2up early payout strategy

2up early payout strategy

This is a very subjective offer to work out …. which is the best approach to profit from?
If I had £1 for every time I was asked this …

And there is no direct answer to this … everyone seems to have adopted their own methods/strategies, over time.

The beauty about this offer is that it requires very LITTLE time to complete, compared to other offers.

This offer is probably one of the most EXCITING out there too, as the rewards are potentially MASSIVE.
See my Basic “2up” VIDEO BELOW:



At the time of writing this [July 2019]:

This offer is offered by both Paddy Power PP and B365; However, the PP rarely have close matches to a betting exchange.

The 2up is generally considered one of the easiest and of the most profitable offers you can enjoy.

This offer generally requires little skill (apart from handling One’s emotions!)

You simply find a close match on an oddsmatcher: PROFIT ACCUMULATOR would be my recommended choice, for several reasons:

including their CATAPUSH App, giving real-Time alerts, see further for details.



I will elaborate the complexities of the 2up, for the benefit of readers who are not aware of the details.

At the time of writing this – Bet365 have been running this offer for around two years.

However, they do always state in their terms and conditions, at the bottom of their website, under “offers” …. the date that this offer will expire; they never seem to commit for too long a period.

However, they HAVE renewed this offer each year that they have been doing it, and fingers-crossed they will continue to do so!


The 2up … as its name suggests … is an offer that requires you team to lead BY TWO goals, and if they do – at any stage of the game – you will be PAID OUT AS A WINNER!

Meaning … you BACKED Chelsea for £50 – layed Chelsea for £50 on an Exchange [meaning you have no risk now]. Chelsea lead 2-0 at half time. You are then paid-out immediately.

Chelsea then concede two goals and the game ends 2-2.

You win on BOTH your back bet and your LAY BET!



Usually this is when a team is 2-0, or 0-2 …

However, it can be when they are 3-1, 4-2, or even something as ridiculous as 6-4! Because of this, very rarely, you can be paid-out twice!

That is: if you were on BOTH teams. Say, for example:

Liverpool Vs Chelsea

Example: You backed £20 on Liverpool with Paddy Power.

You backed £20 on Chelsea with Bet365.

Liverpool went 2-0 up. Then Chelsea clawed-back and it goes to 2-2.

Then Chelsea bang two more in, and it goes to 4-2. You would then win on the Chelsea side too!

So, in this scenario [which happened Spring 2019], you would be paid-out early for BOTH!

Your Liverpool bet AND your Chelsea bet!

The triple-whammy would be … if [as mentioned above this scoreline happened], the game ended at 4-4 … you would win your LAY part of the Chelsea bet, your LAY part of the Liverpool bet PLUS win the bets placed with the Booky!

This is a rarity … but has and does happen … It happened in Spring 2019.



HOW DO I LAY and minimise Qualifying Loss?

PROFIT ACCUMULATOR is my “go-to” software and service for this. For three reasons:

1. They have a CATAPUSH App, that you can install easily on your phone – this alerts you [by other members], and there are around 20,000+ of them … posting WHEN these “2up matches” are close. A close match would be for example: Chelsea back odds with bet365 = 3.5, lay odds with EXCHANGE at odds 3.4.

2. They regularly [at time of writing this] have 0% commission deals with BOTH Smarkets and MATCHBOOK.
Of course, the 0% commission makes many bets viable to be able to be layed without losing too much and is a vital element to have. PROFIT ACCUMULATOR has easy guides, guiding you HOW to integrate the offer.

3. Their forum[s] are great for “2up chat” and tips and tricks out there.

Even seasoned Matched Bettors [me included] – who have no need for advice or notifications – rely on PROFIT ACCUMULATOR to enable them 0% commission with MATCHBOOK and smarkets through their integration link.


You back as MANY teams that your bankroll will support, that are close matches, using something like the PROFIT ACCUMULATOR Oddsmatcher, or backing after a CATAPUSH Alert.

You only back as many teams, in as many different leagues/competitions that YOU deem safe.

