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William Hill offer


Money back if your horse finishes second

Abbreviated MB2; This offer has been around for a while, yet I receive many messages asking what is the best approach for this offer?

This article will explain the offer and then gives thoughts and experiences I have had with this offer.

Sometimes there is no “exact” best approach that can be specified, but here I give some examples …


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Money back [as cash] if your horse finished second, up to £10


  • Min stake £1
  • Min Odds 4.0 or 3/1
  • 4+ runners


  • Only the FIRST bet on the race will qualify.
  • Bets can be placed from 00:01 on the day.
  • For EW bets, only the win part will count towards the promotion.
  • Bets on unnamed Favourites, future or Ante posts bets do not count.
  • Only available on singles – multiples not counted.
  • William Hill terms state “they AIM to offer this TWO race meetings per day”, however, I have found during the week they sometimes only offer this at one meeting.
  • William Hill also state they aim to credit the money back within 24 hours, however, I have found they get this done within a couple of hours, generally. I think they’re just saying that to be on ‘the safe side’!



Finding close matches, surprise surprise!

They don’t make it easy. But there’s a few things you can do:


Use your BOOSTS?

Every day WH offer 3 x ‘boosts’. These boosts can be used and have a maximum stake of £20.

For example, using these boosts will enhance a 4.0 selection to 4.23 and a 6.0 to 6.4.

By having these enhanced prices you can usually find a close match and sometimes even an Arb.


Won’t Arbs be dangerous to my account?

It is theorised that taking arbs, by using boosts is not dangerous to your account.

I say theorised as no one [apart from the bookies] actually know this! The companies etc that make these statements are theorising and speculating that this makes common sense, which I partially agree with. However, I’m not entirely convinced.

If you’re not entirely convinced, then why still do you do them?

Well, I’m the polar opposite of a person who fears getting gubbed. I don’t WANT to be gubbed and will take all the precautionary measures [within reason] to not be gubbed.

But sometimes you’ve got to ‘bite the bullet’ and accept you must speculate to accumulate and the fact that we will all be gubbed at some point – even if being super precautionary/paranoid.

Isn’t this a waste of boosts?

You could argue that you are wasting these boosts? … But only really if you were going to use them elsewhere … and that would mean arbing …. And that would also mean you’re restricted to £20 max. Staking is discussed below.


Mug Staking

Mug staking, similar to mug depositing. This practice involves trying to look like a mug by placing slightly higher [or less] than the bet max figure, in this case … of ten pounds.

If you simply stake £10 on each selection, this may look like you’re primarily focussing on maximising this offer.

By placing, say, £11 or £9 this “could” fool their detection algorithm into thinking that you’re not a liberty taker with offers! … Which, of course … you are!

Again, this is theorised speculation, based on common sense, and I’ve been matched betting far too long to sit here saying “this will fool them”. As I will not state this, unless I actually know for sure!

Because – unless I KNOW how their algorithm is programmed … I won’t know for sure. This is why you cannot trust some sources that may say “ … you won’t get gubbed doing this”.


Combining MB2 with other offers

On a Saturday, for example, you may have an offer such as “bet 10 get 10” on WH scratch of the day.

In August/September WH reduced these offers to generally bet £5 get £2, but some lucky accounts get the £10

My point is – you can use this offer in conjunction with the MB2 offer here.

Another handy offer that this can be compatible with is the William Hill extra places offer; Saturday and festival days are usually a good day for this. Some Saturdays include WH 7TBP [to be placed] offer, meaning they offer three additional places!

There is a page on my website HERE that speaks about this offer.

Also, every selection you back has a chance of drifting in price – and you may get a BOG! BOG is explained in detail further down this page.

Also, there may be a Non Runner, I am publishing a non runner book soon, of you want updates click HERE.

With Non Runners, I have generally found these [as a mean annual average] to be profitable and a very welcomed circumstance.

To cut a long story short – if a horse that is a non runner,  is odds of over 15.0 – the tattersalls rule r (R4) do not deduct from your bookmakers bet, yet the Exchange do, because exchanges have to, in order to adjust the % their book.

When the exchange % is applied – this consequently adjusts your lay bet .. to lower odds! For example, your 4.0 lay could now become 3.55, yet you will still be paid-out 4.0 with the Booky, therefore a risk free arb in these circumstances!

