Matched betting Cheltenham 2022 – Horse refunds

Matched betting Cheltenham 2022 ‚Äď Coral fail to finish – Faller insurance profits


Losing money on a fallen horse or an unseated jockey is the most frustrating way to do it. So, check out our recommendations below to help avoid this disappointment.  

Whether you are an avid horse gambler, a strategic bettor, or simply someone who wants to learn some profit tips on faller insurance Cheltenham 2022 or the rest of the national hunt year, this article will be for you. 

Firstly, we do not enjoy watching horse fall over or a jockey unseat from a horse. However, this happens every day, and there are offers surrounding this. Meaning money available. If the idea of a horse falling or a jockey unseating may disturb you, we suggest not watching jumps racing and stick to the flat.


For the benefit of any newbies to betting there are two main types of horse racing 

  • Flat¬†
  • Jumps¬†

Traditionally, to put it simply, Jumps racing used to be found more commonly in the winter months and the flat racing was found more in the summer months. Now you can find both types of racing during a large portion of the year.

However, in the late 1980’s fibre sand all-weather tracks, such as Southwell and Wolverhampton were created. These were then owned by bookmakers and the primary aim of them was to ensure racing could happen whatever the weather! This changed the complexion of jumps being mainly an autumn/winter/spring thing and flat being a spring/summer/autumn thing. 

What is good about faller insurnace during cheltenham 2022, or any time for that matter is you can incoportate them with other offers too, including things like Each way extra places  and enjoying best odds guaranteed Cheltenham 2022 as well!

Yu can use my free Each way calculator here.

And free Non runner Rule 4 calculator here too.

How to profit from faller insurance ‚Äď Cheltenham 2022 ‚Äď and all national hunt¬†


Below, are two of the biggest tips for faller insurance in our opinion 


Faller insurance tip 1 – Fences or hurdles?

In our opinion, there is a far higher chance of a horse falling on a race that involved fences. We have noticed that more horses fall and unseat on fences [chase races]. 

Hurdles races¬†do provide fallers and unseats, but¬†a lot¬†less of them¬†compared to chase races. These hurdles¬†are made¬†form brushwood, and typically, if a horse makes a mistake at a¬†hurdle,¬†it can get away with it sometimes ‚Äď by ‚Äúpowering through‚ÄĚ the brushwood.¬†

Tip 1: opt for chase races when looking to profit from faller insurance.


Faller insurance tip 2 – types of Chase races of the fences

Again, this is our opinion, but only because we’re too lazy to search for the data. We have watched thousands of horse races, so these comments have been taken from our experiences only. 

Novice chase race 

As the name suggests, novice means ‚Äúa horse new or inexperienced‚ÄĚ.¬†¬†

Whenever you see ‚Äúnovice chase‚ÄĚ,¬†this means the horses are not too experienced.¬†


Betfair trading horse faller tips 

Now, although a novice can fall at any time, we have noticed that they are more susceptible to this when under pressure. 

We have also noticed that ‚Äúunder pressure‚ÄĚ usually only happens in the final stages of the race. When trading Betfair, in running, the odds of a horse leading a race like this usually contracts [shortens] into a low-ish price [if that makes ‚Äėvague‚Äô sense].¬†¬†

Faller insurance tip 3 – quick glance at form book

Making sense of the signs 

Faller insurance matched betting ‚Äď checking¬†Formbooks¬†on the race card¬†

‚ÄúF‚ÄĚ Means faller¬†

‚ÄúU‚ÄĚ Means unseated¬†

‚ÄúR‚Ä̬†Means ‚Äúrefused to race‚ÄĚ and this¬†is included¬†in the coral fail to finish¬†offer¬†

Horse, just like humans, have different personalities. There are stubborn horses, also!¬†Some¬†refuse to race! Note these down too.¬†Some¬†horses have been a good class, but have been available at bigger odds, due to their uncooperative behaviours in¬†the¬†past. Sometimes, they may dig their feet in and refuse¬†point-blank¬†to race. Other times, they maybe ‚Äúencouraged‚ÄĚ for want of a better word, to race. Usually, it would not be uncommon for a trainer to be there beside the horse, or the stable person that¬†works¬†with the horse daily, to offer the horse emotional encouragement, typically by running beside them until they develop at least into a canter ‚Ķ then simply let them go!


If you see horse form: 


This would usually suggest the horse is very good, if it stands up throughout the duration of the race!  

We have witnessed a few of these types of horse n the past before, and feel they do in fact provide value to these faller insurance bets. Why? Because they are more likely to be lower prices/odds and you can therefore can better matches on them [if matched betting] and we have found there are also many more available options with instances like these. 

A typical example of a race card below






The example race, above has only a few runner, you will see by the red marker that one has F for faller and U for unseated rider.

Faller insurance tip 4 – What racecourse has toughest test?


