BEGINNERS GUIDE to Profiting 2020

BEGINNERS GUIDES to longevity & profiting 2020

Very brief guide, with 9 steps.

Follow these and you can only improve …

1. Take it slow join PA on our link here > > use them until you’re confident or keep for the 0% commission

2. DOWNLOAD FREE Guide here >

3. Get in daily routine. Check offers, forums, FaceBook groups – place bets – chdck my guides and Sharbing page rinse and repeat these processes.

4. Always think of any new people you can introduce to Matched Betting to help once you are gubbed. Think long term – before it happens! They can then profit too!

5. Check out Arb hunter you tube channel >

6. Keep up to date with the 2020 Betting EVENTS likely to have free bets >


8. Join FREE MEMBERSHIP here >

9. Start Betfair Trading before gubbed, so as you’ve got something to move to after! >

RINSE and REPEAT above process and you will do your best to sustain possible profits

Good Luck!