Affiliate Disclosure


We’re legally obliged to inform you of any earning regarding affiliate commissions.
We upkeep a very transparent, honest approach.
In my opening chapter to this site I even admit that my prime reason for making this site was to make money! You will not be duped in any way on this site.
Therefore, we are not shy about informing you [the readers and users] of any possible affiliate earnings on this site and how they are made.
The publicly accessible part of the site is free.
The costs and time consumption in the upkeep of this website will hopefully be aided by some affiliate earnings. This is a new website – so I cannot yet comment on the extent of this.
Affiliate links are placed in the text of this site and within banners. An in-text affiliate link is typically [not guaranteed always] coloured blue.
When clicking these links, you are not charged any more if you buy a product.
However, any profits we receive from you kindly using this link benefits this site as ‘a whole’.
I have paid for this site to be professionally designed and have also paid for software to be added. Not only that, this website consumes my own personal time to upkeep, monitor, add to also enjoy too!
Because this website is new – I cannot give any feedback as to where the main earnings are coming from. But will endeavour to update this section, as this website travels-past its infancy stages.