Casino offers can also be a great way of making cash, like Matched Betting.

These offers seem to be viewed-upon as part of Matched Betting these days.

I just thought I’d stress this, before we go any further …. And, one other thing …

*Beware when playing Casino – it can be VERY addictive; I sometimes have to be very ‘have-a-word’ with myself when playing. You must remain totally disciplined – or not bother with these offers. If you have any form of addictive personality, then please approach with caution.

The footer of this website contains links to if you ever need to have a look.

I am also one of the first to admit: that I am not totally suited to High Risk Casino.

Despite my many years as a disciplined Matched Bettor/Arber/trader. Casino is an entirely different mental approach, apart from some low risk casino.

As repeatedly mentioned on this website – I’m all about clarity and being b*llsh*t free, so I will give my opinion. I am ‘personally’ not suited to high risk casino, as find it hard to mentally “power through” downturns of variance. THIS IS NOT to say that it is a flawed – it is a mathematical fact that you should profit “in the long run”. If you get to the stage where you wish to “try” high risk casino, you must consider that it may not be “for you”, if you cannot handle emotional downturns of variance. Variance is discussed at a later chapter.

Apart from the above issues Casino can cause, Casino can also be fun!

Offers range from Blackjack to Slot games.

How it works

These work in the same fashion as sports offers.

There are “welcome offers” to do first. These are then possibly followed by reload offers.

Reload casino offers can be found on the Profit Squad website.

This website is quite casino-focussed and hosts one of the best Casino Calculators you can find online.

Welcome offers vary from “risk free” ones to + EV [Expected value]. The risk-free ones are risk free, if you follow the instructions from the likes of Profit Squad , Profit Maximiser or your current Casino service you’re subscribed to.

Don’t try “wing it” on your own, unless you’re experienced and confident.

+EV are not always risk free, like the above offers, but the benefit is you will have a huge edge in your favour. Some offers are not ALWAYS +EV, hence why I recommend using a service to guide you through the initial stages, so as you gain the required knowledge.

It is often recommended to compete the risk-free offers first.

This will help build your bankroll and also help you gain Casino knowledge and see “if it is for you”.

Once you have completed the “risk free” offers, your bankroll should have grown. You can then decide if you are willing to take the next step into High Risk Casino. It’s also worth chatting to other like-minded individuals on the Profit Squad forum.

Don’t over commit!

Reading guides within the Profit Squad or your current Casino guide/advisory service will help.

One of the most important things they will advise is NOT to over-commit with “buy ins” of offers.

Just because a Casino offer is £200 maximum, you SHOULD NOT max this, unless you have the bankroll to back this up!

In contrast to Matched Betting, this is not the ‘way forward’.

In Matched Betting it is almost always [within reason] recommended to try get the maximum amount from a welcome offer. This is due to the fact it is risk free and NOT MATHEMATICALLY based, unlike High risk casino.

Within the guides you will be advised to not stake more than 0.5 – 1.0% on each welcome offer; meaning that IF you wished to enter a £200 welcome offer, you must have between £20,000 to £40,000 bankroll, as back-up, to see you through the [possible] bad times, of variance!

Unlike Matched Betting and Arbing strategies, Casino is a lot more mathematical based. This reduces subjectivity, is not as complex as Matched Betting – in my opinion but offers different challenges – as mentioned above.

I am no Casino expert, so cannot offer in depth advice. I recommend checking out Profit Squad or your current Casino service for advice.

When completing Casino offers – you are NOT guaranteed to win. In fact, you may lose. This is due to something called “variance”.

Variance is a common rule of life. One week may be a great week – a week when everything goes right! The following week may be a terrible week! A week where NOTHING goes right! However, annually, things usually “even themselves out”.

The idea with variance is – that if you continuously keep repeating these +EV offers – the winning should[eventually] outweigh the losses – if the offer is a +EV one.

Each offer you get involved with will have an “expected value” or (EV). This is not an exact rule that will run smoothly, as described earlier, in the “life metaphor”.

However, this is the amount you should expect to receive each time you complete an offer – as a “mean average”.

If an offer is worth, say, £5 and you attempted this offer 50 times – you should expect to make an average of £250 overall.

However, “Auntie Variance” can be cruel as well as kind – and it is possible to win less or even more sometimes.

If this was run infinitely, the realistic EV would prove “truer” the longer the test was performed.

You must gain the knowledge to calculate the EV of each offer, before getting involved.

DO NOT just “dive in” while crossing your fingers and hoping!

Some people have done just this – sometimes they may win by being reckless like this – but they’re not approaching it right, because they do not know exactly what is going on!

What is “measured is managed … “


Yes, the old saying that is so TRUE!

How can you predict you are going to profit, if you have not a clue what you’re getting yourself involved in?

You may believe that if you are entering an offer that is +EV and simply start spinning them slots … that you will eventually win. But if you learn the strategies first from the likes of Profit Squad, you will be guided on:

  • The best staking plans
  • The value of each spin that is best to select
  • The £ buy-in amount, that is appropriate for you bank roll
  • The best games to play, with RTP considered
  • Forum communications with like-minded individuals

If you “go-it-alone” you may lose more, in making mistakes, than these services may cost. Be very mindful of this.

Casino is not the same as Matched Betting!


Casino Madness!

VIDEO SLOTS is one of my favourite Casino offers I enjoy

Click image above to see their offer
One of the easiest offers + huge choice of games
There is a quality feel to the website & a vast selection of cool games – there’s no lack of choice there!
In my experience with VIDEO SLOTS – Withdrawals are also processed quickly, which helps.

Below is a video giving a few tips on Casino and its dangers.