Last, but certainly not least … is of course, the actual race track that these horses jump around!

No surprises we have ranked Aintree the top of the shop, with the well-known Grand National being run there. The grand national happens annually every first half of April.

We’ve given a list of other tracks, in order of preference. Hardest at the top, again, just our opinion.



Coral¬†fail¬†to finish offer ‚Äď one of the most¬†well-known¬†offers¬†

Coral¬†have¬†a daily offer called ‚Äúfail to finish‚ÄĚ. Their website clearly displays what meetings¬†¬†

Get a Free Bet up to ¬£10 if your horse Fails to Finish for any reason ‚Äď available on every race at one meeting daily.¬†


To qualify, place a £1+ win or each-way single from 8am on the day of selected races. 


Coral fail to finish offer ‚Äď terms and conditions

A few of the Coral terms to consider: 

What if I back more than one horse in each race? The offer will only apply to your first qualifying bet placed regardless of whether your horse finishes or not. Subsequent bets will not qualify. 


What markets does this offer apply to? This offer applies to the standard Win and Each Way market and does not apply to any speciality market including Green Tick/Win Only, Place Only, Unnamed Favourite/2nd Favourite, Betting Without or any enhanced price specials. 


Do I still get a free bet if my horse refuses to race or pulls up? Yes. If your horse is under starters orders and then for any reason fails to finish the race, you will receive a free bet equal to the value of your stake on your first bet on the race, up to a maximum of £10 


When will I get my free bet? Free bets will usually be credited shortly after the race has been settled but could take up to 24 hours from race settlement. 


Do multiple bets such as a Lucky 15 qualify for this offer? No, only Win or Each Way single bets qualify for this offer. Doubles, Trebles and Permutation bets would not qualify for this offer. 

Statistics of fallers – Cheltenham 2022 festivals

Some things to consider when matched betting Cheltenham 2022 Рusing Coral fail to finish or faller insurance 

We’ll base this on some Cheltenham data, being as Cheltenham is the most well-known meeting of the year. We’d like to add, Cheltenham is a fair representation to this data, as there are many more tracks that have stiffer fences and hurdles. Which we’ll go into after this paragraph. 

Let’s look at some stats gathered from previous Cheltenham festival meetings, between 2007 and 2016. The data gathered here proved there were 3.4% of falls/unseats per race during these years. 

2008 Cheltenham festival was a particularly cursed meeting for jockeys, being as every jockey fell or unseated at least once during the festival. Indeed, this was freaky data [in our opinion] but just to make you aware of the prevalence of fallers/unseats in horse racing. 

Faller insurance Cheltenham 2022 РThe best races for this offer 


Now, this information is purely just down to our opinion. However, although we’re no experts at, we have personally watched thousands of horse races, so feel this opinion may be of use. Spreadex is another good company to use over Cheltenham too.

We’re quite sure that data can back this up too.

Coral Faller insurance strategy 


This information can be used on all horse faller offers provided by various bookmakers. We also do not enjoy the thought of profiting from horses being injured either. 

Some other faller related offers that have existed in past, listed below: 

  • Coral ‚Äď money back if your horse fails to finish¬†
  • Paddy Power ‚Äď faller insurance¬†
  • Mansion bet¬†faller insurance one meeting daily¬†
  • 10¬†bet faller insurance one meeting daily¬†

See our SHARBING article for how to use Paddy offers in the actual High street betting shop!

 Matched betting cheltenham 2022 РProfit accumulator match catcher for horse refunds

Profit accumulator for Match Catcher is their cutting-edge matched betting software designed to help maximise profits from horse racing refunds, such as Coral fail to finish, mansion bet faller insurance, 10 bet faller insurance and more. 


Like the Profit accumulator Acca Catcher, access to Match Catcher is available to all Platinum members. A great tool for matched betting Cheltenham 2022.

You can grab a free trial of PROFIT ACCUMULATOR here 

Profit accumulator Match Catcher¬†‚Äď Cheltenham 2022 ‚Äď Faller insurance¬†


Profit accumulator Match Catcher can help make profits from horse racing faller insurance and other offers, saving time and keeping qualifying losses as low as possible. Profit accumulator Match Catcher cuts the time needed to take advantage of horse racing refund offers, such as the coral fail to finish offer. Instead of searching through odds yourself, up-to-date odds are available in one place and the lay stake is also included. This means there is no need to use a separate matched betting calculator when trying to calculate your matched betting faller insurance profit potential. 


Profit accumulator Match Catcher for faller insurance or coral fail to finish allows members to take full advantage of horse racing refund offers, including matched betting Cheltenham 2022. The reload offers are seen as one of main ways of making a long-term profit from matched betting at Cheltenham 2022 or matched betting Grand National. We previously wrote a Profit accumulator review here.


