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 If I had £1 for every message, I was asked … “What is the best software for Arbitrage”


My answer to this is: I was always a fan of finding Arbs manually; however, for the most part – my style of arbing was ‘naked arbing’, involving horse markets.

I used. Perhaps, the most basic old-fashioned approach [effectively] for many years. This involved the archaic method of referencing Betfair and the free site oddschecker.

I still am a big fan of oddschecker and use fairly regularly, especially for finding EW extra place angles.

I do not Arb to anywhere near the extent I used to. My most common arbing goes as follows:

EW Extra place Arbing

Arbing Gubbed Paddy Power accounts

Arbing Min Bet Guarantees

Arbing random [worthless] companies mentioned below.

So, I am not recommending you guys to start using Rebel Betting to Arb any accounts that you deem useful.

It is not a necessity to use software for Arbitrage.

 I do not like using software in general for anything – I do not use Matched Betting calculators or oddmatchers.

However, the main reason for this is because software did not exist when I learned the trade and I simply stuck to what I was used to.

Most people nowadays prefer to use software.

The software saves a lot of time and if you are not skilled at knowing the best times to search for Arbs then software may be the wisest move.

Here I will give a view on different types of Arbing Software on the market.

Enter Rebel Betting …


If you wanna get serious with the game …

Back in the day these were a big thing in the betting world! Matched Betting was about 10% as well-known as it is now and arbing was easier to ‘get away with’, although has always been harmful to accounts.

Over ten years ago I was playing with this baby and these were one of the first kits of software to produce Dutching angles, on football 1 X 2 Markets, for example.

Random accounts, deemed worthless for reLoads

I have mainly used this software to use against random Eurozone accounts. You know, the ones that don’t appear on offer pages – the ones you can find when trawling the internet, doing google searches.

If accounts are not deemed profitable, from further reloads, I did not mind opening the account – using the welcome offer – then Arbing immediately.

You may even learn of a few obscure companies within the Rebel Betting Arb Finding software. Click HERE TO VIEW Rebel Betting.


Rebel Betting has some cool alerts too, that you can personalise. They certainly do a good job of making you aware there is an Arb available.

Cheaper alternative

Profit accumulator Oddsmatcher/ 3-way Dutching Calc

Although a lot less features than real Arbing software, such as Rebel Betting, you could refer to PA Oddsmatcher and use their 2- and 3-way dutching calculators. Click HERE TO VIEW PA.

Please see my “Dutching article” on the website, which explains this calculator and it’s benefits in detail.

Free Stuff

I would generally dissuade anyone from using free arbing software. If you want free, then try my trusty ol’ mate Mr Oddschecker! My loyal friend!

No Carbs before Arbs!

Be Lucky