You can even get lucky enough [especially in rainy weather] … to have several of these in one race … and I have once witnessed around a 50% accumulative advantage on one race caused by several non runners in the field.

However, the times these become a disadvantage … is usually when the non runner is a favourite or short price.

Check the link above for updates about the intricacies of Non runners and how to lock-in profit from them.



Timing is crucial with these kinds of offers.

Similar to each way, extra places offers; You have to become a “sniper”.

EW Extra places is discussed on this page here.

Don’t expect to open-up your PC and search for matches all in one period.

Example: It’s 10.27am and you want to get your MB2 offer matches sorted in one visit to the PC – but the odds are probably not going to be close matches, the only ones you will find will be possibly ones using your boosts.


Best way I’ve found

Either look just before the race and/or intermittently before.

IE – If you’re a full-time matched bettor [you will prob know this already], but if you’re FT, or just someone who has the time to visit PC every hour or two – then give the race card a brief scan-through then.

I have found this the best approach and use this approach with my Each Way searching too. As mentioned in this article on the website.


BOG and taking QL’s on this offer

Now, you’re going to be likely to be taking small Qualifying losses (QL’s) on this offer. These QL’s will “rack up” if you have a consecutive number of selections that don’t come second!


Enter Uncle BOG

For those that are unaware BOG Stands for “best odds guaranteed”, meaning if you back a horse at odds 4.0 and lay 4.0 – yet the horse wins at SP of 5.0, you will be paid out at odds 5.0 … which is great!

At a guesstimate, BOG happens 15-20% of the time, on horse selections, as a mean annual average [ I have no idea if this is true].

Sometimes a BOG can provide SPs of horses of over triple the original price. In 2014, I once backed a horse at odds 4.0 and it drifted to 21.0 and won!

If you average these BOG enhancements [I have not done this] –  I am sure these enhancements would put a massive dent into your QLs!

Always worth considering and maybe you can do what I have not yet – and start documenting when these occasions happen and you might be pleasantly surprised!


I hate it when they all win!

I recently spoke to a guy on twitter HERE – who mentioned he had had most of his selections win and his exchange funds were eaten up!

I have experienced this many times in the past. I wouldn’t use this as a strategy or if a beginner – but I’ve been betting so long I like to mix things up a bit. This is not matched betting by the way, just a bit of fun.

This is not part of Matched Betting, just a weird extra I do, after suffering so many times of having every selection I have layed win!

IF – I have backed 6 x WH MB2 horses in a race card, I may do a 5p or 10p EW multiple bet. Like a 5p EW Canadian would cost £2.60. The 5 selections include

  • An accumulator
  • 5 fourfold acca’s
  • Ten double
  • Ten trebles

But 5p is peanuts!

Yes, it’s peanuts, but as the odds [on this offer] must be over 4.0 – you’re generally betting on horses that are good prices!

Example: A 5p accumulator on 4 horses, all priced at odds 8.0 returns: £204.80p

I only usually do each ways, as you will still profit well if some place and some win, which is much more likely. I also believe variance will even-out these bets to a very small QL.

And if all win or most win you can reap a massive win from that peanuts bet of £2.60, possibly hundreds to thousand[s] of pounds. More likely hundreds.

I have experienced my whole exchange balance get demolished in one day from experiences like this.


When this happens:

  • You have all your money in fixed odds wallets
  • You then must withdraw
  • This could take days
  • You then have 2-3 days of not being able to matched bet.

However, if you did the Canadian bet [for example] on those 5 selections you’d be fed up you can’t Matched Bet for days, but have a bitter sweet win of several hundred pounds.

Just an idea – and one I implement regularly. Beware though as if these don’t win it can put a small dent in your profits and is not part of a strategy.



I have found this offer a great offer. I visit the offer daily, intermittently throughout the day.

I consider this offer part of the “in it to win it” mentality.

In it to win it means … involving yourself with as many bets, where you hold one or more forms of [possible] advantage and then [annually] waiting for the inevitable to happen.

With the help of other offers, such as Scratch of the day, BOG, possible non-runners, disqualifications etc, etc you will always win if you enter as many of these situations as possible.

You maybe taking QLs, very often, but if I counted my QL Vs the £10 cash backs I have had + the BOG + the Non runners it is a no brainer!

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