Complete Guide to Matched Betting-Course


This Course can be completed in around 8 hours.

You can complete it intermittently, press pause, and return to it as-n-when you wish!
This course hopes to direct you from BEGINNER – and help assist you up to INTERMEDIATE stage.
Once purchased, the course will always be there for you to reference to.

This course aims to provide you with the initial first steps you need to:

  • • Which Bookies to smash first, to profit quickest
  • • How to Maximise profits
  • • How to get organised
  • • How to eradicate potential errors
  • • How to be efficient with your bankroll
  • • Generally, speed things up a bit!

Chaptered Topics covered:


  • 1. What is Matched Betting
  • 2. Acronyms Glossary
  • 3. How do you do Matched Betting
  • 4. Laying A Bet
  • 5. Qualifying Loss
  • 6. Bankroll
  • 7. The different Types of offers
  • 8. How to complete the sign up offers
  • 9. What is Combined Liability
  • 10. GUBBED
  • 11. Mug Punting – Mug Depositing
  • 12. Arbitrage Explained
  • 13. BOG Explained
  • 14. Extra Places
  • 15. 2up
  • 16. Dutching method
  • 17. Withdrawals
  • 18. Will Matched betting end?
  • 19. Staying Secure Online
  • 20. iEsnare


When I first started Matched Betting there was no help. It had to be done alone. Of course, there were many errors I made. It took a lot longer. I was a lot more cautious. However, learning the “long way” gave me a deeper understanding.
An understanding I can deliver to you guys within a few HOURS!

This in-depth COURSE narrates through the eBook/eVideo guide, giving you extensive perspective on the topics covered.


If You would prefer the shorter eBook/eVideo Guide: