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Non Runner & BOG Profits!

We often back and lay horses, right?

As part of our daily Matched Betting or Arbing routine


But what happens when there’s a Non Runner? How do I adjust my lay?


If already layed, will I still profit as much as intended?

  • This books describes how I consider Non Runners to be a positive opportunity that arises each and every day, without any intended effort!
  • I describe how I calculate the Non Runner deductions, showing descriptions and visual examples.
  • I explain the experiences I have had with Non Runners over the years, as well as when Non Runners can be a negative to your lay bets.I explain the “in it to win it mentality”, how simply doing more bets can invite these chances.
  • Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) is also explained in this book. The dangers of over-laying BOG and how I have tackled BOG enhancements before.

For £1.99 I’m sure this book will give you enough “food for thought” for its price!


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The following Book comes in two versions:

One is an eVideo book, the other is the same book, in a 5 hour narrated video version.


  • The COMPLETE GUIDE to Matched Betting
  • The COMPLETE GUIDE to Matched Betting Narrated Version (5 hours)


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The COMPLETE GUIDE to Matched Betting, pictured above, is available on eBook as well as a course version below.


The eBook:


Starts with basic content, gives advice that will be helpful for Newbies as well as Intermediate Matched Bettors.

Perfect for a beginner that wants to excel quickly.


Can be completed in 2-3 hours.

Contains 15 clickable eVideos

Images for clear explaining

20 Chapters, 19, 000 words

The COMPLETE guide!


Clear, straight-forward iEsnare Guide!






5 HOUR (total within several videos) Narrated Video Version below …


THE eVideo BOOK Below contains the above eBook + 5 hours of extra narrated video content


 The COMPLETE GUIDE to Matched Betting

This now comes as a “Course” Copy.

 Over FIVE hours [in total] of  LIVE video content.

Can be paused and completed in “bite-size” chunks …

This contains the exact same content/chapters as above; with added insight and volume.

The difference is that this is the eBook – narrated by myself, to give a fuller perspective.

Here I comment throughout the whole book – in the form of video content, giving added insight and opinions.

This may take a while longer to complete – but will give a better understanding.







Below is an eBook I have no doubt will be the best selling eBook In produce

It will cover all the tips and tricks that I have learnt over the years giving video advice and examples.

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“Thinking Outside The Box”eBook and Course, coming soon.

I believe this will be my best-selling eBook and course due to its unique content.

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