Matched Betting USA Breeders Cup 2021

Matched Betting USA Breeders Cup 2021

How To Bet on The Breeders Cup 2021 Del Mar

The Breeders Cup 2021 is the pinnacle of the USA horse racing season, and globally for that matter, of worldwide Flat racing. This event is surrounded by glitz and glamour, similar to the UK’s Royal Ascot meeting, but better!

You will find all the global horse stars in attendance this year. The Breeders Cup 2021 attracts 100,000 people to the Breeders’ Cup courses. This attention also attracts the eyes of USA Breeders Cup bookmakers.

Matched Betting USA Breeders Cup 2021 for UK residents

Please see the chapter below, which will be for you. Also view our previous USA Matched betting related videos. USA matched betting for Breeders Cup will grow into a big thing in the forthcoming years. Be sure to follow the journey on PipBets YouTube channel by subscribing and also follow our partners US matched betting offers 2022 page for the latest USA matched betting offers 2022.

USA Breeders Cup betting offers – the best value bets at Breeders Cup 2021

Due to the massive advances of successful USA legislation within a large majority of the fifty or so USA states, encourages a sudden influx of USA betting offers.

For example, BOVADA sports are offering a whopping $750 welcome bonus, but are best known for UFC and sports betting. When searching for USA horse betting you will notice that currently at the time of writing this article USA horse racing odds for the Breeders Cup 2021 betting is not offered inside the USA itself.

USA Breeders Cup 2021 Tote odds

Currently, USA are only permitted to offer tote-based Breeders Cup 2021 betting odds. Our recent video by PipBets YouTube channel. explains why.

USA Breeders Cup 2021 Matched Betting – issue number 1

Due to the fixed odds issues currently imposed on the USA horse betting markets, matched betting on the USA Breeders Cup 2021 is restricted to USA Breeders Cup 2021 Matched Betting companies that operate in overseas countries.

No risk matched betting USA


We have written many articles on sure betting. Although these horse racing betting strategies have been based on UK sure betting and not USA sure betting, the same principle will apply. Please see below for a selection of USA Arbitrage and USA sure betting techniques that can be applied to Breeders cup 2021 arbitrage betting strategies.

Having said that, as mentioned in the video, we at do not think this will be a long-term thing, in fact we believe the breeders Cup 2023 will be fully fixed odds for USA Breeders Cup 2021 Matched Betting sportsbooks to enjoy.


USA Breeders Cup 2021 Matched Betting –  issue number 2

This current conundrum within the USA horse racing matched betting scene is likely to be solved during 2022 in most states. Currently, figuring out the best USA horse racing betting strategies is a lot more difficult when there are only tote odds on offer for USA Breeders Cup 2021.

USA Matched betting software 2022 – who will provide this?

There is no doubt that there will be some form of USA Matched betting software 2022 , or around that time. Whether that come form UK based matched betting sites, such as OddsMonkey or Profit Accumulator , no one knows. However, we at Pipbets think the USA Matched betting companies have something up their sleeves, ready and waiting for USA Matched betting 2022 to hit the states by a storm! With the huge welcome offers currently on offer, it feels just like UK Matched betting was around the early 2000’s. Sure betting USA will also be a big thing too, products like Rebel Betting are recommended future USA sure betting arbitrage experts.

The maximum UK matched betting offers 2022 are usually £100 maximum, more like around £50. However, the states have things ;like the $750 BOVADA Offer, DraftKings £1000+ offers and more.


Breeders Cup 2021 Betting Markets Explained finding the value at Del Mar

The USA betting markets for USA horse racing currently work very different compared to the UK and Eurozone sportsbooks for Breeders Cup 2021

Apart from the Pick 6 bet, there’s many popular Breeders Cup 2021 betting markets beyond the standard ‘win’, ‘place’, and ‘show’ standard horse racing wagers within the tote based USA Breeders Cup 2021 scene. We will list these below:

What is the best value bet at Breeders Cup 2021 – USA Breeders Cup bets explained

Exacta – USA Breeders cup horse picks

The EXACTA requires Breeders Cup 2021 bettor to pick the first and second horse home in any race, in the correct order.

Trifecta – USA Breeders cup horse picks

A Trifecta bet is Breeders Cup 2021 bet that is predicted the first three home, and a Superfecta bet predicts the first four to finish.

Quinella – USA Breeders cup horse picks

This bet includes the Exacta but you will still win as long as the two picks finish in the first two, regardless of their order. You can also box a Trifecta and Superfecta.

Daily Double – USA Breeders cup horse picks

The easiest of the exotic Breeders Cup 2021  bets to understand, select the winners of any two consecutive races.

