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“Bog Hunting”

Most of you know what BOG is all about – but for this that don’t this next paragraph explains all …

with real-life settled bets, for clear examples!

Further down this article I will explain how overlaying BOG can be dangerous.

I did write a book on BOG and Non Runner Profiting HERE, available for purchase at £1.99.

The good news is … since posting this article beting shops now offer BOG. This SHARBING article discusses, as well as playlist below.

So, what’s BOG?

I backed the horse below, which was a perfect match.

Why did I do this? … Because I was “BOG Hunting”. Why I “BOG Hunt is explained further down this page.

But firstly, here’s the Maths and big profits I enjoyed from just a £200 bet!

I backed this horse for £200 and had a perfect match [odds 3.0].

Therefore, after it won I only lost £400 from my exchange. Yet won a cool extra £500. Yep, £500 profit, tax free!

That’s as good as a big 2 up winner, and BOG enhancements happen far more frequent than 2up, hence why I love BOG!

This is because “the best price is guaranteed” and the SP of this horse returned at 5.5 [9/2].


Numbers Game

As I mention repeatedly on my YouTube channel, BOG is just a numbers game! Similar to 2up!

But you can enjoy BOG far more frequently, because sometimes you inadvertently get a BOG enhancement,

without even purposely searching for it! Unlike 2 up, where you take a Qualifying Loss to potentially enjoy this.

Therefore, this is why I deem BOG far more lucrative [annually] and easier than 2up.

When backing your bets – whether it be a Qualifying bet [to get a free bet], or an actual FREE BET, providing you’re not gubbed

you will receive this BOG enhancement if the price drifts, like this one did above!

In 2014, I placed a bet on a 4.5 priced horse and it won at odds 22.0! This is an anomaly, but proof of the huge

scope of winning potential!

Here are some other examples of real life bets placed and their enhancements. I have done hundreds, if not thousands of successful BOG hunting enhancements

but did not keep all the images to show over the years.











As you can see with this one a above – a total £130 stake at odds 4.33 decimal [10/3], would usually pay £433.33p profit.

But it won at 6.0 [5/1] and therefore the winning were £650, making an extra £216.67p profit!

This horse was selected intentionally for BOG Hunting.











Purpose of BOG hunting


Another example, above, this horse was selected for the primary purpose of BOG Hunting.

I won an extra £150 than I would have done!











Above is another example of a horse I backed with the primary purpose of BOG Hunting. This was a WH Boost.

I used the Boost price to [was 3.75 boosted to 3.96]

*For those that do not know, at time of writing this WH do 3 x boosts per day on Horse racing, this can regularly create Arbs 

and/or perfect matches, which is ideal for BOG Hunting

So, I had an accumulative stake of £128 at odds 3.96.

Again, the horse won! At odds of 11.0, which was a nice tasty drifter indeed.

So, I would normally have won +£378.88, if the horse had won at the price I took, which was 3.96.









However, as you can see [above] the fractional price is 10/1, making the win 11.0.

Therefore, thanks to “Uncle BOG” I made £1,280 profit.

Minus the lay bet – of £128 at odds 3.96 = £378.88p

Leaving a cool £901.12p profit from one race!

This is why I consider BOG hunting – the overrall king of long-term profit, providing your account is entitled to it.

BOG Hunting – overLay BOG an option?

Why not overLay BOG? You can consider this, I discuss this and how I used BOG and NON RUNNERS


Here is the YouTube Video of all of this article below

Remember, Uncle BOG has deep Pockets!

Happy BOG Hunting!

Arb Hunter

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