we know that betting is not such a linear process and different fighters’ styles create different outcomes, regardless of the formbook. 

Why we think Alex’s pressure will make the difference 

In previous fights, Brian Ortega has let his opponents have their way too much. For example, in his bout with Clay Guida in June 2019, he allowed Clay to continue pushing the pace. The same thing happened against Renato Moicano in 2017. However, this was a few years back, and there has been a twist to the tale since. 

Reasons why Brian Ortega may have changed. 

After Brian lost to Max Holloway in December 2018, he disappeared for two whole years. He did not return until October 2020 and came back with a bang! 

Brian seemed to come back a new fighter with a solid game plan that worked. He managed to keep the “Korean Zombie”, Chang Sung Jung off of him with kicks to the lead leg, and used a very disciplined approach. He wasn’t allowing the Zombie to dictate the pace, as he had done so in his previous fights. Maybe he has changed? Maybe he could have even improved further since beating the Zombie 11 month ago in Abu Dhabi? 

If Brian can replicate what he did with the Korean Zombie and slow the fight down, keep Alex back with his jab, not allow Alex to dictate the pace and pressure him, then Brian could have a fair shout in this match, especially if he has improved further since the last Zombie fight. 

Brian’s best chance of winning 

If he can stop Alex controlling the pace, slow things down and then start to form his own attack, he could set up some submission attempts. Brian is clearly a better ground fighter than Alex, Brian spends a lot of time with Rener Gracie, which is evident when he manages to get into submission positions.  


Brian’s nickname is “T City”, the T stands for triangle. Triangle is a form of choke, performed with the legs by the way. 


We think if Brian gets to the grappling stage, this would be his best choice of winning. Brian has proved he has great neck attacks, especially with the Guillotine, and can use these very well within scrambles. * Scrambles are where the fight becomes a bit of  a frenzy and technique usually goes out of the window! 

Our prediction 

Volkanovski will not want to chance getting into grappling exchanges with Ortega. Volkanovski has enjoyed putting pressure on fighters before, with the intent of taking them down, and then performing ground and pound, usually just to dominate. However, Alex might feel this approach may not be worth risking against Brian?  

Alex may simply choose to try keep Brian at distance with his 2 inch reach advantage and just choose to dominate o the feet and win on points, by keeping distance and having a higher amount of output with strikes. Which so far, he has proved he can do. 


Alex will also feel confident, when relating to the formbook. We’re not totally convinced that Brian has changed his fight style, as feel just by judging that conclusion based on one fight, the Zombie fight would be foolish. 

This will probably be a close fight. However, we feel that even if Brian has changed his fighting approach permanently it may still not even be enough for to beat Alex. 

Therefore, we’re shouting that Alex is the best bet here, although he is odds-on, we feel these odds are more realistic and he is more likely to win. 


CONOR McGregor COMEBACK FIGHT [19 Jan 2020]

My opinions – clickable YouTube video




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People laugh at these guys and call them a joke.

But – as mentioned in the video below – They have a bigger “draw” to audiences than legit boxers like Billy Joe Saunders.

Plus these guys actually have heart, unlike some pro fighters.

Conor McGregor has been widely accused of lacking heart due to tapping on several fights and giving in

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Posts will be found here, please feel free to leave a comment – it does not have to be betting related, can be views on fighters, upcoming fights, perfect “match-ups”etc … anything MMA related!

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