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The good thing about greyhound betting, is it can be found most days of the year. Unlike all other sports, greyhound racing appears each day. The bonus about greyhound matched betting is that not only can be found every day, but there are multiple race cards on those days, all of which contain between 10 and 14 races usually! So, it would be wise to get your head around greyhound matched betting and see the options for matched betting greyhounds.

 This article will also discuss other strategies such as Betfair trading greyhounds and greyhound arbitrage too. 

Greyhound arcing and their matched betting greyhound’s markets work very similar to horse racing matched betting offers and markets. Despite greyhounds having a much larger number of total races per day than matched betting horse racing offers, the greyhounds matched betting offers are nowhere near the same! But there is money to be made!

Matched betting on greyhounds also presents the following

Greyhound extra places offer

The great thing about greyhound extra places is that there is only 6 runners in a greyhound race. Whenever there is an each way extra place greyhound offer, the greyhound bookmaker will offer an extra place, meaning instead of two places for a six dog races, the greyhound extra place offer has now increased the places to three!

It takes no mathematician to realise this now cover half the field. So when you approach this from a greyhound betting strategy for gambling, value betting or matched betting, it is certainly good news!

The best bookmakers for this are Skybet greyhound extra places, William Hill greyhound extra places and Coral/Ladbrokes greyhound extra places. Be sure to check below to learn about the greyhound refund offers found on most days!

All these offers helps when forming a greyhound betting strategy.

Greyhound’s best odds guaranteed

Yes, we like the sound of this, let’s read on for greyhound matched betting tips. We’ll first dive-into some typical offers you can find. You will then find more detailed matched betting greyhounds’ advice the further you go down this page. Please see our Greyhounds matched betting video published on the Pipbets YouTube channel.

Greyhound sharbing offers

Had your greyhound strategy bookmaker accounts closed? The good news is you can bet in your local bookmaker. This is called sharbing, short for shop-arbing. Sharbing greyhounds would typically involve you going into a Paddy power shop, for example, and betting on greyhound extra places. The good thing about Paddy power sharbing is, they offer greyhounds best odds guaranteed in the betting shop too! See our sharbing video here.

Daily greyhound matched betting offers

The daily greyhound matched betting offers are a great way of increasing your current matched betting profits. Just like horse racing offers, there are plenty of opportunities available each day, we have listed a typical example, below. The main trick is to try keep your qualifying losses to a minimum and hope to hit the bonus or a greyhound refund offer.

Before starting matched betting greyhounds, we recommend you visiting your betting exchange and see how greyhound matched betting lays work differently to horse racing. For example, you will find the liquidity on the exchange not gathering until the final five minutes of a standard daytime greyhound matched betting race during the day. The bigger races in the evening, such as open races and RPGTV races will attract more liquidity earlier. So, keep that in mind! Please be careful when first starting out on matched betting greyhound and start with low stakes until you are confident

Greyhound Bet boosts

Money back if 2nd or 3rd to SP favourite

Paddy Power – Money back if 2nd or 3rd to SP favourite

Money back as a free bet up to £10 if your greyhound finishes 2nd or 3rd to the SP favourite at allocated greyhound matched betting meeting of the day.

Money back if 2nd to SP favourite

BoyleSports – Money back if 2nd to SP favourite

Money back as a free bet up to £20 if your greyhound finishes 2nd to the SP favourite at allocated greyhound matched betting meeting of the day

Unibet – 3 x Daily Uniboosts on racing

Get bigger odds on your horse racing and greyhound bets with three Uniboosts every day (£20 max stake).

Greyhound matched betting races: All greyhound races.

William Hill – Daily Bet Boost on racing

Get 1 ‘Bet Boost’ to use on horse racing or greyhounds every day (£20 max stake).

Eligible Greyhound matched betting races: All horse and greyhound races.

Greyhound matched betting Free bets

Greyhound money back if – Greyhound refund offers

QuinnBet – Money back if 2nd to SP favourite

Money back as a free bet up to £10 if your greyhound finishes 2nd to the SP favourite – usually at several allocated greyhound matched betting meetings of the day

Greyhound matched betting offer terms: 6+ runners required. | SP favourite must go off at minimum odds of 2.50 (6/4).

Betfred – Greyhounds Free Bet Club

Greyhounds Free Bet Club is a greyhound matched betting Free Bet Club offer from Betfred! Place a bet on 3 separate greyhound races across the allocated weekday meetings and Betfred will give you a free bet equal to your average stake up to £10.

Eligible races: All greyhound races within the allocated Betfred greyhound matched betting offer markets

VBET – Weekly greyhounds free bet offer

Place five single bets of £5+ on any greyhound market between the allocated days of the greyhound offer and VBET will give you a £5 free bet.

Greyhound matched betting terms: 5 x £5+ – Greyhounds only – Minimum odds of 1.50 (1/2) – Bets must be placed between Monday and Sunday – £5 free bet credited within 24 hours.

Money back when you lose five bets

MansionBet – £10 free bet when you lose five bets

Opt in and bet on the greyhounds between Monday and Sunday. Once you’ve had five losing bets of £5+ (odds of 2.50+), MansionBet will give you a £10 free bet.

Eligible races: All greyhound races.


Greyhound matched betting dangers

Matched betting greyhounds – Liquidity

As mentioned above, we feel the biggest danger for the very day person looking to matched bet greyhounds is the lack of liquidity and getting used to that side of things. This is especially apparent when Betfair trading greyhound markets too. We can only suggest practising on these markets first, before deciding if greyhound matched betting is for you.

Greyhound non-runners matched betting issues

This is definitely the second biggest danger in greyhound matched betting and greyhound arbitrage betting. As we highlighted in this video. Although greyhounds matched betting rules work very similar to horse racing, the dangers when there is a on runner are far greater.

