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At Arb Hunter we don’t just hope to be a Matched Betting – Arbing – Trading website …



We hope to build long lasting relationships with our members, forum contributors and visitors.

Over the years I have formed several friends/aquaintances through platforms such as YouTube and Facebook; after all, we’re all in this together and sometimes spend a large proportion of our time trying to profit from Betting methods.

The jobs idea, above, is a “work-in-progress”.

If you are – or could see yourself [in the future] wishing to work within the Betting industry – then this idea may be for you!

Whether it be you’ve been Matched Betting for decades – or only a year – wouldn’t it make sense to work in a job where you had a passion!?

Granted, if you’re a Full Time Matched Bettor and making plenty of money at the moment – then this may not be too appealing. However, Matched betting is not eternal – so it is always best to think of “tomorrow”.

Please see this video I published on YouTube HERE. The video explains a little more.

I will keep you guys updated on developments on this project. Click HERE if you wish to join the list to be notified.

I have also created a separate mailing list for anyone potentially interested.

You are by no means committed when joining this list, it will just be a means of letting you know of the developments when they happen, as I am confident something will work!

As always, you have our guarantee you will not be spammed too, we hope to keep our followers, not lose them!


Be Lucky Guys!


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