What is Matched Betting?

See my 2 minute Video Below

But How much can I earn?

It is possible – in the first month, if you already have no or very few betting accounts, to earn £1,000 in the first month.

A lot of variables depend on:

  • The time you invest
  • Your capital invested into Matched Betting
  • The more time the better
  • The bigger the capital [Bankroll] the better

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How Much Time Will I Need?

It will take you 30 minutes to learn how the matched betting process works.

With the help from my site and a good service like PROFIT ACCUMULATOR you will never be short of advice!



When you first start-out, PROFIT ACCUMULATOR will give access to a vast array of guides, software, offers.

They also offer 0% commission, which is helpful to a Matched Bettor of any level.

Once you have completed the first month or two with PA, you can review whether you actually need them,

or would rather rely on free services; but bear in mind 0% commission is very handy!

When is the best time or day to bet?

If you are short for time, prioritise Saturdays or Festival times.

Saturday and Festival profits can usually exceed weekday profits by [x5] per hourly rate!

When are Festivals? Find ALL HERE on my FREE EVENTS Calendar – this will help you plan.


When becoming a PA member, this will give you access to both MATCHBOOK and SMARKETS exchanges for their 0%.

Video Guides for integration can be found on the PA website.

I recommend joining just 3 of the 5 Betting exchanges early.

The other two exchanges are BETDAQ and LADBROKES also have an exchange,

Which is joint with BETDAQ.

Need to open –



And …


This is by far my favourite exchange.

Web article can be found here.

The fantastic news is that as of recently [October 2019] Betfair has reduced their commissions to just 2%, from a previous 5%!

I regularly prefer to EVEN pay 2%, rather than 0% exchanges … on many horse-racing markets,

as the liquidity is far supreme and enables me to enjoy more successful early matches and benefit from BOG [Best odds Guaranteed].

Many newbies will think this is a bold statement – but remember, I have been a Matched Bettor for over 20 years and have based this judgement on many experiences.

A BOG video link is HERE.

BOG does not seem a pleasant word, but you will soon enjoy the massive profits available; By using Betfair horse markets, this will enable you to enjoy more.


Now you’re all set up, it’s time to start profiting, by using the free bets.




ODDSCHECKER [another free helpful source]

Relying on the Oddsmatcher that PA provide and offers guides on PROFIT ACCUMULATOR

You may need to adapt to Fractions/Decimals, but PA will help you with that.

I have some free fractions decimals guides, below.

Fractions/Decimals VIDEO and PLAYLIST

Fractions/Decimals FREE CALCULATOR

This is what I would do …

Open the “easy” bookmakers first …

I call these accounts the “honeymoon accounts

I have never been married, but I’m told the start of the marriage is best!

The same applies to Matched Betting, it is very easy to profit at first, but gets harder.

So, let’s concentrate on these HoneyMoon companies, listed below.

*Either seek help from PA or another service.

Here’s a VIDEO I MADE about Honeymoon offers.

Use these companies first:







[BET 365]

Most Matched bettors have a low bankroll, when they first start.

So … the idea, as mentioned in the video, is to complete the offers with the biggest Get for the smallest bet.

IE Bet £5 Get £20 is favoured.

Note [above] there is an [*] next to BET365, If I had more than £300 when starting, I would implement the BET365 in conjunction with other offers.

BET365 prices and markets are very easy to complete matches with.

The offer is also very versatile.

Meaning, that although you can enjoy a £100 bonus – you can back bets at £1 for example and use these in conjunction with other lay bets and

also practising COMBINED LIABILITY as per THIS YouTube VIDEO which explains what it is.

It’s then time to move onto the next lot of easier accounts such as:





But let PROFIT ACCUMULATOR guide you through these initial steps – you DO NOT want to lose vital profits in these early stages.

Once you have become an intermediate – Advanced Matched Bettor you may wish to come join my MEMBERS club, opening in 2020,

where we will provide an Advanced Matched Betting service with guides.

In the meantime, there are still many free resources of intermediate – Advanced Matched Betting to be found on my FREE website, including 6 free Matched Betting Calculators.

But for now, the “shopping list” would look like this:

JOIN Profit Accumulator

JOIN Betfair


JOIN Smarkets

Study Oddschecker

Be persistent and consistent!

Once you get used to the basics, check out some of my FREE PROFIT TIPS HERE!

When the easy offers are over and the struggle starts, join THIS Facebook GROUP and keep an eye out for my advanced Matched Betting videos and Members Club.

We will also be featuring different forms of BETFAIR TRADING, which is an evergreen skill to learn

And another reason to open a BETFAIR ACCOUNT early.

Forum will be opening soon too, if you have any questions, or feel free to email.

Whilst Matched betting you might want to consider:

*PA can help with this …

“Muggy” Betting Behaviours

Mug Punting

This is the process of backing low value bets.

IE Not betting on “every” offer and including some bets which are not value/advantage bets, attached to offers,

check out the PA forum.

Mug depositing

This involves staking more or less than the maximum amount of an offer, check out the PA forum.

Mug depositing … the same concept – but applies to depositing more than the minimum bet required.

IE Bet £5 GET £20, deposit £10 or more in this circumstance.

Mug Staking … the same concept – but applies to “money back if 2nd, max bet £10”

Stake £11 or £9, for example, or more/less.

FREE Bet “expected value” or EV

Below is a table of a realistic profit you can aim for, when laying at different odds.

You can see a correlation between laying at higher odds and expecting more return.

For a £20 FREE BET layed at odds of 6.0 – we can expect a £15 profit

This requires around £90 of exchange liability in BETFAIR to lay this.

*There is speculation that laying at very high odds is bad for account health, ask on PA.

The BIGGER the odds, Bigger the RETURN

This used to be the mantra on my website – to help ingrain into Newbies NOT to lay their free bets at low odds!

Again, be mindful of:

*There is speculation that laying at very high odds is bad for account health, ask on PA.

Best of Luck & Happy Profiting!

Arb Hunter


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