Welcome to our Affiliate Program

*This program is not currently running, due to a website being new*
However, this will be available within the next month or two.

What is it about?

The program will be free to join, it’ll be very easy to sign-up and you don’t have to be a “tekkie” to get involved! Affiliate programs, like this one, are commonplace on the internet nowadays.

These programs offer website owners an additional way to create traffic and revenue to their website, with help from the affiliates. In turn, the affiliates gain a generous percentage of 33% for this. So, everyone is a winner!

How does it work then?

Upon joining, you will then have access to an affiliate URL and banners too.
The URL method would be most suited to someone with no website and/or no technical knowledge at all. The affiliate can then potentially start earning commissions, just by sharing that URL to their friends, for example. If your friend then purchased a product for, say, £10 the affiliate would receive 33% of this.
Do this several times over and this can soon mount-up!

Real Time Statistics

We will be using the trusted “IDev affiliate” scheme. This scheme is used by many of the big betting product brands.

The beauty of this program is you can check your balance 24 hours a day. You will have access to the balance, where the traffic has come from [if you sell on multiple social media platforms, for example] and to check how each specific link or banner is performing.
I am currently an iDev Affiliate for several betting products and was impressed by this affiliate program, hence why it will be used on this site!
Hope to see you guys on here soon!