Profit accumulator Match Catcher¬†–¬†Horse Racing Refund Offers¬†


An example would be a bookmaker, such as Coral fail to finish, offering a £10 free bet if your horse fails to finish, or even start as mentioned at earlier in this article! There are also offers of a free £25 bet if your horse comes second for example.  To take advantage of this, it is possible to back and lay horses to try and hit the promotion free bet! 


When done repetitively,¬†this can be a very profitable¬†and sustainable¬†way of matched betting¬†‚Äď we consider it to be¬†quite !‚ÄĚlow¬†risk‚ÄĚ, in terms of getting gubbed.¬†It’s¬†certainly something to consider if you are serious about long-term matched betting¬†using the¬†Profit accumulator Match Catcher.¬†


The Profit accumulator Match Catcher allows users to set alerts that notify when a particular match is found.  

This will leave the Profit accumulator Match Catcher user free to get on with your day instead of endless trawling and waiting to find a good match to pop up on the Profit accumulator Match Catcher. The main aspect is keeping the qualifying loss to a minimum and to remember it is a longer-term strategy. Over time, using this rinse-and-repeat process, you will reap the rewards. 


It’s important to keep qualifying losses low and do as many¬†offers¬†as possible, get into routine and use the¬†Profit accumulator Match Catcher¬†to save¬†you¬†time. Be alert when there are offers and try not to miss any. If you¬†have to¬†work full-time when there are offers, then try set alarms, and then take a quick break when you need to place an important bet. It is easy to get in¬†routine, when¬†you plan well.¬†


The Profit accumulator Match Catcher can be used to make things as efficient as possible for you. There are refund offers almost every day but you’ll find more at weekends and when there’s high-profile events such as the Cheltenham Festival, Royal Ascot or the Grand National.

Profit accumulator Match Catcher for horse racing free bets 

Profit accumulator Match Catcher really comes into its own during busy horse racing periods, such as Cheltenham 2022, Grand National 2022 and Royal Ascot 2022. 


The Profit accumulator Match Catcher is still highly profitable at weekends, when there are a lot of meetings and bookmaker offers and even better when matched betting Cheltenham 2022 week. We recommend booking the week off Cheltenham early 


There are literally Millions of pounds are bet over the course of the Cheltenham 2022 festival and bookies fight their hardest for a slice of the action. This means a vast array of betting offers, including refunds, when matched betting Cheltenham 2022; especially when using the  Profit accumulator Match Catcher for horse racing refunds. 


Profit accumulator Match Catcher features real-time odds on all the qualifying markets and can be filtered by bookie and exchange, whether that be smarkets or betfair, to suit your needs. A superb tool for matched betting Cheltenham 2022 for horse refund offers. 

Profit accumulator Match Catcher¬†alerts ‚Äď for horse racing refunds Cheltenham 2022¬†

Profit accumulator Match Catcher users can also set up alerts to be notified when a match is found that fits what they’re looking for. 


How To Use Profit accumulator Match Catcher Рfor matched betting Cheltenham 2022 

Just like the normal oddsmatcher, Profit accumulator Match Catcher allows its users to filter results by bookmaker and betting exchange of choice. The Profit accumulator Match Catcher also provides the facility to filter results by other information such as racecourse, race time and market type. 

Profit accumulator Match Catcher filters

Profit accumulator Match Catcher¬†users¬†can filter by¬†setting the¬†minimum and maximum odds and specifying their¬†maximum qualifying loss¬†parameters.¬†Profit accumulator Match Catcher¬†users¬†can¬†also¬†reset the filters using the¬†‚Äúclear‚Ä̬†button, which¬†is found¬†at the top end of the page.¬†

Profit accumulator Market availability filters

Market availability shows how much liquidity is available in the betting exchange market, whether that be smarkets exchange or betfair. The Profit accumulator Match Catcher toggle columns has a dropdown box that lets you choose the information you see and this can be particularly useful when using a mobile device.


When a Profit accumulator Match Catcher user has found a match they like, they can click the links in the software to take you straight to the market for the bet with the bookmaker, or the betting exchange. This makes perfect sense for matched betting Cheltenham 2022, mainly for saving time and being efficient. Making the Profit accumulator Match Catcher well worth the price tag! 


Within the¬†Profit accumulator Match Catcher¬†‚Äď use¬†the¬†‘save events’ to monitor a bet in a particular market and ‘alerts’ to be notified when a match meets your criteria¬†that you have¬†entered into¬†the¬†Profit accumulator Match Catcher.¬†You will receive an alert tone as well as a notification, displaying the selection.¬†

Get your free trial of match catcher here 


Not sure about Profit accumulator?


See our full review video below




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Coral faller insurance can be very profitable if you play it smart. You see, you need to know which races are most likely to provide fallers. No one wishes for a faller, but it is sadly an everyday occurrence in horse racing. Our guide to Cheltenham 2022 horse refunds tell all. See our page at or our YouTube channel for regular videos like these



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