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 If I had £1 for every message, I was asked … “What is the best software for Arbitrage”

The best arbitrage software for horse arbitrage and sports betting


BetBurger | Arbs service
My answer to this is: I was always a fan of finding Arbs manually; however, for the most part – my style of arbing was ‘naked arbing’, involving horse markets.

I used what  is perhaps, the most basic old-fashioned approach [effectively] for many years. This involved the archaic method of referencing Betfair and the free site oddschecker.

I still am a big fan of oddschecker and use fairly regularly, especially for finding EW extra place angles.

I do not Arb to anywhere near the extent I used to. My most common arbing goes as follows:

Each way Extra place Arbing

Arbing Gubbed Paddy Power accounts

Arbing Minimum Bet Guaranteed arbitrage

Arbing random [worthless] companies mentioned below.

Five different forms of arbitrage betting.

So, I am not recommending you guys to start using Rebel Betting to Arb any accounts that you deem useful.

It is not a necessity to use software for Arbitrage.

 I do not like using software in general for anything – I do not use Matched Betting calculators or oddmatchers.

However, the main reason for this is because software did not exist when I learned the trade and I simply stuck to what I was used to.

Most people nowadays prefer to use software. The software saves a lot of time and if you are not skilled at knowing the best times to search for Arbs then software may be the wisest move. Here I will give a view on different types of Arbing Software on the market.

Enter Rebel Betting …


If you wanna get serious with the game …

Back in the day these were a big thing in the betting world! Matched Betting was about 10% as well-known as it is now and arbing was easier to ‘get away with’, although has always been harmful to accounts. Over ten years ago I was playing with this baby and these were one of the first kits of software to produce Dutching angles, on football 1 X 2 Markets, for example.

Random accounts, deemed worthless for reLoads

I have mainly used this software to use against random Eurozone accounts. You know, the ones that don’t appear on offer pages – the ones you can find when trawling the internet, doing google searches.

If accounts are not deemed profitable, from further reloads, I did not mind opening the account – using the welcome offer – then Arbing immediately.

You may even learn of a few obscure companies within the Rebel Betting Arb Finding software. Click HERE TO VIEW Rebel Betting.

Arbitrage betting odds Alerts

Rebel Betting has some cool alerts too, that you can personalize. They certainly do a good job of making you aware there is an Arb available.

Arbitrage betting software from matched betting products

Profit accumulator Oddsmatcher and 3-way Dutching Calc






Although a lot less features than real Arbing software, such as Rebel Betting, you could refer to PA Oddsmatcher and use their 2- and 3-way dutching calculators. Click HERE TO VIEW PA.

Please see my “Dutching article” on the website, which explains this calculator and it’s benefits in detail.

Free Stuff

I would generally dissuade anyone from using free arbing software. If you want free, then try my trusty ol’ mate Mr Oddschecker! My loyal friend!

No Carbs before Arbs!

Arbitrage betting ending –  other options to profit

Depending the type of arbitrage or sure betting you are performing, you will probably need a good set of betting accounts. Of course, some arbitrage techniques can be performed using a mutliple number of restricted accounts.

Arbing gubbed accounts

For example, restricted betting accounts, otherwise known as gubbed in betting jargon, usually means a bettor can get on between £0.20p to £20 in stakes. Of course, if you are looking to bet a 50/1 arbitrage bet odds then your maximum stake is likely to be at the lower end of this echelon. In contrast, if you are attempting to place an arbitrage bet on odds such as 2.5, or 6 to 4 in fractions, at an arb price then you may likely be able to get a slightly larger stake.


In these circumstances, an arbitrage bettor can still perform arbitrage bets, even when restricted, albeit at smaller stakes.

Arbitrage maximum bet stakes run across many accounts

Some matched bettors who have been multi accounting for example, may end up with a large number of restricted accounts. A strategical arbitrage bettor would typically use a bunch of these accounts, run over many times per day to enable a larger amount staked. This can be a lot of fuss, if you are not organised.

Arbitrage betting – Alternative options

There are a few options where a keen bettor can continues to explore avenues to help profit. For example, an arbitrage bettor could transfer their arbitrage betting skills over to sharbing.

Arbitrage using sharbing or shop betting

An arbitrage bettor could switch from placing their bets online, where they are restricted, to placing their bets in the betting shop, anonymously. Well, this should be anonymously, but betting shops still try to keep tabs on who is placing these bets. As mentioned in this video, they do this by attaching a lot of their offers to loyalty cards that have to be connected to online accounts. The trick behind this, of course, is they are trying to monitor who is getting these bets on. Consequently, they will be able to tell if a bettor who is already restricted online, is now attempting to place bets in the shop.

Shop arbitrage tips when placing arb bets in the betting shop

We recommend to resist getting lured into these offers. However tempting they may seem, they will not be worth it if you become shop gubbed! Yes, you heard correctly, you can also become shop-gubbed. This usually means you will be restricted from taking betting odds int he betting shop. The betting shop will offer you SP only bets. SP only means you will not know what odds you are getting. SP means starting price. More sharbing information can be found on our other webpages.

Sharbing arbitrage bets – an alternative to online

An alternative to consider and also possible to do alongside sharbing is Betfair Trading. Betfair Trading does not rely on betting accounts either.

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