Greyhound non runners dangers

When there is a non runner in  a greyhound race, your greyhound matched bet on the bookmaker side will go to “SP only”. This means that you will not know the odds of this greyhound until after the race. Sure, you will have an inkling in the final stages before the races as to what odds  it is, but here’s the dangers.

Let’s say you’ve entered into a greyhound refund matched betting offer and had a perfect match! You’ve backed the dog bet at odds 3.0 with Coral ang layed at 3.0 with the Smarkets greyhounds market. Not only this is great use of a greyhound refund offer matched bet, but you’ve had no qualifying loss on greyhound bet either!

But if there is a non runner, your smarkets bet will be cancelled out and the bookmaker bet will still stand. Because greyhound smarkets are renowned to be poor odds with bookmaker versus exchange you will almost likely find yourself in a situation where you will need to place the greyhound lay bet again, it will also suffer a greyhound qualifying loss.

The only other option would be to look at the cash out option provided by the greyhound bookmaker, if they have this facility. Bert 365 greyhounds markets used to have a flaw in their greyhounds algorithm within their greyhounds cash out markets. I know this first-hand as I sued to place many greyhound arb bets and greyhound matched bets too and noticed this happened all the time! The bad news is bet 365 greyhounds cash outs have since been fixed, but they were flawed for years, literally!

Greyhounds Betfair Trading

Again, when trading greyhound markets on Betfair or Smarkets greyhounds, liquidity will be your biggest worry. Caan Berry wrote an article about this. We agree with Caan, leave your trades until the final six or so minutes. We think it is easier to trade Betfair greyhound markets or Smarkets greyhound markets when trading RPGTV greyhound race meeting. this is because RPGTV attract far more liquidity.

Caan’s video pack has a section about Greyhound Trading in module 21. We made a time-stamped YouTube video here about this service.

RPGTV liquidity

The RPGTV liquidity is only here because more people are watching these races! In turn, more people bet on these races and the whole thing is a vicious circle that follows around in one big circle that eventually hits the betting exchanges! Open races are also good for greyhound liquidity. This is because open races are generally the best class dogs out there and attract the most betting attention for all types of greyhound punter.


Greyhound matched betting – markets offered

Ante post greyhound matched betting

The best time to find Ante post greyhound matched betting us when there are big evets on, such as the Greyhound derby. This is the best find to find greyhound matched betting offers in general. This is especially the best time to find Ante post greyhound matched betting offers too.

Greyhound bets explained

Win Bets: These are the easiest and most popular type of Greyhound matched betting bet. Similar to horse racing, you are backing the dog to win the race. Greyhounds best odds guaranteed enhancements also exist within greyhounds matched betting too!

Greyhound matched betting will provide you the safety net of best odds guaranteed. If a race does qualify for best odds guaranteed you will normally see this clearly indicated in either the information for the race on the market page. More on his and the specifics below.


Each Way Greyhound bets

This type of bet contains two bets rolled into one. Your first bet is backing the dog to win and the second bet is backing the dog to place which means to finish in a set number of positions in a race so second or third for example. If your dog places then you will be paid out at a fraction of the winning odds. The fractional pay out and places offered are dependent on the number of dogs running. Be aware that when you place an each way bet your stake will be doubled when you tick the each way option, so a £10 e/w bet will actually be a £20 total stake.

The good thing about each way matched betting greyhounds is that greyhound bookmakers also offer greyhound each way extra placer matched betting offers! We’ll detail this greyhound extra place information below.


Forecast and Tricast Betting

These bets will very rarely be included in matched betting greyhound offers. A typical forecast would be one dog to beat another, this can also be reversed. If reversed, the stake will be doubled, as it is essentially two bets.

Greyhound Tricast betting

A tricast, as the name suggest, consists of three selections. An example would be 1-2-3 to finish in that order. You can have different permutations of this. For example, 1-2-3 in any order would consist of six bets.

Greyhound Trap Challenge markets

Sometimes you can find greyhound matched betting offers on Trap Challenges. Typically from companies like sky bet. Coral/Ladbrokes greyhound matched betting offers also have done these on odd occasions. A trap challenge is when you select a trap number, between the one to six trap numbers. You are then betting on that trap to win the most races. Dead heat rules apply. Sky bet greyhound offers often offer boost prices for greyhound matched betting odds on trap challenge matched betting greyhound markets.

Greyhound Distances

Coral/Ladbrokes probably provide the most in-depth regular markets on these. There are very rarely matched betting greyhound distance offers.

Greyhound Favourites

Same as above, rare to find greyhound matched betting offers on this market. You are betting on how well favourites perform in each race.

The future of greyhound racing

I have been a follower of greyhounds since 1988 and really love watching them and also used to frequent greyhound tracks too. The sad thing about greyhound tracks is they have decreased in number dramatically in the past 20 years especially.

For example, there were previously 33 greyhound stadiums inside London alone, fast forward to today and there are 2!

The saving grace for greyhound betting has been the free Freeview channel, RPGTV, short for racing post greyhound TV. Around 2010 they started broadcasting daily evening race which consist of some of the best races. This has not only benefited greyhound racing as a whole but has also increased Betfair greyhound markets liquidity on these meeting massively, compared to what they were before. RPGTV has also help contribute to more greyhound free bets and greyhound matched betting offers.

Another great sign for greyhound racing is that the track Nottingham was granted a 50-year lease on their stadium. Hopefully a sign that greyhound racing will survive!

Greyhound racing might only attract old men with caps but us greyhound matched bettors also enjoy it too!

If each way extra places are your thing, please see our each way extra places article here and also consider subscribing to us on YouTube too, we have a greyhound betting video here too.





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