Gubbed meaning betting accounts restricted – what to do after gubbed

Gubbed meaning betting accounts restricted – what to do after gubbed – 4 ideas

What happens when your matched betting career is over? 


What do you do? Where do you go? Will it end? 

 Gubbed matched betting is the biggest dread of any matched bettor

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This article will hopefully provide you enough food for thought to develop your own ideas and more importantly act before it is too late 


If you’re currently a matched bettor, taking advantage of betting offers online the nice article will be for you! Even if you’re not yet fully gubbed in matched betting.


The four main strategies we recommend are as follows 





  • Plus EV betting 


The main purpose of this article is to draw your attention for the need to start practising the above strategies well before you are in a situation where you have no betting accounts to profit from 


So many times matched bettors think of Betfair Trading as something that is just sitting there, waiting for them for when they have finished running through their matched betting accounts. Gubbed matched betting does not even seem a possibility … yet!


Betfair Trading and BET ANGEL functionality 


We recommend Bet Angel you can grab a free trial here 


Within the free trial he will be able to test out the their practise site and also become familiar with the navigation of the website. However, we recommend not using demo mode to practise with only using demo mode to become used to the navigational features of the website and get used to the various functions that can be found within bet angel website.


What do you not recommend using demo mode? 


The reason for this is the liquidity seen on the demo site is false 


This false liquidity makes trading a lot easier and can give a false impression on someone trying to learn Betfair trading. The false impression can install untrue confidence within the Betfair trader to be they may think that trading is this easy in real mode when it is not! 


Above using these tools, the main thing we emphasise new use is that there is simply practise. Nothing beats time and repetition … to master a skill and we recommend it is never too early to start practising Betfair trading for when you’re matched betting profits end. Gubbed matched betting issues will soon disappear if you manage to rake-in tidy profits from Betfair Trading. 

Sharbing for matched betting 


Match betting offers in betting shops when Gubbed matched betting


Matched betting offers in betting shops can be done risk free and anonymously.  


Sounds simple right? In theory yes … it is this simple but there are a few more complications to this. Hence why we have written a full article that can be found here and also a YouTube playlist to help people gain a good grasp on what Matched betting in betting shops is actually like! 


Despite being given the opportunity to bet anonymously in the betting shops these companies still try and keep tabs on us by insisting we use a loyalty cards that are connected with an online account in order to receive offers.  


There are ways round this as discussed in the many videos within the playlist. One thing you need to be aware of when Gubbed matched betting and using betting shop offers is that despite betting anonymously you can still be restricted within the betting shop if you do not playthings smart this is called… 


Shop gubbed matched betting


Restricted from offers within a betting shop 


This happens if a person abuses a shop or focuses on one shop only. We recommend rotating shops whenever possible. If a matched betting using betting shops for sharbing keeps visiting the same shop, and only taking offers or even taking arbitrage bets to a big value this will accelerate a shop gubbing. Where you are restricted from matched betting offers using a betting shop.


We have mentioned a few tricks of the trade when shopping or shop betting in match match betting in betting shops which can be found here 


Value betting 


Have you ever wondered why your betting exchange account is always in the need of constant feeding?  

Why your exchange is always in the minus figure over on an annual basis? 


The reason for this is that the bets you are doing are actually +EV, and done repetitively over a long period of time this will produce the rule of value betting meaning that you will profit from your bookmaker bets but also of course lose from your betting exchange wallet!


Hopefully, this is enough proof to convince you that value betting and the lower value betting actually works; therefore we recommend you can value bet on your old accounts 


Despite Gubbed matched betting accounts probably only offering £1, £1.54, £2 ore four pound maximum bet …. because you will not be laying these, you will not be put up much risk and still will receive nice rewards when the accumulative funds add up over a month or year! 


Plus +EV  betting and betting strategies – Kelly criterion formula 


If you wants to take things a step further, and are a little bit advanced with betting, you could hunt for valuable bets online if you know what you’re doing bettors who typically try to beat sharp bookmakers’ odds – such as pinnacle.  

You could then apply a formula, such as a Kelly criterion formula.  


The Kelly criterion formula it is popular because it gives an objective calculation to what your staking should be based on your bankroll that you have. The Kelly criterion is optimised to produce the most profits from a particular bankroll. You can modify the Kelly criterion formula to your needs if you feel using 100% Kelly criterion method is too risky you can reduce it to 50% moreover you could also reduce this further down to another 30% it is down to your personal preference.

Moving forward  


We will speak more about these strategies in future posts articles and videos in the meantime please do not think it is all over when you lose your match betting accounts as there’s plenty left on the horizon.


The main message of this article and video is to let you guys know that you need to prepare way in advance rather than just accept what is when you are fully gubbed in matched betting!


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How can I find matched betting offers when gubbed? The offers are drastically reduced when your’e gubbed, if not totally. Do not fear, though, we have four ideas you can do mafter you are gubbed. Our video at PIPBETS YouTube tells all. 

You could try BTEFAIR TRADING. Start with a FREE TRIAL at Bet Angel. We recommend not using demo mode for practising though. The demo mode liquidity is false and can give a user false representation of profits. We do recommend this for usability navigation practice though. Our full guide at goes over four other strategies you can use after you are gubbed   

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