Make your own mind up … there will be plenty of contrasting theories saying “…you’ll get gubbed for this OR that”. I personally believe backing too many games over many leagues will add to gubbings. I also believe that you will also be gubbed for doing just 2up games only, eventually.

You will never be able to preserve an account eternally – every account will eventually become gubbed while you are Matched Betting, at some point.

Stats for a 2up Full Turnaround?

Around 3.25% of games end in a “full turnaround”.

These Stats are gathered from all 2up games that were played in the season of 2018/2019.

If you are a “Stat-Man”, I am not, I prefer a flexible, versatile approach … then these are the figures.

Bear in mind: it is not the full turnaround that creates most of our profits.

The Lions Share of our 2up profits come from “Lock Ins”, whether these be from locking in at scoreline 2-0, 2-1 or whatever you choose … they ALL produce opportunities.

I will discuss my opinions on locking-in, in the next paragraph.


There are three “simple” approaches to this.

As you become more experienced – you will use a bit more discretion and be a bit more flexible.

The three most common ones are:

1.Wait till your team goes 2up and cash-out.

Most people “set” a price limit that they will cash out on. Usually this is 1.1 or 1.2 and so on.

They will not “cash out” until the team they have gone “2up” on is a price of 1.1 or more, or 1.2 or more.

People design these rules, in the hope of eliminating subjectivity. You don’t want to be making “rash” decisions, under pressure, and most people prefer to refer to their “rule book”


This will provide a HIGHER success rate in profit.

But the profits will be very limited.

You will miss-out on potential big profits

2. Wait till your team [that has gone “2up”, goes to a 2-1 scoreline. The person would then “cash out”, or “LOCK IN” it is sometimes referred to – regardless of the price of their team.

Usually, pending on the time of the goal, the price is a lot better than the 2-0 example.


This will provide far fewer profit success rates, as a %.

However, the profit margin will be MUCH bigger [in general] than the above example.

The Scope for bigger profits are multiplied.

3.Wait until your team has gone 2-2, then Cash Out.

I think you’ve got the general idea by now … And yes, this will produce far fewer opportunities, but they will be bigger. If you’re crazy enough with bigger risks taken you can also just let it ride.


This will provide even far fewer successful “cash-outs” than the above example.

The margins for profit will be far greater

Albeit far fewer.

*There are also many other tactics you can use with this.

Some people even turn their phones OFF and forget about their bets … hoping to check AFTER the games … in hope there has been a complete “turnaround” in the scoreLine.

As you can imagine, this is a very emotional, yet exciting offer to be involved with.

But also, a very frustrating one, sometimes!

MY approach

My approach has evolved over time. Initially I DID “Lock in” at every opportunity.

But it soon became apparent thatI was “giving money away”, locking-in at, say, odds of 1.1.

So, I stopped doing that! I then increased the lock-in odd, to be a minimum of odds 1.2.

But I found that too rigid, and still felt I was “leaving money on the table”.

I then started implementing the lock-in at odds 1.2 or more, but not locking-in the entire profits; I started only locking-in my stake.

I found this a better approach and generally more profitable, albeit one with far less profit occasions than the laying at 1.1 example, but bigger profits overall.

I still “kind of” follow this ‘rule’, although I am very flexible with it.

In contrast, I like to exclude all subjectivity, but at the same time I wish to remain flexible, which is almost impossible. So, my happy-medium lies in “self-compromise”.

I will lock in, say, my stake of £100 [or half my stake, £50] if odds over 1.2, then capitalise if there are further goals. Like I say, I doubt I will ever find “the answer”, but I am happier with this approach – notice I say ‘approach’ and NOT strategy. Approach has more an ‘open ended’ meaning.

Overall, in Matched Betting, Strict strategies are only good for erasing subjectivity – if you’re too rigid you’ll miss-out on good profits! Become flexible.

Hindsight … I knew I “should’ve” …

Should’ve …

Could’ve …

Would’ve …

… Hindsight is usually a “god thing” AFTER the game, so make sure you have your game plan set out, to reduce these subjective rash decisions creeping-in.

Once you become experienced at it, you will learn to adopt a more flexible approach.