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 Nov 6 from MGM Grand Garden Arena 

Please see further down page for our prediction reasoning

If you enjoy matched betting and boxing, then this article is for you. This won’t just be the usual cookie cutter boxing matched betting article, though.

We will fill you in on:

  • Using betting shops for boxing matched betting offers
  • Using arbitrage for boxing betting offers
  • Give our personal opinion on who will win and how


Matched betting boxing – the Canelo fight will likely have offers


This fight billed as the “Undisputed”

Saul “Canelo”  Alvarez putting his 3 world title belts up for grabs Versus IBF super middleweight title holder Plant

Plant will have his work cut-out against the classy Mexican Canelo. Below, we’ll list some boxing betting strategies. Including boxing matched betting, arbitrage boxing tips, boxing predictions and other information.

Boxing Arbitrage – always a possibility during big fights

Apart from matched betting boxing, you may even be able to find the odd boxing arbitrage opportunity. A boxing arbitrage bet opportunity is when the back odds at the bookmaker are higher than the lay odds at the betting exchange.

If this is the case, you can make a guaranteed profit using boxing arbitrage no matter what the outcome of the event is without using a free bet or other form of promotion.

Matched betting on boxing

When it comes to Matched betting on boxing is very similar to other sports and markets. You follow same process as you would with say matched betting on football, horse racing, or golf, for example.

The only thing that makes matched betting on boxing slightly different to other sports are the restricted markets available, although there’s still plenty for getting both boxing qualifying bets and boxing free bets on with. Profit accumulator also wrote a matched betting boxing article.

Below we have listed the most popular boxing matched betting markets and the ones you’ll find most useful for your matched betting boxing picks.


  • Moneyline betting
  • Decision or technical decision
  • Win by TKO, KO, DQ
  • Round betting


Sharbing with boxing – betting offers in betting shops

There are also sometimes opportunities to profit using sharbing. If you’re not familiar with boxing sharbing then please read one of our many sharbing articles we have written on Pipbets.


Sharbing boxing offers involves placing your back bet at a bookie high-street  betting shop, such as William Hill, who are quite good for this, and placing your lay bet at a betting exchange online. You can also use an arbitrage process similar to what I mentioned above.


Whatever option you choose, whether it is sharbing boxing offers, matched betting boxing, or arbitrage boxing odds, there’s plenty of profit to be made with matched betting on boxing.


Oddsmonkey matched betting boxing offers on daily calendar


Check out the Oddsmonkey daily offer calendar to see if there are any boxing matched betting or arbitrage boxing chances. Oddsmonkey have also written a matched betting boxing guide.

Regardless of your approach; whether you are matched betting boxing offers, sharbing boxing offers, or using boxing arbitrage odds to profit from, you will always need to find these boxing matched betting offer of course! Every good boxing betting strategy is useless if you can actually find the boxing matched betting selections!

This also applies to UFC matched betting. We write articles on every UFC event and feel the combination of UFC matched betting offers work well alongside boxing matched betting or boxing arbitrage too. Add to that boxing sharbing, also.


Canelo betting tips – hot favorite

No surprises Canelo is 1-10 favourite but we feel Plant will give Canelo a good fight. Plant will be willing to take chances, which will allow Canleo to counter and also land some of his ripping body shots.

If you are part of our USA Matched betting following, then please check BOVADA for some great boxing betting odds and $250 Boxing bonus

Boxing betting tips Verdict 🥊

We think Canelo will win by KO or TKO, however, this does not provide much value in terms of boxing betting odds. So we’re going for Canelo to win between rounds 5-8.

Canelo betting odds – short odds favourite

Despite Canleo being long odds on at 1.1 decimals or one to ten fractions, Plant is possibly Canelo’s toughest 168lb fight to date. Short boxing betting odds like this are usually of no appeal to boxing matched betting or arbitrage boxing profiting. However, you can use free bets on markets such as round betting or method of victory, as well as look for boxing arbing chances.

Styles make fights – Plant will bring it!

Styles make fights in boxing and Plant has several boxing attributes that may bring Canleo something to think about.

Plant is tall and rangy with a good jab to bring to the table. Plant has good ring craftwork; he has a good knowledge of range and distance and will be able to judge Canelo as good as any previous opponent Canelo has faced.

Additionally, Plant is agile with fast hand speed, who has been known to throw a lot of punch volume in previous fights.

Boxing arbitrage – Plants weak points against Canelo

The problem with this is … Plant has never faced the level of competition that Canelo brings. We fear that these great attributes mentioned may not get a chance to resent themselves when Plants steps up to this elite level that Canelo belongs in.

Plant also lacks big fight experience, unlike Canelo of course. This could also prove a big factor in this fight.

An upset could be possible here, however, this seems unlikely. Canelo has won every fight well since that controversial draw against Golovkin in 2017. This draw, of course, was then settled by Canlelo a year later in 2018, when he managed to beat Golovkin on points and win the WBA and WBC miidleweight tiltes. Canelo has also been jumping up and down the weight classes too, having fought and won at light heavy weight in 2019 beating Sergey Kovalev.

This of course makes no difference to your boxing bets when you are boxing matched betting or arbitrage boxing odds, but you can use your theories to help make judgement. Especially when Betfair Trading boxing markets.

Canelo V Plant betting tips – Why we think this will be a good fight


We believe Plant will come into this fight wanting to win and will be prepared to take chances. While this makes for a great fight, we feel this will benefit Canelo.

However, we do agree that approaching this fight, taking chances, and trying to bring the fight to Canelo will be Plant’s best hope, we think Canelo will find some great counters and outclass Plant.

Canelo will have the upper hand in having the big fight experiences, plus is a better skilled fighter. We feel this fight will be entertaining but think Canelo by KO or TKO is most likely.

Betfair trading boxing – why we always lay odds

Even when using speedy boxing betfair trading software such as Bet Angel , there will inevitable be a lag between the Betfair boxing odds and what you are seeing on your tv screen. The betfair boxing odds displayed on the exchange will always be one step ahead. This is why whenever we are trading boxing using bet angel boxing or Geeks toy software , we will enter our boxing lay bets into the market early.

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Betfair trading boxing markets

We did this during Tyson Fury Vs Deontay wilder in their first fight. We entered our lay bets in early using Bet Angel professional, you can grab a free trial here. Because we layed our bets early, when Fury got knocked down and the Boxing betfair odds were suspended on Betfair our order of 1.06 on Wilder had already been laid on the betting exchange. If we had not of used Bet Angel early and traded manually we would not have won from this bet. To add to this, for clarity, it is also possible to do this on manual Betfair boxing bets by pressing “keep” on the back or lay bet. Pressing keep will ensure your bet stays in the market throughout and can usually beat any time delays or suspended markets.

You can learn more about Betfair Trading and how it works and also on  Boxing Betfair Trading here

UFC Matched betting 2022

Why not look at UFC if you enjoy boxing matched betting? Most of the time the events run in parallel and you will find yourself sitting up at UK time of 4am watching either/or, so why not profit from both UFC matched betting and boxing matched betting. also provide a lot of information on Boxing and UFC tips and picks.

Join our newsletter here for more. produces good UFC content as well as UFC betfair trading tips. See the OddsMonkey UFC guide to matched betting for a full understanding. Also, The youTube channel @pipbets craeted supplies all the UFC betting predicitions free UK that you need. Also check for general betting advice and free bets

Yes indeed, OddsMonkey have been aware of the UFC matched betting opportunities fore a while now. View the full OddsMonkey Matched betting guide before placing your UFC matched betting bets. Remember, UFC Matched betting will be around for years and will only grow! The time to learn is now!



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