Pick 3 – USA Breeders cup horse picks

Pick 3 Breeders Cup 2021 bet follows the same principles for three consecutive races, Pick 4 for four, and Pick 5 for five from your Breeders Cup 2021 selections.

Other Breeders Cup 2021 bets to form a Breeders Cup 2021 betting strategy

Head-2-Head -USA Breeders cup horse picks

This Breeders Cup 2021 wager allows players to bet on a match-race between two parties. There will be set variables for each Head2Head wager, which could be as simple as one Horse A versus Horse B [even if Horse B is in another race]. For example, it could be Horse A to win by 5 lengths or more, will horse B in the latter race win by farther? Or another example could be UK vs USA horses, or USA horses versus UAE horses, who will win the most races in the Breeders Cup 2021 meeting combined?

One thing for sure the Breeders Cup 2021 will not lack quality of horses to choose from when trying to form your ideal horse betting strategy for Breeders Cup 2021.

Super Daily Double -USA Breeders cup horse picks

Also called “SPDD bets”. These bets are doubles placed on one race on Friday and one race on Saturday, of the Breeders Cup 2021 meeting. The Friday and Saturday contain the biggest races of the entire Breeders Cup 2021 meeting.

Late Pick 5 – USA Breeders cup horse picks

Ordinary Pick 5s run from the first five races within the Breeders Cup 2021  race card of the day/ Often, there is a $1 million guaranteed pool, and from races 7-11 on Saturday with a guaranteed pool of $2 million. Although we cannot promise this. Having said that, the Breeders Cup 2021 will most certainly be a blockbuster and not be lagging in revenue versus precious years!

Jackpot Super High 5 – USA Breeders cup horse picks

This bet is a hard call to call from the Breeders Cup 2021 meeting. The bet requires the Breeders Cup 2021  bettor to pick the first five home in the race … all in the correct order

Breeders Cup 2021 Pick 6 Betting

The most popular bet during the Breeders Cup 2021  is the Breeders Cup Pick 6 bet. The Breeders Cup 2021 Pick 6 is a bet that requires a player to pick 6 horses to win in 6 different Breeders Cup 2021 races.

The Pick 6 defined – Breeders Cup 2021  most popular bet

It is a pool bet that has grown to several $1 million pay-outs in the past Breeders Cup years. There was a minimum bet stake at the Breeders Cup 2003 which amassed a $2.7 million back for just $2! Nice we say! Breeders Cup Pick 6 is the ultimate small stakes Breeders Cup 2021 bet that can return massive wins at the Breeders Cup

How Does the Pick 6 Work?

The Breeders Cup Pick 6 runs from races 4-9 on Future Stars Friday, and from races 6-11 on Breeders Cup Classic Saturday. The minimum bet is $2, but punters can wager more on the Pick 6, and can also boost their chances of victory by picking more than one horse in each of the Pick 6 races.

Pari mutuel betting – Breeders Cup 2021

The Breeders Cup Pick 6 is available to bet on at the track via the American Pari mutuel betting system, as well as the online betting exchange Betfair. France is another country that operate a Pari mutuel betting system. There will be a few French horses running at our Breeders Cup 2021 meeting, together with some UK superstars including TARNAWA , mentioned in our Breeders Cup 2021 tips below.

There are many races held at the Breeders Cup 2021. Too many for us to give our Breeders Cup 2021 tips in. However, we have listed our favorite Breeders Cup 2021 tips below, featured in the main races of the Breeders Cup 2021 meeting.

Breeders Cup 2021 Matched betting tips

If you live in UK or Eurozone and are able to matched bet the Breeders Cup 2021 meeting, we suggest looking for the early value prices. No risk Breeders Cup 2021 betting is all about timing. Being patient and checking the Oddsmonkey oddsmatchers for matched betting USA matches involving the Breeders Cup 2021 matched betting races is all about finding the edge in the market. The edge will be repetition. The markets are not as efficient as the ones you will find in the every day UK Cheltenham 2022 matched betting scene or the Grand National 2022 odds matcher. There will be value to be found.


 So get stuck into some no risk matched betting USA at the Breeders Cup 2021 meeting this year. This will put you in good stead for when the USA matched betting scene is up and running in full flow by Breeders Cup 2022, we hope anyway! 


Del Mar Breeders Cup Betting Tips

Breeders Cup Turf Sprint


Breeders Cup odds: 6.5 BET 365 +550 USA odds

Breeders Cup Fan Duel Mile

Selection: MO FORZA

Breeders Cup odds: 7.0 bet 365 +600 USA odds

Breeders Cup Turf

Selection: TARNAWA

Breeders Cup odds: 2.5 DraftKings +150 USA odds

Breeders Cup Classic

Selection: NICKS GO

Breeders Cup odds: 3.5 William Hill +250 USA odds 



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